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from Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

MONTH and Memory Verse Preaching Message from the Word of God (PDF) Audio Link Video Link
January Memory Verse Knowing the Holy Scriptures MP3 Video
Discovering THE Book MP3 Video
Getting a Heart for the Bible MP3 Video
The Bible is a Spiritual Book MP3 Video
The Bible is a Spiritual Book - Part 2 MP3 Video
February Memory Verse The Power of the Word of God MP3 Video
The Power of the Word of God- Part 2 MP3 Video
The Power of the Word of God - Part 3 MP3 Video
Why Isnt the Bible Working Today? MP3 Video
March Memory Verse Now Are Ye Clean Through the Word MP3 Video
A Gracious Woman MP3 Video
Making Sacrifices - John Mahony MP3 Video
Hebrews 1:1-3 - Luke Miller MP3 Video
April Memory Verse Seeing the Resurrection from Afar MP3 Video
How to Respond to the Madness in the World - Layton Kelly MP3 Video
Be Determined - Stuart Harvey MP3 Video
Not in Vain MP3 Video
May Memory Verse Judges 17 - Luke Miller MP3 Video
John the Baptist Testifies of Jesus - John Mahony MP3 Video
Christ Our Passover - John Mahony MP3 Video
Who Did Hinder You? - Layton Kelly MP3 Video
Seeing Yourself in Scripture - Part 1 MP3 Video
June Memory Verse Seeing Yourself in Scripture - Part 2 MP3 Video
The Two Spies and Rahab - John Mahony MP3 Video
Honouring Your Dad MP3 Video
Following the Pattern MP3 Video
July Memory Verse The Church That Jesus Built MP3 Video
The Lord's Supper MP3 Video
How the Body of Christ Treats Itself - Part 1 MP3 Video
How the Body of Christ Treats Itself - Part 2 MP3 Video
August Memory Verse Some Thoughts About Right Thinking MP3 Video
Getting a Grip on Your Thoughts MP3 Video
What's on Your Mind? MP3 Video
Continue in the Word MP3 Video
Becoming 'Perfect' Christians MP3 Video
September Memory Verse Yes, We Have God's Word MP3 Video
God Keeps His Words MP3 Video
How the World Can Hear God's Words MP3 Video
How Hard Can Salvation Be? MP3 Video
October Memory Verse A Warning to Christians - John Mahony MP3 Video
Test Everything by the Word of God MP3 Video
Be Not Deceived MP3 Video
God's People Have Light MP3 Video
November Memory Verse Sharing the Load MP3 Video
The Life of Prayer MP3 Video
Given to Prayer MP3 Video
The Ministry of the Word - Part 2 MP3 Video
December Memory Verse The World is Starving for What You Have MP3 Video
The Christmas Story - The Word Became Flesh MP3 Video
MP3 Video
MP3 Video
Pressing On - 2020 Living in the Kingdom of God - 2019
Building and Battling - 2018

Mighty to Save - Theme about the Gospel for all of 2017
Study through

the Book of Colossians

Whatever Happened to Love
2016 Church Theme

Church Theme for 2015...
Living by God's Grace

2014 - Living by Faith
Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork
Meeting at Unit B, Enterprise Park, Innishmore, Ballincollig P31 Y954
Sundays at 11am         Wednesdays at 7pm
(021) 4871234