Resurrection Faith

The Kind of Faith that Works!

Job 19



DATE: 23 Mar, 2008 AM

PLACE: BBC Ballincollig


I.       Introduction (John 16:20)


A.    Most people have a “fatalist faith”


1.      A faith that is just resigned to whatever will be will be!

2.      A faith that only lasts until the grave

3.      A faith that only looks good, until it is tested and tried – then it crumbles and dies under the pressure

4.      As Jesus lead His disciples into Jerusalem for the last time, He told them something was coming that would bring them much sorrow, and they it would seem like they lost, but have faith in God – your sorrow shall be turned into Joy!


B.     What Jesus was offering, was not faith enough to keep you FROM trouble, but a faith that gets you THROUGH trouble! Jesus said, that we can have Resurrection Faith


1.      A faith that believes in life from the dead

2.      A faith that over-rides, and overwhelms ALL of life’s battles, and life’s defeats

3.      The disciples did not have that kind of faith, even though Jesus tried to give it to them (Mark 8:31-33)


a.       Where their Messiah was taken away by an angry mob from the Garden of Gethsemane

b.      They were furious that He did not fight back

c.       And they were more furious that THEY weren’t allowed to fight back

d.      And when they saw Jesus whipped and beaten, and mocked by both Pilate and Herod, and then nailed to the cross…

e.       Well, you understand… they gave up!

f.       Their faith died with Jesus that day on the cross


4.      Aren’t you glad, Jesus didn’t stay dead?

5.      You see, our situations are screaming, GOD IS DEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN ABANDONED! IT IS OVER! CURSE GOD AND DIE!

6.      But then, Jesus rose again, and all of our defeats turn into rejoicing


C.     Listen to Job’s situation (Job 1,2)


1.      Minding his own business

2.      Worshipping God

3.      Praying for his children

4.      Loving his wife

5.      Leading his family and entire household as a godly, morally upright, and clean-living believer

6.      And in 24 hours, absolutely everything, I mean, absolutely everything is taken away from him, including all TEN of his children!


D.    Listen to Job’s sorrow (Job 19:1-21) – be brief, don’t comment


1.      With his three friends sitting around him like vultures, Job, sitting on the ashes of the city dump, begins to express such incredible sorrow

2.      His friends have attacked him, accusing him of sin and of deserving punishment for secret sins, and yet had never proven one thing done wrong by him (19:1-5)

3.      Job knows that God has ruined him (19:6)

4.      God won’t answer his prayers (19:7)

5.      God has pinned him down like a wrestler, and turned off the lights so to speak so that Job can’t tell which way to go, or what to do next (19:8)

6.      God has stripped away everything that Job once had

7.      Now remember, it was SATAN who had done all this to Job, but Job knows that God allowed it, and therefore was the one to deal with

8.      God has attacked Job and conquered him like an invading army (19:12)

9.      His own family and friends have turned away from him and disowned him (19:13,14,19)

10.  His fellow workers, his employees all ignore him (19:15,16)

11.  His own wife dumps both him and God (19:17)

12.  His health is ruined – incurable disease (19:20)

13.  God has just touched his life and left it is pieces (19:21)


E.     Listen to Job’s Plea (19:21,22)


1.      Have pity upon me

2.      Stop attacking me

3.      Leave me be, and let me just die


F.      NOW, listen to Job’s faith (Job 19:25-27)!!! This is the key!


1.      Now you would think, a man in a situation like this would not have ANY faith, yet he did – oh, it was thread-bare, it was paper thin, it was hard to see, but it was there!

2.      Not a faith that can only fix his life and make it all better only in this life

3.      But a faith that can raise his dead body, and save his soul, and make him fit for eternity with God Almighty!

4.      Here is what kind of faith we need this morning!

5.      It is the very faith and confidence that the disciples finally had after they peered into the empty tomb that early morning on the Lord’s Day, 2,000 years ago!

6.      Job’s proclamation of his faith in God has never ceased to amaze me, coming as it did when he was enduring difficulties worse than most of us will ever face.


a.       Here is a man who has lost his sons and daughters.

b.      He has lost his all of his wealth.

c.       His friends are giving him useless advice.

d.      His wife is telling him to curse God and die.

e.       He is sitting on a heap of ashes and using a broken piece of pottery to scratch the sores that cover his body.

f.       He sees no end to his suffering

g.      And in this situation he can still say “I know that my Redeemer lives!


7.      We can all relate to Job, at least to some degree. We may not have suffered to the extent that Job did but each of us has experience hardship in one form or another. Some of us here today are facing problems that seem to be overwhelming and that no-one else is aware of. For many people undergoing trials the story of Job offers a certain amount of comfort.

