April 11 - 14, 2012
Men’s Camp 2012 Schedule of Events

Time           Duration       Main Function                                                     Support Function



2:00pm                        Arrive at Camp - Unpack and Start Dinner

3:00pm        3 hrs         Sports Time                                                               Clean-up

6:00pm        1:30 hr     Dinner (Burgers & Chips)

7:30pm        1:30 hr     1st Session – Introducing Abraham                         – Craig Ledbetter

9:00pm        1 hr          Snack (Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches)

10:00pm      1:30 hr     2nd Session – Believing God                                      – Dan Pero

11:30pm      1 hr          Fellowship Time

12:30am      7:00hrs     Sleep                                                                          


7:30am        1 hr          Wake-Up and Shower                                                Prepare Breakfast

8:30am        45min       Quiet Time Devotions – Believing God!

9:15am        1:45min    Prayer Breakfast (Cereal) - Men’s Prayer Groups

11:00am      30 min      Break

11:30am      1:15 hr     3rd Session Against Hope: To live by Faith             – Dan Eberly

12:45pm      45 min      Lunch                      

1:30pm        4 hrs         Hiking and Hill Walking and Sports                       Prepare Dinner

6:45pm        1:15 hr     4th Session – Isaac – A Son’s Great Faith                – Jerome Pittman

5.30pm        1:15 hr     Dinner (Spaghetti, Garlic Bread)

8:15pm        1 hr          Dessert, Tea and Coffee - Sports Time (Outdoor)

9:15pm        1:30 hr     5th Session – How Men Get Right With God!         – Travis Snode

10:45pm      1:00 hr     Bonfire and Group Prayer Time

11:30am      7:30hrs     Sleep                                                                          

Friday 13th APRIL

7:30am        1 hr          Wake-Up and Shower                                                Prepare Breakfast

8:30am        45min       Quiet Time Devotions – Friendship with the World!

9:15am        45min       Breakfast (Eggs, Sausage, and Cereal)

10:00am      1:15 hr     6th Session – Encourage Your Sarah                       – Les Hill

11.15am      30 min      Break                                                                           Prepare Lunch

11:45am      45 min      Lunch

12:30pm      2 hrs         European Church Planting Discussion Group

12:30pm      5:30 hrs    Hiking and Hill Walking & Sports for Children    Prepare Dinner

6:00pm        1:00 hr     Dinner (BBQ Steak and Chicken)

7:00pm        1 hr          7th - Single – Handling “Hagars” in Life                 – Craig Ledbetter

8:00pm        45min       Dessert, Tea and Coffee - Sports Time (Outdoor)

8:45pm        1:30 hr     8th Session – Becoming a Friend of God                 – Dan Canavan

10:15pm      1:15 hr     Pop-Corn Preaching (men preaching for 5 mins each)

11:30pm      30 min      Free Time

12:00am      7:30hrs     Sleep                                                                          

Saturday 14th APRIL

7:30am        45min       Wake-up, Read Bible & Take Showers                      Prepare Breakfast

8:30am        45min       Quiet Time Devotions – Being a Committed Friend of God!

9:15am        45min       Breakfast (Eggs, Porridge and Cereal)

10:00am      1:15 hrs    Testimony Time and Final Pop-Corn Preaching

11:15am      1 hr          Pack-up and clean-up

12:00pm      30min       Lunch (Sandwiches)

12:30pm                      Final Clean-up, Leave for Home