Don’t Let Jesus Pass YOU By!

How Jesus Saved Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52

DATE: 8 June, 2008                                                                                                                                                                   

PLACE: BBC Ballincollig


I.       Introduction (2Cor 4:3,4)


A.    People are naturally blind


1.      Oh yes, most of us can see with our eyes, but we are blind to truth, and to God, and to eternity

2.      The most blind are the religious, who have no time for Jesus Christ


a.       Jesus calls them “blind guides”

b.      The blind leading the blind

c.       Ye fools and blind!

d.      They think they see just fine, but are more blind than a bat


B.     So Jesus takes time to heal some blind people so that we all would want to see

C.     But especially one man in particular who was not going to let such a chance to see pass him by


II.    Background


A.    Jesus is walking with His disciples on their way from Capernaum in the North of Israel to Jerusalem (Mark 9:33; 10:1; 11:1)

B.     They are discussing various topics


1.      His soon coming death, burial and resurrection (10:32-34)

2.      Who would be greatest (10:35-45) - these guys are serious! Real spiritual giants! Right!


C.     They now come to a large city called Jericho (10:46). They don’t stay in Jericho, but just keep moving - Jesus is intent on getting to Jerusalem!

D.    On His way into Jericho, Jesus met and healed a blind man, and now on His way out, Jesus is passing by another blind man – named Bartimaeus

E.     Jesus healed loads of diseases, but six times, Jesus healed blind men. It seems that blindness is very common!


III. Message - Don’t Let Jesus Pass You By (Mark 10:46-52)


A.    A Broken Life (10:46)


1.      Here is a man, sitting alone on the side of the dirt road on the outskirts of Jericho

2.      Blind - relied on people to take him everywhere. Remember, a lot of people are “blind” and they don’t know it! Blind to God and His word!

3.      Begging - relied on people to provide for his needs, to take him places, to bring him his food… a beggar

4.      Alone – others seemed to be doing well, and he was just stuck on the side of that road as people passed by! Empty life!

5.      Without realising it, that is just like all of us before we met Jesus!


B.     A Hopeful Sound (10:47a)


1.      A crowd was passing – not usual – most were farmers who would have been in the fields working, but were all gathered around somebody special – somebody named Jesus!

2.      This blind man couldn’t see, but he could hear real good!

3.      Bartimaeus heard that name mentioned among the crowd

4.      O what a wonderful name!


a.       There was hope in that name

b.      There was a chance for healing


5.      Folks, Everyone needs hope – something to live for, something that is bigger than your problems

6.      And that hope was in the Person of Jesus Christ! The fact that He was very near!


C.     A Desperate Cry (10:47)


1.      Now it gets good!

2.      Bartimaeus starts to cry out that name… “Jesus! Thou Son of David! Jesus… have mercy on me and help me! Jesus! Please Jesus!”

3.      Not to other people - he had relied on man all this time and was still blind!

4.      He could not see Jesus, didn’t know exactly where to cry, so he cried out in all directions! He was determined to be heard! As best as he could, he cried out to get Jesus’ attention - over the roar of a passing crowd! That will work!

5.      Bartimaeus was NOT going to miss this opportunity!


a.       Jesus was not just standing there… he was passing by

b.      There were loads of people around Him

c.       Bartimaeus could have been embarrassed and just stayed quiet, but he didn’t!


6.      He knew who Jesus was! More than just a mere man! Thou Son of David! The promised son of David was to be KING! The promised Messiah!

7.      Cries out for MERCY! Oh what a great word


a.       He knows he is unworthy of Jesus’ help


1)      Like sitting in a huge waiting room to see a doctor

2)      And you feel like everyone else is going to be seen first

3)      You feel worthless


b.      But Bartimaeus counted on Jesus having great compassion… and he does!

c.       Mercy is the right word! We can make no demands of God, but we can trust tin His mercy!

d.      Mercy is not getting what you deserve - here, this man deserved to die a blind beggar, but if only the Son of David would have mercy on him, he might have something he did not deserve - his sight!


D.    The Doubtful Crowd (10:48)


1.      They too did not think Bartimaeus was worthy of interrupting Jesus

2.      He was only a poor blind man

3.      Why would Jesus be interested in HIM?

4.      So they tried to shish him up – to get him to be quiet

5.      Aren’t people the same always? I mean, if there was this man here that could heal anybody, and do anything, wouldn’t it be the right thing to bring everyone to Him?

6.      But people want quiet, reserved, predictable worship

7.      The Pharisees tried to keep out the sinners, the harlots and the publicans

8.      many people follow Jesus, but so many more don’t believe He really is interested in people’s problems

9.      Ah, but He is SO interested in our burdens cares!


a.       Ps 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

b.      Psa 55:22  “Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee”

c.       1Pe 5:7  “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”


E.     Rock Solid Faith (10:49,50)


1.      Bartimaeus would not quiet down! He would not look elsewhere – who else could he have turned to?

2.      He would only wait on Jesus – he only wanted to hear Jesus speak to him

3.      And THAT caught Jesus’ attention!


a.       Everyone around Jesus called out His name

b.      Everyone around Jesus wanted something from Him

c.       But here was a man, who just focused all the faith he could muster, and stayed calling on that name which is above every name!


