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Old Testament Survey 2018

Old Testament Survey

The following course notes and audio are provided free of charge. If you want to enrol in the Cork Bible Institute, there is
35 euro charge for this class, which will entitle you to the exams and quizzes, and an official transcript of your grades and
Class Credits that go along with this course.

Introduction to the Old Testament
Introduction to the Old Testament
  Lesson 2
Genesis Lesson 3
Exodus & Leviticus Lesson 4
  Lesson 5
Numbers Lesson 6
Deuteronomy Lesson 7
Joshua & Judges Lesson 8
Ruth - 2 Samuel Lesson 9
  Lesson 10
1 & 2 Kings Lesson 11
1 Chronicles - Job Lesson 12
  Lesson 13
  Lesson 14

Class Requirements

 Requirements To Complete This Class:
1. Keep these notes in an A4 binder.
2. Fill in the blanks in these notes.
3. Take notes during class.
4. Look up and read all the verses in the material as you read through the material.
5. T-H-I-N-K as you read this material. It will be a blessing to you, and it will also change your life.
6. Take all the Pop-Quizzes, and have a passing average score of 70%
7. Take the Final Exam, and make at least 70%
8. Complete the Class Project
Your overall score for the class will consist of the following components:
25% Quality of notes taken
25% Average Pop-Quiz scores
25% Class Project
25% Final Exam
This class will be recorded, so the sessions will be available for listening to via CD’s, but they will cost €3 each.
Suggested books for your personal Library include:

Wilmington’s Guide to the Bible
Halley’s or Unger’s Bible Handbook
Study of Genesis, by Pastor Craig Ledbetter
Study of the Covenants, by Pastor Craig Ledbetter
Study of Dispensations, by Pastor Craig Ledbetter
Class Project assigned for this course (worth 25% of your grade):
Summarize one of the following books in the Bible. You will have to write a two page paper, single spaced, describing the author, the time of writing, and the general list of events covered in the Book.
You can summarize one of the following Books: Ruth, Esther, Nehemiah, or 1 Samuel