Meet Weston


I first knew the Lord in 2001 when he drew me and saved me from a life of sin. For 8 years I wandered in and out of obedience trying to serve the Lord and myself to no avail. I finally reached a point in my life where I knew there was no other way to peace and contentment than absolute surrender to Jesus Christ who saved me. For 8 years I had attempted to live by God's standards but I was holding on to my past, but my past would always catch up with me. I had to learn how to get past my past and realising that I needed help, I turned to Twelve Weeks to Freedom Cork. Since dedicating my life through TWTF, I have learned to deal with adversity in a manner which is pleasing to God. The Lord has taught me to turn to Him instead of my addiction. The programme has also taught me the value of giving the most important thing that I have to others, Jesus Christ. I’ve learned to know Christ again through prayer, reading God's word and sharing Jesus with others. I have finally obtained the victorious Christian life, the chains are broken and I am free….. you can be too: choose the Lord today and be renewed.