List of Sermons on the Second Coming

Behold He Comith (part 1) The Judgment Seat of Christ
Behold He Comith (part 2)
The Believer's Outlook




Behold He Cometh! (Part 1)

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ to Earth!

Rev 1:7

I.      Introduction and Background


A.                Everybody seems to accept the fact that somebody named Jesus Christ actually was here 1994 years ago - even our calendars are dated from that very date of the birth of a little baby in a manger!

B.    But most peopleís knowledge stops there, yet the Bible says, that the very same Jesus who came to die on the cross, is coming again! But not to die, but to reign on this earth, literally, physically, visibly!


II.    Message - Jesus Christís Soon Return (Rev 1:7)


A.    The Promise of His Second Coming


1.     Just like His first coming was promised (John 14:2,3; Act 1:9-11)!

2.        Referred to as ďour blessed hopeĒ (Titus 2:13)

3.     This is the greatest promise for this world outside of the promise of salvation by faith in Christ because


B.    The Purpose of His Second Coming


1.     To fulfill the Scriptures. He has some unfinished business to take care of - He must yet reign from Jerusalem!

2.     To defeat Sorrow, Satan, and even Death (Rev 21:4) - A horrific final battle called Armageddon!

3.     To bring in real peace - through His righteousness, not our religion, or good efforts (Rev 11:15)

4.     To purge Israel from sin (Rom 11:26) They are Godís people, and He is committed to them to turn their hearts finally to Christ!


C.    The Particulars of the Second Coming


1.        When will it occur - (Matt 24:36,44) imminently (soon)!

2.        How will it occur - quickly, like lightning (Matt 24:27)

3.        What will happen


a.     Christians will be evacuated - Rapture (more tonight)

b.     This world will be judged - Tribulation

c.     Jesus Christ will come to rule and reign on this earth as King of kings and Lord of lords!


D.    The Priority of the Second Coming in your Life


1.     It ought to Strike fear into the sinnerís heart - ďAm I ready?Ē

2.     It ought to Send Christians to their neighbours!

3.     It ought to Settle what is really important in our lives - eternity!


a.     Forget fashions, riches, politics, past, pain, heartaches,

b.     Focus on pleasing God (1 John 3:2,3), looking for His return

Behold He Cometh! (Part 2)

The Rapture of the Saints!

Rev 1:7

I.      Introduction


A.    This morning we dealt with the general facts of Christís soon return

B.    Tonight we are going to deal more specifically with an event that occurs at the beginning of Godís prophetic calendar- the Rapture - Snatching away of Christians


II.    Message - The Soon Rapture of Christians (Part 2)


A.                According to 1 Thess 4:13-18


1.        What about the dead in Christ (4:13,14)? Those Christians who have died before us - where are they? Where is Paul, John, and Thomas, and my great grandmother who trusted Christ as a young lady?


a.     They are alive - just as Jesus is alive!


1) Christís death provided salvation for the soul

2) Christís resurrection provided salvation for the body!


b.     They are coming again with Jesus in the clouds


2.        What about those Christians who are alive at His coming (4:15-17)


a.     The Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout (John 11:43), the archangel will call us out (Rev 4:1), and the trumpet will sound!

b.     The bodies of dead Christians rise just like Jesus did, perfect, eternal

c.     Then WE which are alive and remain shall be caught up and away!

d.     So shall we ever be with the Lord!


3.        What ought this to do for you and me (4:18)? Comfort us about the future if you are saved! And concern those of you who are lost!


B.                According to 1 Cor 15:50-58


1.     The Meaning of the Rapture(15:50). Something has to happen to you before you can enter heaven. Your flesh and blood cannot enter heaven - you need a new birth, and a new body!

2.     The Mystery of the Rapture (15:51,52). Not everybody has to die. But like the previous statement, EVERYONE of us has to be changed.


a.     How fast will it occur? In a moment - twinkling of the eye!

b.     When will it occur? God will simply announce it by a trumpet blast!

c.     The dead bodies of Christians will be raised up (resurrected)

d.     We which are alive will simply be changed- to perfection!


3.     The Method God Uses for the Rapture (15:53)


a.     A change of ďclothingĒ - that is all this flesh is

b.     A change of residence - no longer earth bound and death bound!


4.     The Message of the Rapture (15:54-58)


a.     Jesus has conquered death for you and me - by trusting Him, you have no need to fear it anymore! He removed the stinger of death!

b.     He has passed that victory on to all who believe!

c.     Therefore! Get saved today ! Get on the winning side! Get steadfast! Get busy serving God