The Preeminence of Christ Jesus in the Church

How to Let Christ Become Everything in Our Lives

Colossians 1:18


I.         Introduction (Colossians 1:17-19)


A.      Most of us have seen the eminence of royalty at royal weddings and royal funerals, royal coronations. Before anyone is allowed into the courts of royalty they are instructed on how to act before royalty. Most of us will never witness the personal presence of earthly royalty

B.       Yet, the eminence of this world fades into insignificance when compared to Jesus Christ. For Christ is not just royalty, or eminent. Jesus is PRE-eminent!  

C.       The word "pre-eminence" means having paramount rank, dignity, or importance. Having first place, the top place, of most importance, someone that fills every thought of His subjects.

D.      The apostle John proclaims Jesus as not just King, but "King of king and Lord of  lords." (Revelation 17:14)

E.       Desperately people today want this position – even religious people (3Jn 1:9,10)! Preeminence in wealth, in power, in attention (want ALL the attention).

F.       Remember, the devil wanted the preeminence! But sorry – but that place is already filled!

G.       I want to take a good long look at the Head of our Church! The top position! We’ve been learning a lot about the New Testament church, but we need to remember to worship the One who started this thing called His Church!

H.      In all things Jesus is the first, and the last – He is the best, and really, He is all there is to talk about!


1.        At birth, He already was King of kings – no competition

2.        In His life, he exceeded all others in purity, in doctrine, in perfection, and miracles;

3.        In his nature and attitude, He is fairer than all the children of men;

4.        In redemption, He was alone, and worked it out completely by Himself;

5.        In dying He single-handedly conquered death, and rose first from it, never to die again;

6.        In prayer, He is the only reason we have access before God’s throne

7.        In worship, He is our song;

8.        He is more important than life, money, girlfriends, wife, children, boyfriend, sorrow, success, death, heaven, obstacles, career, failures, the past, the future, the unknown, the devil, and every other thing in this universe – Jesus is the Name to know, and whisper in love!

9.        The question is, how do we get things right again, so that He and he alone has that first place in our lives?


I.         Summary


1.        Jesus is Lord

2.        Jesus Earned His Place of Preeminence

3.        Four Areas of Preeminence

4.        Jesus Deserves Our Worship – Practical ways to keep Jesus in First Place


II.       Message


A.      Jesus is Lord – He is the ONLY One to listen to and obey (Philp 2:11)!


1.        What does that mean? He is in charge, the boss, He is God! He owns us (Ps 100), because He purchased us, with His own blood!

2.        The Bible calls Him “the head” – the part of the body that should get ALL the attention (Eph 5:23; Col 2:18,19)! The body doesn’t deserve all the attention that the world is saying it does!

3.        He deserves ALL our attention, our obedience, our worship, our fear, our love, our meditation, our praise!


B.       Jesus Earned His Place – His position


1.        He was Resisted (John 5:40)

2.        He was Rejected (John 1:11; 19:15; Mt 27:29,30)

3.        He was Resurrected (Mt 21:42; Act 4:11)

4.        He is Reigning (Rev 1:12-18)


C.       Jesus is Preeminent in Four Main Areas of Our Lives (Col 1:12-18)


1.        Salvation – Who Can Save You - He is the Only Saviour (Col 1:12-15; Acts 4:11,12)

2.        Source - He is the Only Creator (Col 1:16)

3.        Support - He is the Only Sustainer (Col 1:17) – holding you together

4.        Sovereignty – Who is in Charge - He is Your Only Leader (Col 1:18)


D.      Practical Ways to Keep Jesus First in Your Life


1.         In Prayer


a.        To Him – talk right to Jesus – not Mary, or any other being

b.       Through Him to the Father – ONE and only one mediator

c.        Only BECAUSE of Him “In Jesus’ name”


2.        In Presence – Include Him wherever you are


a.        If you’re born again He’s with you whether you are aware of it or not

b.       Make yourself aware of His presence, and honour Him as being with you – don’t ignore Him


3.        In Pursuit of Goals


a.        Stop seeking your own glory, and instead seek His

b.       Lay up treasures in heaven

c.        Live so that Jesus gets the honour for every success

d.       Make Him your reason for trying, and your reason for succeeding


4.        In Presenting the Gospel


a.        Give your testimony

b.       But people need to hear more of Jesus and what he can do than of yourself and what you did (sins or good things)


5.        In Pressure


a.        When being persecuted and mocked

b.       Keep your attention on Jesus (Heb 12:1,2)

c.        We too easily only see the problems and the enemies and the potential disaster instead of seeing Jesus

d.       EXAMPLES


1)       Shadrach, Mechach, Abendigo

2)       Paul and Silas in prison


6.        In Praise


a.        Wasted praise on people

b.       Wasted praise on self

c.        All praise to Jesus – get into the habit of blessing the mention of His name, and the exalting of His goodness in everything

d.       Your prayer time ought to be half praise, and half petition (requests)


7.        In Pardon


a.        You forgive because Christ first forgave you

b.       Don’t hold back

c.        Forgive for Jesus’ sake – to please and honour Him!


III.     Conclusion


A.      Without a doubt. Jesus is Lord. Not many people believe it, or live it, but it is true nonetheless, and it will be so throughout all the universe when he comes again the second time!

B.       Jesus Has Earned His Place of Preeminence – He has for me!

C.       Jesus Commands Four Areas of Preeminence

D.      Jesus Deserves Our Worship – Practical ways to keep Jesus in First Place


1.        In Prayer

2.        In Presence – Include Him wherever you are

3.        In Pursuit of Goals

4.        In Presenting the Gospel

5.        In Pressure

6.        In Praise

7.        In Pardon


Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork