Letting God Lead

Learning How to Delight in God’s Will

Psalm 37:23-28


DATE: 4 May, 2008 AM

PLACE: BBC Ballincollig


I.       Introduction (Psalm 40:8)


A.    New theme this month - Bow the Knee in Delight, Praise – Learning to be Thankful

B.     Learning to Trust the Lord and Delight in His Will

C.     Background to Psalm 37


1.      David is looking back at his life and writing down all the things that he has learned so far

2.      He calls us to go from Fretting to Resting – from worry to rejoicing

3.      He challenges us to not let anger and bitterness take root, but rather to fear God, and trust God enough to let HIM do what we cannot towards those who hurt us

4.      You see, we are like sheep – we are not good trackers – we get lost easily, and need a good shepherd! Amen? And a kind of shepherd that can not only lead us, but save us (Isa 53:6)!!!

5.      He reminds us that there is a whole different way to live as a believer in the Bible

6.      And it shows in our delights!!! Not the fact that we just mechanically do what we are told, but that we love to follow our Lord!


D.    True religion overflows with happiness and joy. The ungodly never look upon Church as a joyful thing;


1.      to them it is service, duty, or necessity, but never pleasure or delight.

2.      If they are religious at all, it is either that they may gain from it, or else because they are just afraid of not doing it.

3.      The thought of delight in religion is so strange to most people, that no two words stand further apart than "holiness" and "delight."

4.      But believers who know Christ, understand that delight and faith are so blessedly united, that the gates of hell cannot prevail to separate them.

5.      They who love God with all their hearts, find that His ways are ways of pleasantness, and all His paths are peace.


a.       We fear not God because of any force

b.      Our faith is not a fetter around our neck

c.       Our profession is no bondage

d.      We are not dragged to holiness

e.       Nor are we driven to duty

f.       No, our faith is our pleasure, our hope is our happiness, our duty is our delight.


E.     Do you want to know how that could ever be true? It only happens when we start to allow the Lord to direct our steps – to lead our lives! That is when we find out that God is good!


II.    Message – Letting God Lead!


A.    God Only Knows the Right Way (Ps 37:23)


1.      As with Joseph


a.       Young Joseph was supposed to be great – supposed to be Prime Minister of Egypt

b.      But couldn’t have figured the path to that position

c.       God had every step laid out for him


1)      Allowing his mean brothers to sell him off into slavery

2)      Allowing Potiphar to put him into prison

3)      Then Pharaoh hearing about him and putting him in charge of everything and everyone

4)      Who would have known that God was so smart?


2.      As with Abraham


a.       God called him to leave his family and home to follow God’s will

b.      Brought him to a land he had never heard of or seen before

c.       Satan tried to turn his steps away from God’s will by drving him into Egypt during a famine

d.      But Abraham knew where he belonged – back where God had directed his steps to – THE PROMISED LAND


3.      As with Young David


a.       Youngest of 8 boys

b.      The oldest were successful, good looking, popular

c.       David was a keeper of sheep for his daddy

d.      Where could David have hoped to have gone with his life?

e.       Yet God delights in directing the steps of unlikely people like sheep farmers, and carpenters, and fishermen to become great men of God


4.      Whatever steps you have been taking up until this point in your life, know this… God was always in the background, working at directing you to this place, right now in your life – and more than that, He is directing you on the best path. In other words, there is NO OTHER BETTER PATH TO TAKE, THAN GOD’S WILL!


a.       There are no accidents with God…

b.      Only destinies – only perfect goals!

c.       The devil tries to convince us that God leads us in dumb directions, and to dead-end streets – but that is the furthest from the truth!


5.      God has smartly laid out the steps you should follow, and then calls you and I to follow


a.       Kind of like the “choreographers” who lay out exactly where an actor is supposed to stand, and run, and where to stop, etc

b.      They do it with dances – perfectly choreographed!

c.       How much more with Christians!!! We are not DIY believers! We are followers, who seek to match our Lord’s responses to every one of life’s situations


B.     God is Worth Trusting Completely (Psalm 37:23) – “Delighteth


1.      A Yielded Christian learns to Delight in God’s will, not just do it

2.      What does that mean?


a.       Joseph could have grumped around all day and blown his future

b.      David could have been jealous and envious of his brothers, and blown his future

c.       Abraham could have been like Lot, and loved what he saw more than what God saw, and blown his future

d.      You know, if you trust something, you won’t worry about it

e.       If you trust a pilot, and the manufacturer of an airplane, you will enjoy the flight


3.      Hey… God does not often show us the end of our path, just the steps we should take (Ps 119:105) – God gives us His word like a torch to light up the steps already laid out for us

4.      The steps we take are laid out by none-other than Jesus Christ (1Pet 2:21-23)


a.       When we are hated, we follow Jesus’ steps and bless

b.      When we suffer, we follow Jesus’ steps and do not seek revenge

c.       When we find it hard going on, we follow Jesus’ steps and pray

d.      When we are misunderstood, we follow Jesus’ steps and try again


5.      And do you know what is so neat about all this?... Jesus never leaves us along the way – remember He is God, so He is present at the beginning of our walk of faith, all along the way, and also He is there, waiting for us at the finish line (Heb 12:1,2)! Talk about encouragement!!!!

