Church Leadership Team Interface

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This is where specific people that are part of the leadership team at Bible Baptist Church interface with each other via the internet.

Most of the communication is through documents that are part of GoogleDocs and Spreadsheets.

There is always direct Email communication between everyone, as well as old fashioned telephone communication.

An even better way to communicate is through Skype, and I encourage everyone to download Skype, and join in the free audio and video link-up ability that Skype offers! Most of the other Bible believing pastors here in Ireland use Skype to communicate as well.

Besides Skype, there is Windows Live Messenger, and the AIM (AOL Instant messenger).

Blogs and forums are great ways to track our progress and express our thoughts as a Team. Currently we have the following blogs and forums:

I am currently experimenting with other ways of linking Team members:

Computer Hardware and Operating Systems

Besides MS Windows and Vista, I have explored and recommend the Apple iMac as a fantastic ministry computer (iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro), as well as many Linux-based PC's because of all they can do for almost no cost! The only problem with Linux is it is more for the computer "geek" instead of the normal Joe Soap so it can be hard to learn. But beyond that, just having a complete Office Suite of applications, Graphics, Audio editors, Web creation software, etc ALL for FREE is amazing! All of the Linux software works on Apple and Microsoft platforms as well. They include:

Various Linux Distributions that are FREELY available!

If you have an older Intel PC that can't run Windows XP, there may be a way to use it much more effectively with Linux.