Meet Tony


I was born in Ennis, Co Clare. I came down to Cork at age 18 and got a job here. I was married to my wife Dina in 1980 and we have two children. Two years ago my grandchild was born and she is a wonderful blessing to Dina and me. My home life was not always that good. I became addicted to alcohol at a young age and this addiction almost destroyed my family and me. Thankfully in the bad years my wife held things together while I tried to get my life back together. I think some of the older residents in this estate remember my struggle and I thank you for the help you gave to me at that time. On the 10/19/ 1996 I stopped drinking. I attended a self-help programme and got sober. My life came back together again and I was able to get a job. However I had left a devastating trail of damage behind me. It took many years to win back the love of my family and friends. In my efforts to stay sober I began to rely on a God of my understanding. I knew I needed to change but my efforts failed. I needed God to help me. God graciously answered my cry. I was led to the Bible to discover the true God. In the Bible I learned that my addiction was sin and not a disease! Had I died then I would have gone to hell. Thank God that I found the truth that Christ died to pay the penalty I owe for my sins. I received him as my Saviour and Lord on 9/1/2003 and was saved. Heaven not hell would now be my home. I grieve for people who do not know this truth, that you too can be saved and know that you will go to heaven.