Christmas Dinner at Church
4th December, 2004 - 6.00pm till 8.00pm

To Be Held in the Westgate Foundation Dining Hall  



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Dear Friend,

What a joy it is to personally know the Saviour who was really born in the little town of Bethlehem 2004 years ago! Christmas marks that occasion with the wonder and amazement that Jesus the Messiah would come to this sin-cursed earth, for the likes of you and me! So letís start off this Christmas season right, with the emphasis being on HIM, and not on all the pressure, debt, rushing around, sales, and Santa! To help us keep our focus right during this holiday season, we always have a special dinner in Christís honour - this year, it is on Saturday, 4th of December, and Everyone is welcome! This dinner is in-formal in nature, meaning that we will be having some great fun and activities and  much food to enjoy. You won't need to bring a thing either! The dinner is being completely catered by the staff of the Westgate Foundation!. We will finish with a special devotional message from Godís word! Please be sure to arrive early (like at around 5.45pm) so that we can get all the tables set, and so we can fellowship a bit before the dinner starts.

And by-the-way, remember that 2005 is quickly approaching! Letís determine that it will be a year lived for Christ like no other year!

I sure do appreciate you, and pray for you always!


God Bless you very, very much as you serve Him in 2005!

Your Pastor, and Friend,
Craig Ledbetter