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The Gospel of Matthew
A Three Semester Study of this Gospel

The following course notes and audio are provided free of charge. If you want to enrol in the Cork Bible Institute, there is
35 euro charge for each semester of this class, which will entitle you to the exams and quizzes, and an official transcript of your grades and
Class Credits that go along with this course.

A verse-by-verse study of this most important Gospel! So many Christians do not know the first thing about the contents of this incredible Book that proves the Messiahship of Jesus Christ, and lays the groundwork for the preparation of the Jews for His second coming! Every believer will find so many practical principles in this Gospel, they will discover why God put it FIRST in the New Testament to be read and learned from!

The Gospel of Matthew Part 1
September - December 2018

The Gospel of Matthew Part 2
October - December 2019

The Gospel of Matthew Part 3
January - May 2011