Soul-Winning Blitz 2002

First Wave

14 - 21 May, 2002

These are photos of the people from Ocean County Baptist Church, Toms River New Jersey, who came over to do soul-winning evangelism with us for the week! And what a tremendous blessing they were! We knocked on doors in 7 estates, and passed out almost 2,000 Gospel leaflets, with 1 person getting saved, and loads of contacts made! God is so good!

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Pastor Weigel and Joanne have arrived!

The team prepares to "go out into the highways and hedges!"

Handing out the Gospel Leaflets - there were almost 2,000 handed out door-to-door!

Dan and Ken preach the word!


Pastor Michael never misses a chance to preach the Good Moos! (Good News, heh, heh)!

Gotta eat some great food in Cork!

David L. keeps us singing!

Mona and Alice stirring some hearts up for the Lord!

Dan and Kathy enjoying the Lord's work!

Ken and Pat coming back after giving out some Great news!

And eat some more!

Joanne making sure we are all so blessed with Ferro Roche chocolates! Mmmmmmm!

Brian's ready for the work!

Some of us as we went mountain climbing in the Gap of Dunloe

Kathy is explaining something, but no one is really listening.

Michael and Joanne were always, and only a blessing throughout all their visits!