Men's Retreat 2010 PREACHING

1. Be a Man in your Worship – Developing a manly walk with God - Pastor Craig Ledbetter

God really deserves some attention
Most of us bad relationships with others because we have no relationship with God
How to make your time with God count
2. Adam’s Work – God’s Calling for Every Man’s Life – Purpose - Daniel Eberly

To have dominion, not be under dominion!
God calls men to Work! Work Hard!
Most people live for the easy life - they don't live to work
Those who have easy lives have short lives. Those that work hard, live long
Most people, especially men have nothing they have ever conquered - apathy
Have purpose, a plan, goals, and a yearning for a long life
3. Adam’s Trouble With Sin - Layton Kelly

Be a Man in the Fight Against Sin – Winning Against Temptation
It is no easy fight – it is a fight to the death!
Men MUST get to HATING sin, and disobeying God!
How Adam's temptation was different than Eve's
The sin of justifying our sins, and blaming others (Freud's big thing)
The life-long battle with temptation - it never goes away
Be a Man in your Failures – take responsibility for failures and go forward
Go forward trusting and obeying God in spite of your sins and failures!
4a. Be a Man in your Home – Right Priorities for your Wife - Gene McKinley

The kind of man your wife needs and deserves!
Adam was GIVEN the gift of his wife. Eve ought to be honoured with an Adam who is a blessing, not a burden!
Become Worthy of your Wife!
4b. Be a Man in your Waiting – Becoming worthy of Eve (Pr 31:10) - Jerome Pittman

What God expects of a single man!
How to live godly without a wife
Most young men don't plan, or think about the future
Being a Man that a woman would love to live with and live for!
6. Adam’s Failures - Les Hill

Where did Adam go wrong, and how do we still repeat the same failures?
How to fix your past
7. The Last Adam - Declan Flanagan

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