4.      Jesus is not impressed that you can sing, or that you can buy and sell this and that, or that you have power, or that you are smart…

5.      Jesus is impressed with faith – serious, solid faith in Him (Heb 11:6)

6.      Look at this man’s faith…


a.       It was in Jesus only – not in Peter, or Mary, or in any saint

b.      It brought comfort and great hope – “I wonder what Jesus will do?”

c.       His faith caused him to leave behind his old beggar clothes – ready to live a different way

d.      It caused him to talk straight-up with Jesus – no flowery impressive words – only what was on his heart!

e.       Simple, solid faith!


1)      If your faith isn’t in Jesus only…

2)      If your faith does not thrill your heart…

3)      If your faith does not bring about changes in your way of living

4)      If your faith does not result in a rich prayer life with Jesus…

5)      Then you faith is wrong!


F.      A Life Changing Request (10:51,52)


1.      What he did NOT ask for:


a.       Money, houses, girls, job, to win the lottery

b.      Didn’t come to God with a Christmas list of things he wanted

c.       None of that was any good without his sight


2.      If he was going to ask for anything, it would be for something that would change his life – he wanted to see!

3.      Oh how much we rely on our eyes


a.       We need our eyes to tell us where something is, how big it is, what is in our way

b.      We take these precious gifts for granted until we hurt them or lose them

c.       Without your eyes, you couldn’t be trusted to work much – really dangerous behind a saw, or drill?

d.      In this modern world, you need your eyes – computers, driving, even walking


4.      To have his sight back – it would change his life wouldn’t it?

5.      There are more than one kind of eyes


a.       Eyes that see God (Matthew 5:8)

b.      Eyes that see God’s truths (Matthew 13:13)

c.       Eyes that see God’s promises (Hebrews 11:13)


6.      Just like there are more than one kind of ears - Joh 10:27  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me

7.      You may be able to see with your physical eyes just fine, but still be blind to God and His work in your life!

a.       You think only disasters are happening when it could be the Lord trying to humble and convert you

b.      You think you are being blessed with money and health when it could be the devil’s lies that are making you numb towards God and towards eternity

c.       I would think getting my spiritual eyes opened would be top priority


G.    A Brand New Life (10:52)


1.      Immediately!


a.       No hocus pocus…

b.      No finagling

c.       No delay!

d.      Just the word of Jesus Christ healed this man immediately!


2.      Jesus told him his FAITH had made him whole

3.      And Jesus told him he could go his way now…

4.      But notice what he does next… he follows Jesus

5.      He got a brand new life, and started living it right away


a.       No longer as a beggar

b.      No longer stranded on the sidewalk

c.       AND, he was not going to go his own way anymore… he was going to follow Jesus and go God’s way!


6.      What was the cause of all these changes? Simple Faith! Not flimsy faith, but follower-faith, sold-out faith!


a.       He Realized his condition - not a figment of his imagination

b.      He Recognized Christ was his only answer, and that Jesus was passing RIGHT THEN and THERE!

c.       He Requested mercy - plain and simple! Jesus could have just kept on going, but love and mercy were waiting for a poor blind beggar to just come and ask for what he needed!


7.      And it worked! The same will work for you!


IV. Conclusion - Don’t YOU Let Jesus Pass By! (Rev 3:20)


A.    Only blind people want to see

B.     Most people think they are fine

C.     There is a spiritual blindness – far worse than physical blindness

D.    Jesus passes by everyone – wants to save everyone

E.     But this may be your last and only opportunity

F.      Call out to Him to save your soul

G.    And start following Him, learning of Him, leaning only on Him

H.    John Newton wrote:


1.      Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,

2.      That saved a wretch like me.

3.      I once was lost, but now I'm found,

4.      Twas blind but now I see.


I.       The Condition of Bartimaeus is the condition of every human on earth - blind to God, begging for happiness, barren of purpose! Are YOU perceptive enough to know Jesus is passing right in front of you. Are you as perceptive (Rev 3:20)

J.       The Call of Faith must be made by you! Call out to Jesus Christ. He is there, waiting on you! Call with the right attitude - not with pride, but brokenness, and need! Ask Him to have mercy upon you, and to save you!

K.    Reject The Pressure to Conform. The world could care less about you! And yet they will pour on the pressure to shut you up, and turn you away from Christ! Let loose that yearning to be free from blindness, and life of begging!

L.     Jesus delights to save sinners! He had time for a lone blind beggar crying out to Him for mercy! He has time for you!

M.   The Challenge for Bartimaeus is your challenge!


N.    The Changes that will take place in your Life (10:52)


1.      You Start Living! You will no longer be stranded at the side of some lonely highway. You will have a new life now! When Jesus comes, He GIVES life, he does not take it away (John 10:10)!

2.      You get Set Free! No longer bound by sin!

3.      You get Salvation - Being made WHOLE! Jesus never does anything incomplete! He said on the cross, IT IS FINISHED!


4.      What will bring all these changes? Simple Faith!


5.      Realize your condition - not a figment of his imagination

6.      Recognize Christ is your only answer, and that Jesus is passing RIGHT THEN and THERE!

7.      Request mercy - plain and simple! Jesus could just pass you by, but love and mercy are waiting for a poor sinner to just come and ask for what he needed!




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