8.      It has been said, by way of ridicule, that faith in God is a crutch.


a.       What is meant is that faith in God is only good for those who are not able to stand on their own two feet.

b.      What is not understood is that no person ever lived who had feet strong enough to stand on their own.

c.       Yes, faith is a crutch for those who are weak.

d.      Just as a crutch is necessary for someone with a broken leg so is faith necessary for someone with a broken soul.

e.       In this sense Job was no better than the rest of us. His soul was ruined just as all ours are. He needed a crutch that would let him stand before God and that crutch was his Redeemer.

f.       But just as a crutch does not automatically heal the leg that needs it, so does faith not automatically heal the problems – but it does help us through.

g.      There is no knowing how long Job suffered but the narrative seems to imply some considerable period of time. During this time his faith was firm but his problems remained. His faith in God did not protect him from troubles, nor did it automatically make the problems disappear. Even though Job suffered his faith in a Redeemer sustained him.


9.      Folks, when all hell breaks loose in your life (which usually happens about every two years), you had better have more than SUNDAY MORNING CHURCH FAITH

10.  You better have some solid rock confidences that you KNOW, that you are certain about, that you stake your sanity on!!!


G.    Here are the things you had better KNOW before you head into tomorrow!


II.    Message


A.    Job Knew there is always a Reason for What We Go Through, even though we don’t understand it (19:23,24)


1.      Everything has a good purpose – you had better learn to believe that!!!


a.       Job cried out for someone to write out all the things he was going through because, he believed it was all happening for a reason – DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? You should!

b.      It was not just random acts of violence that he was experiencing


2.      Job could not see God, but he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was there, carefully guiding Job through his nightmare (Job 23:8-10)

3.      Job here, back in 19:23,24, just wished that someone would record everything and engrave it in stone, and pour heated lead into the engraving so that it NEVER wore away because he believed that what he was experiencing was important for at least SOMEONE else to learn from

4.      Hey…


a.       Do we really ever fully understand why things happen in our lives?

b.      If we don’t, does that mean chaos rules?

c.       Or can we not with Job say that there is a purpose, a design, and it is important enough for not only ME but everyone to learn from?


5.      Job trusted God to have a great purpose for what was happening in his life no matter how hard

6.      And that purpose was for all of us to read about these events and grow to love that same God more!


B.     Job Knew that there is a Redeemer (Job 19:25)


1.      What a word, “Redeemer!”

2.      He doesn’t just say, “I know that my God liveth” – that is easy to say.

3.      No, he is talking about something greater than just the God of the universe sitting on a throne somewhere distant

4.      Job calls Him, his REDEEMER!

5.      What Redeemer means:


a.       Someone who would fight for him, and defend him, and save him!

b.      Someone who will come and defeat Job’s enemies, no matter who they are, and no matter how powerful they may be – Job’s Redeemer would come and fight for him!

c.       It means someone who steps in a makes-up for our debts, our failures, our frailties

d.      It is someone who buys back someone who has been sold into slavery, or gotten into debt – believe me, Job feels like life has robbed him blind here!

e.       It is someone who pays a ransom for a prisoner in order to liberate, or rescue them from captivity or bondage (Ps 25:22)

f.       This Redeemer rescues and delivers indebted sinners from the bondage of sin and the penalties of God's violated law (Gal 3:13)

g.      A Redeemer is someone who steps into your place, and takes the punishment that YOU deserve so that you could go free!


6.      Job KNEW this Redeemer – He was HIS!

7.      Jesus is THE Redeemer (Eph 1:3,7)

8.      Did you know that Jesus is the only piece of property which is really ours?


a.       We borrow all else, a house, our children, even our very bodies we must one day return to the Great Lender.

b.      But Jesus, we can never leave, for even when we are absent from the body we are from that moment on, present with the Lord, and even death cannot separate us from Him, so that body and soul are with Jesus truly even in the dark hours of death, and for all eternity thereafter!


9.      It may be that you hold him with a feeble hand, yet remember, if you have but faith as a grain of mustard seed, that little faith in Jesus as your Redeemer entitles you to say, and say now, "I know that MY Redeemer liveth."

10.  Do YOU have a Redeemer? (1Peter 1:18,19) one who fights for you, and purchased you back from the devil and from death?


a.       Most everyone trusts in a “redeemer” called gold, or silver, or doctors, or scientists, or friends, or family.

b.      I have a Redeemer, and I know Him, and best of all, He knows me!!!

c.       His name is Jesus!


C.     Job Knew that his Redeemer Lives (Job 19:25)!


1.      This just gets better!

2.      Job’s faith was in Someone that was very much alive!

3.      To Job, Jesus is NOT a religion, or a statue, or even and ideal (Ps 115:4-8)

4.      Even way back then, almost 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus, Job KNEW that Jesus is very much ALIVE!

