The Holy Spirit in the Home

The Power of a Spirit-Filled Woman in a Home

Part of the “Bow the Knee” Series

1Peter 5:1-6

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

DATE: 2 Mar, 2008  AM 

PLACE: BBC Ballincollig


I.        Introduction


A.      Peter Marshall, a former Chaplain to the entire United States Senate 60 years ago, stood before his nation's leaders and offered the following charge:


1.        “The modern challenge to motherhood is the eternal challenge -- that of being a godly woman. The very phrase sounds strange in our ears. We never hear it now. We hear about every other type of women: beautiful women, smart women, sophisticated women, career women, talented women, divorced women.

2.       But so seldom do we hear of a godly woman -- or of a godly man either, for that matter.

3.       I believe women come nearer to fulfilling their God given function in the home than anywhere else. It is a much nobler thing to be a good wife, than to be Miss America. It is a greater achievement to establish a Christian home than it is to produce a second rate novel filled with filth. It is a far, far better thing in the realms of morals to be old fashioned, than to be ultra-modern. The world has enough women who know how to be smart. It needs women who are willing to be simple. The world has enough women who know how to be brilliant. It needs some who will be brave. The world has enough women who are popular. It needs more who are pure. We need women, and men, too, who would rather be morally right than socially correct.”

4.       Amen, Peter Marshall!


B.      Where have people missed this truth?


1.       It’s because the world has been screaming louder and louder about personal rights, and women’s rights, and the evils of Christianity, and all the while, the delicate balance of life that we call home has been almost stamped out

2.       Huge numbers of kids on drugs – KIDS starting at 13 and 14

3.       Almost 50% of all babies born in Dublin and Cork are to single Moms

4.       Divorce hasn’t hit hard here because of two reasons:


a.       Most couples today are only living together – most

b.       For those marriages with serious problems, separation is enough to hurt the other person – divorce is too good for them


5.       Homes here in Ireland are facing emotional melt-down because of immorality, infidelity,

6.       And we have freedom loving feminists to thank… No! We have OURSELVES to thank for believing them!


C.      We are in a series of messages from the Bible that we call, “Bow the Knee”


1.       They are not sweet, easy to take messages, because they deal with things that block the blessings of God - pride and looking out only for yourself!

2.       During this year, we want to learn to truly bow the knee as we bow our hearts before God, and before His perfect word, the Bible!

3.       This month is about the need for our generation to repent and become born again!


D.      But, seeing it is Mother’s Day, I have another opportunity to preach on the Family, and today it is going to be a doozey!

E.       I want to finish what I started with the Eight Priorities of a Real World Wife

F.       But to do that, I need to teach you some things about the TRINITY, and what it means when the Bible says that God created mankind “in His image”

G.      I want to show you that a home is a reflection of the Trinity, and that the wife has a most amazing place in that earth-based trinity!!!


II.      Message


A.      The Trinity in Heaven (1John 5:7)


1.       God is a Triple Personality Being – One God, three personalities that represent that Being


a.       There is ONE God, Jehovah, yet He is a Tri-une God, an eternal, infinite being that relates to us in three personalities:


1)       The Father

2)       The Word

3)       The Spirit

4)       These three are ONE


b.       The Trinity is shown at Creation (Genesis 1:1-3)


1)       God the Father created everything, by just His will

2)       God the Holy Spirit moved upon that creation, moulding and shaping it

3)       God the Word, Jesus, went forth and created light throughout the universe in the twinkling of an eye


c.        The Trinity is shown at Christ’s baptism (Matthew 3:16,17)

d.       Don’t let anybody say that there is no trinity in the Bible!


