Listening to God

Learning How to HEAR God’s Voice as We Walk With Him

Hebrews 3:7-9


Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Apr 10 2016 PM 

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.        Introduction (Hebrews 3:7-9)


A.     God has a voice – has something to say

B.      God’s words have power


1.       Created the universe and our world (Gen 1:1-3)

2.       Can control the weather (Mk 4:39)

3.       Can Cure (Mt 8:5-8)

4.       Thankfully can constrain (hold back) the devil (Job 1:6-11) – not able to do as he pleases!


C.      But often is not heard – people miss it


1.       God knocks and knocks and knocks, and calls out for people to be saved (Rev 3:20)

2.       Are unable to discern the voice

3.       Are away from God – and so many die in their sins and end up in hell


D.     I believe Christians should be a people that are sensitive to God’s voice, God’s words, God’s direction in their life (John 10:27)


1.       And His voice has been recorded for us – perfectly in a Book – the Bible.

2.       But still Christians don’t hear HIS voice


E.      Today, I want us to learn how to listen to God speak through His word, the Bible, and how to hear Him when He is speaking directly to you


II.     Message


A.     How does God Speak? So many ways He is attempting to get man’s attention


1.       Through Creation (Psalm 19:1,2)

2.       Through our Conscience God’s laws are written in our hearts – we know what God expects – the Holy Spirit pricks us in our hearts, convicts us, and comforts us there

3.       Through our Circumstances trying to get our attention – locked doors, and open doors – disasters, blessings – seek God’s face

4.       But most importantly, through His word, the Bible! It is the final authority of what God wants, how He thinks, what he expects – full stop (1Thes 2:13)!


B.      What Hinders us from Hearing Him Speak?


1.       We know that there are many voices trying to get our attention constantly


a.       Mobile phones ringing, vibrating

b.       Horns honking

c.       Alarms going off

d.       People yelling

e.       TV’s and radios blaring


2.       But there are some things that block out the voice of God the most:


a.       Non Interest (Mk 4:9) – he that is interested in hearing, let him continue to hear – there is a big ‘if’ here (Heb 3:7) – often needs a crisis

b.       No Softness (John 8:43; Mt 13:15) – hard hearts keep us from hearing God speak to us


1)      Elijah had this and missed the miracle of God talking to Him

2)      Several times God commands us “HARDEN NOT your hearts!” Don’t let anything, especially your attitude stop you from hearing God speak to you

3)      You need a lot of repentant prayer


c.       No Faith (Heb 4:2) – many people are not willing to trust the Lord, that He is actually doing right, and leading you in the right direction, and will work everything out for good! Start believing this Book! Needs lots of Bible (Romans 10:17)!

d.       No New Birth – trying to find God, and hear from God without the new birth is useless (Eph 2:1-9,12). The best way to hear and know His voice is to be one of His sheep (John 10:24-28)

e.       No Quiet Time (Ps 119:15)


1)      Too much noise deadens the ability to hear things

2)      Too much stressful thinking makes God’s voice impossible to hear (1Kings 19:11,12)

3)      Our hearing has been burned out from all the music, all the bad language of TV

4)      Burned out from all of life’s disappointments – so all you think about are the sorrows

5)      Burned out from all the arguing and fighting


f.        What is a Quiet Time?


1)      A quiet time is a PROTECTED TIME of opening the Bible, and picking up where you left off reading, and reading a few chapters, and then praying for your needs, and coming away with a better understanding of God’s heart, His mind, and His will

2)      All because you LISTENED!

3)      But the truth is, you won’t hear unless you have a regular quiet time just between yourself and the Lord God of heaven!

4)      After you READ God’s words, and then PRAY, those words will become a voice, that will speak to you and encourage and direct you for the day!

5)      People need to have protected, quiet time with just them and God

6)      Do you?


3.       Like Samuel say, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth” (1Sam 3:9,10)


C.      What You Hear When God Speaks – the kind of words He will say to you


1.       Cleansing Words (John 15:3)

2.       Convicting Words (Acts 7:51-54)

3.       Comforting Words (Isa 40:2; John 14:27)

4.       Cheering Words (Ex 4:10,11; John 16:33)

5.       Correcting Words (2Tim 4:2) – not just good words, but reproofs and rebukes that are necessary for you to be able to be close again with the Lord Jesus

6.       Calling Words (Mt 11:28) – Directing your life in the best way, God’s way

7.       Converting Words (2Tim 3:15) – save your souls.

8.       If you are not hearing those, then your ears are blocked, and your heart is hardened. And you are missing out on the wonderful voice of God


III.  Conclusion


A.     How hard do you find it to listen to the Bible? It doesn’t speak like a radio, or like a telephone

B.      But the very words of almighty God, written on pages were meant for us to LISTEN to as we read

C.      If you won’t listen to the written word, you won’t be able to hear His gentle, still, small voice as He talks to you in your spirit, and as He comforts you and directs you!

D.     This week, spend time trying hard to get to the place where you can hear His voice