6.      Listen to a little man, in a sinking ship, surrounded by 253 fearful, weeping men in a storm (Acts 27:13-25) “I believe God” More than the storm!

7.      Listen to Psalm 23:1-4


a.       The Lord is my Leader – He takes very good care of me

b.      He makes me rest in great places so I can recover and be strong again

c.       He leads me in only the right paths, because His name is at stake, not just my safety

d.      Even in the valley of the shadow of death, I will trust my Shepherd, my Leader…

e.       Because He is with me all the way


8.      Hundreds of times throughout Scripture we are begged to trust in the Lord – to believe HIM instead of our hearts – to rest in Him, instead of run away in fear of the unknown


a.       Prov 3:5,6

b.      This is not only for Christians… none of us started off right with God. God starts off with rebels, with people who are “off course” amen!


1)      Psalm 25:8,9 (but you got to be humbled)

2)      Psalm 32:8


c.       Jesus came to “redirect” the paths of all mankind


1)      Matthew 7:13,14

2)      2Peter 3:9


9.      You ever wonder why Christians sing about God, and about life, and even sing joyfully about trials and sorrows? Because we are trusting God!

10.  You ought to try it sometime – yes we weep, yes we sorrow some nights, but joy seems to always come in the morning!


C.     What About When We Fall? (Psalm 37:24)


1.      Reality Check… We mess up – we always seem to fall, even when things are going so well!

a.       There is none perfect – “none righteous, no not one” (Rom 3:10)

b.      We all fall. The devil pulls thru g out from under us, and we tumble!

2.      But the Christian has something in this verse that no one else has… the inability to fail!


a.       There are no failures in Christianity!

b.      Except in one area: in giving up – that is when we fail!

c.       Don’t be surprised that you fall – I’m not!


1)      Proverbs 24:16 – falls time after time, and gets up again

2)      Psalm 34:19 – we are constantly under spiritual attack, from every direction, but the Lord gets us through it all

3)      Micah 7:8


3.      If you are not a born again child of God, your only option, no matter how well you succeed in THIS life, is to ultimately fail – lose it all

4.      But if you are saved this morning… you have humbled yourself before the all holy God, and cried out for mercy and for the free gift of forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers in full to anyone who would just call on His name… no matter how many times you fall, and trip-up, and mess up, and sin, and struggle… you CANNOT FAIL! You have already won!!!

5.      Now, which would you rather be?

6.      THAT’S WHY I AM A CHRISTIAN! I hate being a loser!


D.    Our Children are at Stake (Psalm 37:25-28)


1.      Looking back, David can see how the Lord had directed his life


a.       He could testify that the Lord had never abandoned him, that none of his fears were right – throughout all of his life

b.      Even when living in caves, and running from king Saul, with no lands or crops, and no shops or stores, David was well taken cared of by God!!

c.       Elijah was fed by ravens

d.      Israel was fed with Manna from heaven every morning and with quail every evening for 40 straight years


2.      Looking forward, David knew his children, and all future generations needed to know that they could trust the Lord too!


a.       The righteousness of a father, and his strong faith in the Lord affects his children’s lives


1)      Protects them and blesses them

2)      Because they see their daddy especially being merciful and helping people

3)      Look at the eternal security of the believer (Ps 37:28)


b.      The sins of the father, and their neglect of a walk with God also affect his children – this younger generation is in for some serious hurt and sorrow because of the sins of their parents


1)      Facing abandonment by God

2)      Facing financial ruin - Begging

3)      Facing an eternity in hell – “Cut off” from God!


3.      Live your life for more than just now, and just your own life!!!

4.      That’s why it is so good gentlemen…


a.       To spiritually lead your family!

b.      To follow the Lord Jesus Christ yourself!

c.       To not put off living in obedience to the Bible, and do things God’s way


5.      That’s why it is so important to get people following and obeying the Lord when they are so young and tender – as we will talk about in the Child Dedications in just a few minutes…


III. Application - How to Let God Lead Your Life


A.    Become a New Man (John 3:1-3)


1.      Good men are needed

a.       Good husbands

b.      Good workers

c.       Good fathers

d.      Good grandfathers

e.       Good brothers, uncles, cousins

f.       Good bosses, managers, co-workers


2.      Pro 20:6  Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?

3.      They don’t “just happen!”

4.      2Cor 5:17 says a person needs to become “new” – brand new!

