Smash the Mask!What does that mean??

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Two-Faced”? We all hate when people act that way, but more of us are guilty of it than we think! Like the Hollywood actors, are you popular for being someone that you’re not!? Do you act one way with your parents at home, and then another way with your friends? At this event, we want to show from the Bible who all of us really are! Our challenge is for you to smash the mask of hypocrisy and start living a better life, one where you live honestly not just with others, but also with God!



Come along for an entire night full of activities. The event begins at 10pm when we will head over to the LeisurePlex in Cork city for bowling, a few arcade games and pool. Afterwards, we will head to the Ballincollig Gym club for some midnight pizza! This venue is great for many crazy games like inflatable boxing glove fights, obstacle courses and big ball soccer! The tightly-packed schedule will run right up to 7am!!


COST €15


If you are coming along, please let me know at 087 7808760


Please print out this form, get it signed and bring it with you to the event.