Meet Dina


I was born in the Philippines. My parents raised me in Roman Catholicism. I continued to do the Catholic traditions till God sent me abroad to England to work. There I met my husband Tony. We got married and settled here in Ireland 34 years ago. We raised our family Catholic as our family raised us. One day after Tony was searching for Who God really was he found the answer in the Bible Baptist Church in Blarney, now in Ballincollig. There my husband learned so many thing from the Bible; things that him or I never knew before. Like the Bible is the Holy word of a God. That we must be saved from the fires of hell by getting born again, which is written in John 3:3. Jesus said you must be born again (meaning a spiritual birth). We are sinners and lost, and that there is nothing good I have done to earn my way to heaven. What I needed was childlike faith in the work of Jesus Christ. He paid for my sins, and the sins of the whole world but I did not think that included me. I certainly didn’t want to go to hell, so on 23rd of Oct. 2005 I bowed my head and prayed to God, repented of my sins and asked for forgiveness, and Jesus Christ to come into my life to be Lord and Saviour. Instantly I felt a big weight off my shoulder and relieved God had forgiven me. Since then God has done a lot of amazing things in our lives. He has blessed Tony and I bountifully. Our children are also reaping the blessings, good gifts, and benefits God has for our family. God is faithful to be there always to carry us through. I also want you have my joy and to experience the love of God to whosoever wants to follow Him.