The Irish Bible Project

What you are about to read, is a dream that I have had for over 10 years. I have searched, and studied the background of the translation and publishing of the Irish Bible, and have come away totally shocked by all of the labours that went into it originally, but the scarcity of the results. Those resulting copies of the Bible in Irish are almost non-existent. The more I delved into the reasons for this, the more driven I was to fulfilling my original dream - that of republishing the Original 1602 version of the New Testament translated by William O’Donnel, and 1648 version of the Old Testament, translated in 1648 by William Bedell. I know that the entire project is beyond my current capability, but at least the New Testament is well within my reach.
The Irish Bible is Currently Available in the following Three Formats...


Access and Download the 1827 Irish Bible in Old Irish Font

Access & Download the 1817 Irish Bible in Modern Roman Font

(Very Large File)


PDF's of the Books of the New Testament in both Irish and English side-by-side

Caibidil I

Geinéadh Eóin Bhaisde, 39 le fáigheadoireacht Elisabet, 46 Mhuire, 67 agus Sacharias.

Do bhrígh gur ghabhadar mórán do láimh sdair do sgríobhadh air na neithibh agá bhfuil a sáirfhios aguinne,

2 Do réir mar thugadar na dáoine do chonnairc lé na súilibh rein ó thús, agus do bhí ag miniosdrálachd na bréithre, dhúinne íad;

3 Do chonncas damhsa mar an gcéudna, a Theophilus ro oirdheirc, ar bhfagháil feasa iomlan gach uile neithe ó na bhfíorthosach dhamh, a sgríobhadh chugadsa a nórdughadh,

Click here for PDF's of the Digitised OLD TESTAMENT
in both Irish and English, side by side


History of the Bible in Irish

So... For several years now, a small group of people have been painstakingly transcribing (re-typing in) the text of the Irish Bible into a digital format. The digital format will allow the Bible text to be accessible to anybody, searchable, and printable for research and general Biblical learning. Access to the original scanned texts are already available online.

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