Revival 2006, Ballincollig, Cork
It Will be Worth It All!
We had a great week of meetings with the Blunkalls,
and God not only blessed us, but changed many of us inside and out!
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Please come and get Spiritually Revived!
Everyone Needs Revival!

Life-Changing Gospel Meetings
Excellent Gospel Music
A Great Family Time
Free and Open to the Public


Bible Baptist Church


Sunday, 5th March at 10.30am and at 7pm
Mon - Fri, 6th – 10th at 7pm
Sunday, 12th at 10.30am and at 7pm

Crèche Provided during every meeting


Westgate Foundation,
Main Rd, Ballincollig, Cork

Tel: 021-4871234   E-Mail:

Buddy and Phyllis Blunkall

How to Get to
the Westgate Foundation
on the west end of
Ballincollig, Cork

Schedule of Revival Events:
(Check here throughout the meetings to see pictures of each of these days' events)
4th March, 1pm
Passing out leaflets in downtown Cork and Ballincollig
7pm Church-wide Revival Prayer Meeting
5th March, 10.30am
Special Music, Revival Meeting, Family Worship
3pm Preaching in Bible Baptist Church, Mallow
7pm Gospel Music, Testimonies, Revival Preaching
6th March, 7pm
Trip to Killarney
Gospel Music, Revival Preaching
7th march, 7pm
Passing Out Leaflets, Blarney Woollen Mills, Visitation
Gospel Music, Revival Preaching
8th March, 7pm
Gospel Music, Testimonies, Revival Preaching
Mallow Visitation
Gospel Music, Revival Preaching
10th March, 7pm
Gospel Music, Revival Preaching
11th March, 11am
Ladies' Coffee Morning at Nita's home.
Trip to Cork City Gaol (Jail)
Church-wide Revival Prayer Meeting
12th March, 10.30am
Final Revival Meeting Day, Super Special Music, Family Worship
3pm Preaching in Bible Baptist Church, Mallow
7pm Gospel Music, Testimonies, Revival Preaching
Monday, 13th March Touring Day for the Blunkalls - we went to Cahir castle, and the Rock of Cashel, and then we gathered at Bill and Geraldine's for a final sing-a-long that was just out of this world!

Ring 021-4871234  or  087-276-6764 for more information

What shall we say then?
Shall we continue in sin,
that grace may abound?
God forbid.
How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?

Romans 6:1,2

Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

Psalm 85:6

O LORD, revive thy work in the midst of the years.

Habakkuk 3:2

Revive Us Again, O LORD

The writer seems to cry out, “Won’t you please revive us again?” We Christians can remember times in our past when God’s Holy Spirit of revival swept over us and we felt close to God. Let’s boldly ask, “Why can’t we experience that again?” I believe the desire of every Believer in our Church is to experience that time of exciting closeness with God, which seems in this modern day ever farther and farther away.

There are meetings which we call “revivals”, but are nothing more than a series of Church meetings. They usually last for several days, and when they are concluded, everyone goes on about his business as if the interruption was nothing more than a brief vacation from the ordinary. They are nothing more than a temporary break in the regular schedule of life.

But the heart’s cry for “Genuine Revival” still remains, and I suspect that many wonder if there really is such a thing as a transformed Church. In contemporary society few have witnessed genuine revival. When “Genuine Revival” comes, it absolutely affects the very lifestyle of those around. It causes men to close their business early just to be a part of the working of God. It causes mothers to keep their children up later on school nights, so they can be a part of such a moving of God. For that is what “Genuine Revival” is, a moving of God.

“Genuine Revival” is not something worked up by men. It cannot be faked or counterfeited. It is a moving of God. It seems usually to be preceded by a time when men are stirred by God to prayer. Prayer for one’s self, and for those around us. Men and women realize their own sinfulness and confess it before a holy God. Such changes take place in the lives of Believers that those outside the Body of Christ are awakened from their darkness and made aware of the supernatural working of God in the lives of men. Such unbelievers are often convicted of their lostness, and great numbers come to Christ because of Christians getting revived!

My heart’s desire is for “Genuine Revival” to affect Ireland. I don’t know what I can do to bring that about, but I do know what it takes for me to experience revival individually. I must discipline myself to spend time with God so that I again begin to “seek first His Kingdom” and get my eyes off the things of this world system.

Would you be willing for God to bring revival into you life? I warn you - It will bring about changes. It will affect relationships, and for some maybe even cause a change of career. Are you willing? God stands at the door of each believer’s heart and is ready to restore each one to a closer walk with Him.

He is knocking on your heart’s door today, believer, calling your name. 1 John 1:9 is written to believers, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” From cleansing, comes closeness, and with closeness comes God’s power!

Adapted from an article by Mike Rasberry

Who Is Coming for the Revival?

Buddy & Phyllis Blunkall

Dan & Kathy Eberly
NOTE: They couldn't make it - the Eberly's will be here in May of this year!

Three College Students from Champion Baptist College who are seeking God’s will about where to serve our Lord!

Just One…

One is not that big of a number. And spiritual Revival doesn’t mean millions, or even hundreds of people getting changed. Revival happens with just one response to God’s work in a life. For example…

·         If just ONE person was invited to come out to hear the Gospel, and then came, Revival will be started!

·         If just ONE person got saved under the preaching of the Gospel, Revival will be worth it!

·         If just ONE person got right with God, and repented of their sinfulness and returned to living for Christ their Lord, Revival would be complete!

·         If just ONE home got restored to love and peace, and submission to the word of God, revival would be worth it!

·         If just ONE co-worker saw a difference in us on the job because of Christ, Revival would be fully in motion!

·         If just ONE Church (our Church) yielded completely to God, revival would be evident in our community.

·         If just ONE Christian got up the courage to come out from the shadows, and start witnessing of Christ’s love and saving power, Revival would be hot!

·         If just ONE person surrendered to preach the Gospel, and go even to the uttermost parts of the earth, wherever God called, Revival would be complete!

·         If just SOMEONE, maybe YOU, would get revived – fall in love with the Lord Jesus, hunger to learn and live His holy word, faithfully walk in His ways, and fervently seek His will – then revival will be worth whatever the cost. What will it cost? Probably everything! But when Revival happens, you won’t care. Just BE that someone God can bless and change in this Revival!