Argumentation and Debate

A Biblical Method of Turning People to the Truth

by Pastor Craig Ledbetter B.A., Th.G.

Cork Bible Institute

Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

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This class will focus on practical methods of learning to discuss, debate, Biblically argue and persuade people to the truth as Jesus did. This is an exciting way to learn how to get our world to think, and challenge themselves, but will require the student to first learn how to think for themselves and challenge themselves and what they think they believe.


The Priority of Debate

The Priority of Debate

History of Debate - Rhetoric

Formal versus Practical Debates

Logic and Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking

Studying Your View

Defining Your Terms

Testing Your Evidence

Preparing for Your Audience

Staying On Topic

Speech and Delivery Communication Skills

Persuading Your Audience

The Debate