5.      Christianity is all about the news that Jesus lives (Rev 1:18)


a.       Job did not believe that his Redeemer SHALL live, but His Redeemer was very much alive in Job’s day!

b.      To say, "I hope so, I trust so," that Jesus lives, is as far as most people get. But to reach the place of transformation from darkness to light, from death unto life, you must be able to say, "I KNOW."

c.       Christians are witnesses to this world of Christ’s RESURRECTION (Acts 4:33) of the FACT that Jesus is alive, even though He was dead

d.      We upset the religionists who only want to hold to creeds and rituals and dead works (Acts 4:1,2) – but we cling to a living ruling Saviour!

e.       The core of our whole belief system is the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified, yes, but more powerfully, He rose up from the dead (Acts 23:6; 1Cor 15:13-20)

f.       Oh how the belief in the resurrection encourages the Christian (Rom 6:5,9; 2Cor 13:4) – oh, it encourages me!

g.      And it is the power of that resurrection that we all lean on, or at least we should (Philp 3:10)


6.      How well do you believe that Jesus lives and hears your prayers, and stands at your defence, and rules in the situations of your life?

7.      Jesus is not a picture – don’t have pictures of Jesus! Jesus is not a statue – don’t have religious figures! Jesus is not a symbol – He is alive forever more, and he wants you to walk with Him, and talk with Him, and know Him intimately, and personally for ever!


D.    Job Knew that his Redeemer Wins (Job 19:25; Romans 8:28)


1.      Job’s faith was a future faith – a faith that didn’t only see the here and now, but the glory of a future with Christ alive and in control!

2.      Here Job is by the eye of faith, able to see way out into the future, and see Jesus, standing upon the earth, in perfect triumph over all enemies!


a.       He has triumphed over sin

b.      He has defeated Satan - He won over the devil (Heb 2:14)

c.       And Jesus has won over death itself!


3.      2Tim 1:12 “for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.”

4.      Worms will eat your and my bodies, but they won’t win! Jesus will raise us and all believers up, and we SHALL STAND before Him, and look on Jesus with our own eyes! Just as Job will!

5.      Your enemies may hurt you, and even kill you, but they cannot win over you! All because your Redeemer wins in the end!

6.      Aren’t you glad to be on a winning team???

7.      Aren’t you glad you could skip ahead and read the last chapter in your Bible and see, that WE WIN!!!?


E.     Job Knew that he would Be With Him (Job 19:26,27)


1.      Here is the best part!

2.      Job’s faith was a saving faith (1John 5:11-13)

3.      It is one thing to back the winning team – it is another thing to actually get to be with the Winner!

4.      Job didn’t just see the future, he saw himself as part of the future!

5.      His reins were his bowels, his guts - and even though they may rot, Job knows that he shall one day stand along side his Redeemer and live with Him!

6.      No reincarnation here - We get a whole new body, and live forever WITH Jesus (John 14:1-3)

7.      But it is only given to those who get saved, born again, now (2Cor 6:2)

8.      You can’t wait until a future day – then it will be too late!


III. Conclusion


A.    Most people have a “fatalist faith” - a faith that only lasts until the grave

B.     What Jesus offers us, is not faith enough to keep us FROM trouble, but a faith that gets us THROUGH trouble! Jesus offers everyone, Resurrection Faith

C.     Job had such sorrow, and should have given up, but he had something that not only did he hold onto, but that HELD ONTO HIM!

D.    Will you finally admit that YOU desperately need a crutch for you to stand on throughout the storms and trials of life? I admit it!


1.      Folks, when all hell breaks loose in your life (which usually happens about every two years), you had better have more than SUNDAY MORNING CHURCH FAITH

2.      You better have some solid rock confidences that you KNOW, that you are certain about, that you stake your sanity on!!!


E.     Here are the things you had better KNOW before you head into tomorrow!


1.      That there is always a Reason for What We Go Through, even though we don’t understand it

2.      That there is a Redeemer – make sure He is YOURS! Make Him yours!!!

3.      That our Redeemer Lives

4.      That our Redeemer Wins – read your Bible! Satan is a liar, AND Satan is a LOSER!!!

5.      That you will be WITH Him (John 14:3) forever! That’s better than going to hell! That will make up for all the pain and sorrow and tears of this life, don’t you think?


F.      How all this helps…


1.      It says to the devil, “Give me your best shot!” he is going to anyway! Just with Resurrection faith, you are ready!

2.      It says to God, Though you slay me, yet will I trust in you!

3.      It says to the world, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” I’ve got something that lasts now forever!

4.      It helps you say to Jesus, I am sorry I doubt you at times. You are my Redeemer, my Victor, my Saviour, my Friend! And I love you!




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