2.       Now, all that aside, I want to focus a bit this morning on the Third Person of the Godhead, of the Trinity… the Person of the Holy Spirit


a.       We have already seen that He was active in the creation of the world - Genesis 1:1-2.

b.       But did you know that the Holy Spirit is Active in the regeneration of sinful man? (John 3:3-5)

c.        Did you know that the Holy Spirit was active in the inspiration of our perfect Scripture? (2 Peter 1:21)

d.       Did you know that the Holy Spirit has a mind? (Romans 8:27) “And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.”

e.        Did you know that the Holy Spirit has a will? (1 Corinthians 12:11) “But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.”

f.        Did you know that the Holy Spirit has emotions? (Ephesians 4:30) “And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.”

g.        He is not merely an “influence,” or a “power” but a Divine person, coequal and co-eternal with the Father and with the Son.  Believers can be robbed of a real relationship with the Holy Spirit if they consider the Spirit to be an impersonal influence, power or energy. He is a Person, who has feelings, and gets grieved, and has a plan that he is trying to work out in your life!


3.       Let me go further…


a.       Did you know that God the Father gets all the glory for everything good that happens in this universe of ours… not the Holy Spirit?

b.       Did you know that God the Son, Jesus, as a Man did everything in the power of the fullness of the Holy Spirit?

c.        Did you know that the Holy Spirit basically was always in the background, busy making things happen, even though unseen, and most of the time, unappreciated? Take a look at John 16:13! Doesn’t draw much attention to Himself!

d.       Let me lay it out this way: When you have needs in your life, to whom do you turn? 


1)       You look to God the Father because His is the giver of every good and perfect gift.  God the Father is the source for all your needs!

2)       The ACCESS to that source is Jesus Christ.  He makes it possible to access the Father (John 14:6).

3)       And the power behind every gift in your life is the Holy Spirit. Without Him, without the Person of the Holy Spirit, working in our lives, convicting us of sins, and humbling us in prayer, none of the gifts that God the Father gives us have any power!


4.       Now! Let me move to where we live! To our homes, and our families


B.      The Trinity in the Home (Genesis 1:27,28)


1.       The Lord chose to compare an earthy family with the Trinity.


a.       He called the head of the family, the man, after His own name, Father. We pray, "Our Father, Which art in Heaven."

b.       He likened the children in a family to His own Son, the second Person in the Trinity, His Son. Hence, we have in a family a person who represents God the Father, and we have a person who represents God the Son.

c.        Now get this… there is no one left out!

d.       By process of elimination, we come to realize who represents the Holy Spirit in your family. There is only one person left, and that's the lady. That means you - the woman, the wife, the mother – you represent the Holy Spirit.

e.        Ladies, if you would like to find your best duties in life, just find in the Bible what the Holy Spirit does.


1)       He comforts; so does a Mother and a wife.

2)       He teaches; so does Mom.

3)       He instructs; so does Mother.

4)       He leads and guides; so does Mother.


f.        Think of all the ministries the Holy Spirit has in the world.


1)       He's the unseen One; so is Mother.

2)       He is the one Who gives others all the attention; so does Mother.

3)       If you want to know what your duties are in your family, all you have to do is find out the duties of the Holy Spirit in the Trinity

4)       Because you ladies are the Holy Spirit of your home.


C.      The Power of a Spirit-Filled Woman in a Home (1Peter 3:1-6)


1.       You can win, ladies – that’s what you want to do anyway! You can conquer the mightiest of armies, and the strongest of men – but only the Bible way! So, what is THAT way?

2.       Three Steps to being a Holy Spirit Filled Woman in your home – they will also be three tests that you will face regularly


a.       Submission (1Peter 3:1; Titus 2:1-5)


1)       Don’t get mad at me. Remember those Eight Priorities of a Real World Wife I started last week, well, I only gave you seven. It’s time for the eighth priority… Wives are to be Subject to their Own Husbands. Submissive (Gen 3:16; 1Cor 11:3)

2)       Here is the FINAL priority that a woman has to put in place in their life – it is not the first!


a)       If you find it hard to submit, then you have things out of order

b)       You are not soberly thinking about things from God’s viewpoint

c)       You are not loving your husband by choice instead of feeling

d)       You are not really loving your children well – if you think staying angry at your husband, and depressed at life in general is taking good care of your children, then you better re-think your ways!