5.      Why? Because… There is none good but One – God


a.       So, “What makes a man become a good man?”

b.      Well, a man does not become good just because he does not use drugs, get drunk, chase women, or race cars.

c.       A man does not become a good man just because he got money in the bank, or he has lots of degrees behind his name.

d.      A man does not become good by his own goodness because Isaiah 64:6 says …


6.      Every man has to be born again – made good – made righteous before God, not just before men

7.      You won’t follow the Lord unless you know the Lord, personally, intimately, as your father, not just as God in heaven!


B.     Listen to and Obey God’s Words.


1.      God HAS to be able to talk to you, and lead you with clear, directions

2.      You will find God’s “orders” in His perfect word (Psalm 119:133)

3.      We have a saying, “If God says it, then… that settles it!”


C.     Pray and Ask God to Take the Lead. Give Him the “wheel”


1.      He already wants to lead!

2.      He is just waiting for you to yield and let Him lead

3.      Two leaders, make for a fight – always – someone must yield

4.      Tell God daily, He can lead, and you will follow


D.    Be Willing to Go Wherever, and Do Whatever God thinks Best (Prov 3:5,6)


1.      This will be the hardest thing you will ever do

2.      But even though it is “into the unknown” it really isn’t! Because God knows what He is doing!

3.      This is where you trust Him, and follow His steps that he begins to lay out for you

4.      Where will those steps lead? Guaranteed to lead to the best kind of life


a.       Probably not most money, but most joy

b.      Probably not most popular, but most content

c.       Probably not most power, but most answers to prayer!


E.     Praise a Lot


1.      I think we drag on our journey too long because we don’t take the time to count the miracles and blessings we have experienced along the way!

2.      He feels welcome more with grateful people than with grumblers!

3.      He inhabits the praises of His people!


F.      Don’t be in a hurry.


1.      Don’t be in a hurry to make something happen in your life. That will only lead to a mistake. Steps take time. A baby never learns how to run first, they learn how to walk. Their steps are clumsy and unstable. That is the same way we are too. Don’t be ashamed of your “baby steps” you are taking right now. They will eventually lead to bigger steps and take you places you’ve never been before.

2.      God will direct your steps and show you what path you are to walk as you give Him control and desire what He desires. If you are confused as to what to do in a decision you have to make, take the time to find out exactly what God wants. Lay down all your pressures and listen and wait for God to direct you into what path your feet are to walk.


G.    Lastly, Take a Step!


1.      We can go from one end of the pendulum swing to the other. At one end we are in a hurry and step too quickly into something, or on the other end, we never take a step at all.

2.      Sometimes fear grips our hearts and it frightens us to do anything. We are afraid of making the wrong choice. We are afraid of failing.

3.      But if God has shown you something to do, step out in faith and take a step, even if you are afraid.

4.      God will meet you in your act of faith and soon your fear will turn into strength to endure the unknown.

5.      It will feel awkward to step out and do something you’ve never done before or walk where you’ve never walked before.


a.       I am sure Peter, when He stepped out of the boat onto the water, felt awkward. His flesh felt uncomfortable because he never stepped onto water before. But Peter pushed past his fear, and pushed past what his flesh felt like. He took the first step and began to walk on water.

b.      Your flesh will scream at you to STOP! Flesh wants comfort. Flesh wants its own way. But when we die to our flesh and press onto what God has for us, we step into a repositioning of God.

c.       Joseph was thrown into a pit. It was not at all the dream he had of his brothers bowing down to him. But what looked like a demotion, God was making it his first step in his promotion.

d.      Remember baby steps lead to bigger steps. It was a process Joseph had to go through to see the dreams from God come to completion. In the meantime, he lived an upright life and loved the Lord in all he did.


6.      What has the Lord told you to do lately?


a.       Get saved? Today is the day to do it!

b.      Go to someone and humble yourself and say you are sorry about something?

c.       Go to someone and give them your personal testimony and ask them to consider allowing Jesus Christ to save them from their sins?

d.      Get faithful to church attendance?

e.       Get into your daily Bible reading and prayer time?

f.       What is God leading YOU to do?


7.      If you find yourself in sin, or in the middle of some bad choices/steps, God is there waiting to help you. God will show you where to step if you ask Him. But He is waiting for you to repent and turn from your sin. You tie up God’s hands to help until you repent and turn to God for His direction. He can pick you up from the wrong path, and place you back on the right path, as you give Him back control of your life.

8.      Take one step at a time as the Lord leads and directs you. Don’t get frustrated when you don’t see the entire path in front of you. We are in a “faith-walk.” Each step is a step of faith! But always know that God is always there to make sure we stay on the right path.


IV. Conclusion

A.    God Only Knows the Right Way

B.     He is Worth Trusting Completely

C.     God is Ready For When We Fall

D.    Our Children Are At Stake

E.     Will you Let the Lord lead YOUR Life, or will you just stay stubborn and resist His perfect plans for you?




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