Bible Study Series

Each one of these studies are in either PDF, MS Word format, or HTML. They represent hundreds and hundreds of hours of study, and their presentation to the Christians here in our churches in Ireland. I think you will find them quite helpful as you train your people, or are developing your own personal understanding of God's precious and wonderful word, the Bible!

The Bible Companion Series of Bible Studies

By Craig A. Ledbetter.
Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig
29 Westcourt Heights
Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland
(021) 4871234
(c) 2006 Craig Ledbetter

Topical Studies

Study on Biblical Worship

The Fruit of the Spirit  (HTML)
The Fruit of the Spirit (PDF)
Spiritual Gifts
A Study in the True Gifts Given to the Church
(A Work in Progress)

Hymnspiration -
Why We Sing What We Sing

Solid Steps of Christian Growth from 2 Peter Chapter 1

Signs and Wonders Study
a study of Joel 2, Acts 2,
and 1 Corinthians 14

Defeating Doubts of Salvation
A Study in Why Christians Don't Grow

What is a Baptist Church?
(in HTML format)


Study of The Twelve Apostles

(in HTML format)

To Be Like Jesus

A Year-Long Study in Christian Growth


Church Theme for 2010

The Christian's Open Doors

NEW Wednesday evening Bible Study Series

Studies of Books of the Bible

The Book of Acts

(an excellent verse by verse study)

            MS-Word (866 KB)

 HTML edition

(Please note, this will take a few minutes to download because of its size)

The Book of Romans
(completed up to chapter 14 - very in-depth)

            MS-Word (420 KB)

The Book of Genesis 

HTML format 

The Book of Joshua
(a very practical verse by verse study)HTML format 
MS-Word (391 KB)
Adobe PDF format

The Book of the Revelation
(a verse by verse study of this exciting Book)
MS-Word (485 KB)

The Book of Proverbs
(in HTML format)
The Book of Psalms (HTML)
(Part 1)
The Minor Prophets
(a general and practical overview of each book)


The Book of Ephesians
The Book of Philippians

Study of 1 and 2 Samuel
Preparing for the Kingdom