Biblical Defiance

Learning How to STAND on a Bended Knee

1Corinthians 6:12


DATE: 6 July, 2008 AM

PLACE: BBC Ballincollig


I.       Introduction (1Samuel 17:40-50)


A.    The theme this month is Bow the Knee Defiantly – The need for Resistance in our Worship! Not against GOD, but against things that interfere!

B.     What do I mean by that? That in order to worship the Lord Jesus, I must not allow anything, not ANYTHING to come between me and doing His will. In order to yield to God, I must stand firm against sin – amen!

C.     Example of David and Goliath: What an amazing stand David took against Goliath, but also against his fears, and against even his brother who would have hindered his faith in God!

D.    Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but it sure matters to God how easily things become more important to us that He is in our lives. Doesn’t it amaze you how quickly we just go back to our “old routines” right after church?

E.     At some point, a Christian must not only bend the knee towards the Lord Jesus Christ, but also make a stand against enslaving sin that seeks to control their lives!

F.      This morning, I just want us to take a look around in our homes and lives and see what is actually controlling us, and decide to only allow the living Saviour to have control


II.    Background (Ephesians 6:13)


A.    Meaning of Defiance


1.      A willingness to fight

2.      A casting aside what used to control you

3.      Getting angry enough to win against your sworn enemy

4.      A bravery towards your enemy

5.      A resistance to being conquered


B.     Plenty of wrong times to be defiant


1.      When you are rebuked and corrected by someone

2.      When you sense shame and guilt about something you are doing

3.      When you are only defending yourself

4.      When you know you must be born again, and yet you keep God on the long-arm, and resist His working on your heart (Acts 7:51)


C.     But there are some perfectly GREAT times to go against the world


1.      The opposite of defiance is obedience, yieldedness, softness, submission

2.      When it seeks to censor the Gospel message

3.      When it destroys the foundations of society – i.e. the family

4.      When it would like to bring a Christian BACK under its dominion – its bondage


D.    I am talking about living in Defiance to Sin’s Pull, Attraction and Entrapment


III. Message


A.    You Cannot Serve Two Masters (1Cor 6:9-10; Matthew 6:24)


1.      You cannot serve and love God while serving and loving some secret sin

2.      Every sin in this list has a power in it to enslave. Not one thing can be dabbled with and just walked away from


a.       Fornication – pornography – plagues almost all of society today!

b.      Idolatry – making THINGS into gods – and believing they have powers (like charms and miraculous medals)

c.       Adulteries – People have extra-marital affairs because of the rush and thrill

d.      Effeminism – men who have feminine characteristics (more on this next week), not manly or aggressive and strong. The lazy, weak life is very controlling

e.       Abusing of self with other men – homosexuality – have you seen just how adamant they are in the streets? Overpowered by that sin and its guilt!

f.       Thievery – some people live to steal! Kleptomaniacs get a thrill out of stealing! Shoplifting takes over their life!

g.      Coventeousness – greed, discontentment, dissatisfaction, always unhappy unless there is a change (moving house, a new wardrobe, new car, new wife)

h.      Drunkenness – it is INTOXICATING! It takes over, and destroys the drinker, when the drinker thinks he is only having a good time!!!

i.        Reviling – that’s anger, bitterness against someone, that yelling, screaming, hating, and destroying another person’s reputation. So many people find a great rush out of being able to quickly tear another person down!

j.        Extortion – unjust gain. Cheating people out of their money, and loving it! No qualms about over-charging, or making sure the customer is happy – just making the money is all you want!


3.      No one is simply free to do as they please – either you a servant to SIN or a servant to GOD (Rom 6:12,16,17)

4.      Sin is deadly (Rom 6:23a)


a.       Drinking doesn’t lengthen your life

b.      Did you know that the life expectancy of the playboys and playgirls is about HALF as long what it is with monogamous couples! People who live to “conquer” as many of the other sex as possible live only to 50, but those who have 1 wife or husband live till their 80 to 90!!!

c.       Drugs never added one day to the life of a druggie

d.      Smokes never added one MINUTE to the life of a smoker!

e.       Sin is a killer!


B.     You Cannot Claim Powerlessness (1Cor 6:11)


1.      Salvation is BIG! It is referred to as a…


a.       Washing – from all sin

b.      Sanctifying – making us special, setting us apart from the filth of the world – not left to be defiled and rubbished

c.       Justifying – no longer can the Law condemn a believer (Rom 8:1). I have been fully, and completely pardoned by God Almighty!

d.      It is a perfect and complete job! “It is finished!”


2.      Do you realize what getting saved does? It makes sin die!

3.      It all happens by…


a.       Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit working together in the life of a broken sinner to bring them back to GOD!

b.      Jesus Christ – not what “I” have done, or what the “church” has done, but what Jesus CHRIST HAS DONE!

c.       The Holy Spirit – He is the worker in the background


1)      Always drawing me to the Bible

2)      Always gripping my heart and convincing me of sin

3)      Always trying to open my eyes to a different life


4.      Next time some sin gets it grip on you remind yourself that Someone BIGGER has His grip on you and will never let you go (Heb 13:5; John 10:27-29)

5.      So don’t think you are powerless to resist, to fight against sin’s pull!

6.      If you are saved, you are not a drunkard anymore… you are not a thief anymore… you are not an adulterer anymore or a porn addict anymore… you are washed, sanctified, justified, forgiven, pardoned, clean, FREE!


