Meet Emrio


I am Emrio Flores, Jr. from the Philippines. I got saved six years ago when my friend explained to me The Gospel of Jesus Christ. That He died for us on the CROSS so that we can be SAVED from ALL OUR SINS and from HELL. What we need to do is to repent and humble ourselves to God and accept The LORD JESUS CHRIST as our Lord and SAVIOUR so that we can be saved from hell, go to HEAVEN and have everlasting life. Before I got saved I was miserable, sinful, hateful, depressed, and full of worries, bitterness, anger and living in the dark. I had a lot of sinful wicked and addictive habits. The greatest one was addiction to alcohol. I became very addicted to it, to the point that there's no day or night that i would go to my bed not drunk. I struggled with it and tried to control myself to stop it but the addiction was so overwhelmingly strong and prevalent. Until when I got born again, when I began to listen to the Word of God being preach in the church and started to read the Bible every day. The word of God started to convict me and slowly piercing my hard stubborn heart. I noticed that God was slowly changing my life! I began to love the Lord Jesus Christ and got excited to know him more. I learned that I can be free from all my bad habits and my addiction to alcohol. I am now totally sober for more than four years and my whole life has been totally changed and still being changed for the best. I couldn’t look back to my old life. My heart is now full of joy and peace that I didn’t have before. I'm now enjoying the great life of being a true bible believing born again Christian just following The Lord. It doesn’t mean that life will be perfect or become easy and that you won’t have any more troubles. You will still have more of them but the difference is God will always there to take care of you.