3)       The Holy Spirit does not act and work against God the Father!

4)       Subjection does not mean servitude and slavery


a)       The idea is that as husband and wife work together and that you are not constantly pulling in an opposite direction.

b)       This obedience does not mean that you are a slave or a bond-servant, but rather that you are team, sharing a mutual goal.

c)       The harshness of the word “obey” is tempered by the display of love and affection that the husband shows his wife.

d)       The husband leads, and you follow – there is one lead horse that reins in the other horses – same with sled dogs, etc.

e)       Remember, your submission is to the Lord, not really unto a man! (Eph. 5:22-24)


5)       It is a kind of submission which rejects the errors of both chauvinism and feminism.


a)       When a chauvinist man treats his wife as though she is a lesser being and not one with him, what he is doing is showing the false doctrine that the Holy Spirit is inferior to the Father and not united with him as one God. He is showing the world that they are not equal!

b)       When a wimpy man does not lead spiritually at all, and his feminist wife is not responsive to him as her head, they are both showing the false doctrine that there is no distinction between the Father and the Holy Spirit, that the Father is not the head of the Trinity.

c)       But when a biblical husband and wife see themselves as equal and one with each other, with the husband gently leading and the wife joyfully responding, they show the truth about the Father and the Holy Spirit in the holy Trinity. Their loving union offers a glimpse into the Being of the God who created male and female in his own image.


6)       Subjection is not a submission to everything a husband tells a wife to do. That goes without saying. Any man that is trying to force his wife to sin, or is brutal in his home-life should be dealt with by the men in this church, or by the law!


b.       Inner Beauty (1Peter 3:2-4)


1)       All about an ATTRACTIVE ATTITUDE

2)       Chaste conversation, means a life and a mouth under control

3)       The fear is of God is all that is needed, not of the husband!

4)       Adorning… oh what a concept!


a)       Notice how much emphasis is on looks today

b)       Clothing, jewellery, hairstyles, tints, shoes, make-up to attract people’s attention

c)       Nothing wrong with having any of those things

d)       The problem is its priority in life instead of the priority of godliness

e)       A Meek and Quiet SPIRIT very attractive!!! Full stop!


(i)       Muscles on a woman – not attractive

(ii)     Bossy-ness, domineering – out

(iii)    Scowls and glaring eyes – not beautiful

(iv)   Arrogance – not pretty

(v)     Those are masculine qualities – and not that great!


5)       Woman was not made to till the soil, she was not made to build a house, she was not made to stack the brick, nor cut the stones, nor build a road, nor head the state, nor lead the church, nor reap the harvest.

6)       In God’s kingdom, a woman set the atmosphere while the soil is being tilled. It is woman's awesome job to determine the mood while the house is being built. Everywhere woman has ever been, it has been her job to provide the spirit or the tone while man does his work and changes the course of history.

7)       I know great women have changed the course of history too – but when most women seek only to take their place in history, they do it usually to the harm of their home!

8)       Whether it be good or bad, there is one thing that woman always does; she determines the spirit and the atmosphere of any place where she is present. Ladies…


a)       A woman can make Eden a paradise if she so chooses, or she can curse everything in it, as Eve did.

b)       She can make an ark a lifeboat, and the Nile River a nursery if she wants to, or she can curse her husband in Job's ash heap. It's her choice!

c)       She can ruin a man as did Delilah or she can change a house into a church as did Priscilla.

d)       She can fill the house with Mary's ointment or she can fill it with Michal's hatred.

e)       She can save a nation as Esther did or she, like Jezebel, can destroy one.