C.     You Cannot Lose Your Salvation (1Cor 6:12a)


1.      There is NO Law against a Christian now, that can ruin him


a.       It used to be, all I did was THINK a sin, and I was ruined!

b.      Now, even the act of the worst sin cannot send me to hell


2.      The Law of God was necessary to show us our sinfulness and our need for a Saviour

3.      The grace of God allowed Jesus to take away all our sins… completely! You see, once I accepted God’s verdict against me, I could accept God’s forgiveness to me!

4.      Now, this verse does NOT mean that I can do anything I want now – no way!


a.       No one may do as they please and not be chastened by God

b.      No Christian can get away with sinning


5.      The right idea


a.       God has made full payment on the cross for ALL your sins, and sinful habits, past, present and future! There is no new sin that Jesus did not die for (Rom 10:4)!

b.      I actually can do anything against God’s laws and still go to heaven… yes!

c.       But a Christian can’t live that way for very long! God won’t let us get away with sin (Rom 8:13). Period!

d.      A true Christian won’t/can’t enjoy sinning – they will not find it enjoyable, or helpful anymore

e.       A real Christian will hate the way sin enslaves them, and will flee anything that seeks to trap them in a yoke of bondage (look at 1Cor 6:18a)


6.      But You CAN Lose Everything Else.


a.       You can lose your health

b.      You can lose your mind

c.       You can lose your joy

d.      You can lose the peace that passes all understanding – just try and hide your sins and see how long you pray and read your Bible!

e.       You can lose your family – just try and watch pornography and see how long your wife stays with you!

f.       You can lose your job – just try stealing from your boss and see how long you keep working there!

g.      You can lose your life – die early

h.      You just can’t lose your soul – once you are born again!


D.    Therefore, Resist Anything That Seeks to Take Control – Period! (1Cor 6:12b; Proverbs 25:28)


1.      He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

2.      This scripture should be a wake up call for the disobedient.


a.       In the old days, a fortified city had big, thick stone walls around it to protect it. In the absence of these walls, invaders could come and go, at will, robbing the city and its inhabitants of everything of value.

b.      When a person has no discipline they are like that city with no walls. There is no protection so Satan, and all other manner of unclean spirits can invade your life and do as they please.

c.       Remember when Jesus called Peter "Satan" in Matthew 16?

d.      Remember when Jesus rebuked James and John for wanting to torch a whole village?

e.       No wonder so many Christians are walking around defeated. They have exercised no discipline to know God and resist sin. As a result, they are a broken down city. And the devil easily comes and goes as he pleases!


3.      Go back to 1Cor 6:12b… Did you see it?

a.       He said, "I will not be brought under the power of any." You too can say it out loud right now. I will not be brought under the power of my television. I will not be brought under the power of my job. I will not be brought under the power of sin. I, instead, will be brought under the power of God. In Jesus' name, Amen.

b.      Paul also said: “But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.” 1 Corinthians 9:27

4.      Folks, your “inner man” (soul) should dictate what the “outer man” (body) is going to do as you are guided by the Holy Ghost.

5.      Hey! What do you allow to control your life?


a.       Your TV? How many HOURS does it control you?

b.      Your Friends? How much sin have you learned and done simply because some idiot of a friend pushed you and embarrassed you until you did it? Like girls talking guys into earrings…

c.       Your Family? How many people think their family is more important thank putting the Lord first? And we wonder why our families are rapidly falling apart!

d.      Secret sins? Those things you have never exposed and confessed to your wife or your husband… to your parents, or your pastor!!! The moment that you locked some sin away in your heart and did not bring it out into the light and confess it and forsake it, is when IT took a little more control of your life!

e.       What about your Fears?

f.       What about your anger and bitterness? Did you settle your anger by sundown (Eph 4:26,27),, or does it now grow and dominate your thoughts and feelings so that there is no room for forgiveness?

g.      How about drink, or some drug?

h.      How about your Music collection… does it control you? If I came along and showed you how sinful Rock Music is, would it be easy for you to throw away the CD, or would you put up a fight?


6.      Anything that controls you other than the sweet, gentle tug of the Holy Spirit of God, is to be ignored – to be put off – to be resisted

7.      If you have no one to turn to, then you need Jesus in your heart and life!


E.     How to Make a Stand so that You Can Bow your Knee to Jesus.


1.      Make a Stand – draw a line in the sand and go no further anymore. Decide this is a verse that you will remember!

2.      Resist controlling sins steadfast in the faith – believing God will help you

3.      Bring every thought and imagination into the presence of God Almighty (2Cor 10:5)

4.      Cast all your worries and burdens onto Christ’s shoulders (1Peter 5:7)

5.      Stay in perfect love with Jesus.


a.       Don’t keep focused very long on your sins and on your past and on your failures

b.      Instead, keep your heart focused on your best Friend, the lover of your soul!


IV. Review and Conclusion


A.    You Cannot Serve Two Masters

B.     You Cannot Claim Powerlessness

C.     You Cannot Lose Your Salvation

D.    You CAN Resist Anything That Seeks to Take Control

E.     It’s Time to Make a Stand so that You Can Bow Your Knee to Jesus only!



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