9)       Ladies, I don't think you understand completely how the atmosphere of your home is determined by you.


a)       All of creation, as beautiful and perfect as it was, could not take the place of Eve

b)       Adam needed SOMEONE to share with him the beauty of the world - someone who just by the power of her presence would make creation ever more beautiful!


(i)       Adam needed someone to whom he could say, "Look at the stars! Aren't they stunning tonight?"

(ii)     Adam needed someone with whom he could share the joys of the life he had been given in that beautiful garden

(iii)    He longed for communion with a kindred soul, one whose wants and joys were like his own.

(iv)   To a lonely man, the world was cold and blank. Adam needed somebody, and God made her; and she came fully dressed in all the beauty that a human being could possess.


c)       The winds are a thousand times more refreshing now that she is here. The flowers are a thousand times more fragrant now that she is here. The birds are a thousandfold more melodious, the trees are far more beautiful, and the fruits are amazingly more delicious. The sun is much brighter, the moon is more lovely, the stars are so much closer, and the animals are more exciting all because she is here.

d)       Man worked before woman came, but man worked harder after she came. Man ran before she came, but man ran faster after she came. Man jumped before she came, but man jumped higher after she came. Man was good before she came; man excelled after she came.

e)       She was created all because of the perfection of the Garden of Eden did not give to Adam what he needed. The garden, and life itself was not enough without her!


10)   This is the Spirit of a Christian Woman in a Home – this is the work of the Holy Spirit in a home!


a)       What does the Bible call it?

b)       Meek, and Quiet

c)       Oh how far this world has moved away from such a concept

d)       Meek does NOT mean weak! It means, not drawing attention to self’s demands, but thinking of others only!

e)       Quiet means, restrained - not boisterous, or loud, or angry or bitter

f)        The “still, small voice” of the Holy Spirit is what


(i)       Convicts sinners of their sin

(ii)     Directs believers into the will of God

(iii)    Comforts believers when they are hurting

(iv)   Thrills believers when they have done their best for God


c.        Strong Confidence in God (1Peter 3:5,6)


1)       Trusting God’s plan, not your worries

2)       Trusting God’s wisdom, not your own ways

3)       Trusting God to know what is best

4)       Strong confidence comes from your own personal relationship with Jesus! Not a religious experience, but a transformation of heart because you yourself one day bowed the knee and asked God to save YOUR lost soul!

5)       And from that day, you walk with God and talk with God, and listen to the words of each page of His journal, the Bible!

6)       Oh, this will be the most important choice you will ever make – to fully trust God, for your home!

7)       Proverbs 3:5,6


III.   Conclusion


A.      Peter Marshall said, “The world has enough women who know how to be brilliant. It needs some who will be brave. The world has enough women who are popular. It needs more who are pure. We need women, and men, too, who would rather be morally right than socially correct.” Someone who would be spirit-filled, instead of self-filled!

B.      It begins with asking yourself, how far you are going to trust the Lord


1.       Believe me, you can trust him for forgiveness, full and free, from all sin in your own life! That’s what the cross purchased for each and everyone

2.       Christ’s death was a substitute in your and my place

3.       But we have to accept it – that WE deserved to die in punishment for our own sins – not Him!

4.       Yet Jesus died, and was buried, and three days later rose up victorious over death.

5.       Believing it and living it are the key – that’s when it becomes a new birth – it changes the life! Totally!


C.      Folks, especially the ladies in this room today, you can trust God!

D.      He knows how to help you win over your past, your failures, over your hurts, over your feelings, and ultimately over your husband, and your children!

E.       There is a Trinity in Heaven – the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost

F.       There is a trinity in every home too – the Husband, the Wife, and the children

G.      The focus this morning has been on the wife, the mother, as the Holy Spirit in her home

H.      Will you set the atmosphere, the mood, the humour, the tone of your home? Whether you realise it or not, you already do. The Lord is asking you to set it right for Him! Make your home, just by its atmosphere, a haven, a refuge, a taste of heaven! By God’s grace!