2011 marks the 400th Anniversary of the
1611 Authorized King James Bible
And we're celebrating it here in Cork, Ireland!

What did the Original KJV 1611 look like?
Who Translated the King James Bible?
What's so Special about the 1611 King James Bible?
What is the History behind Translating the Bible?
Compare the KJV with the NIV
Compare the KJV with the NKJV
Is the Bible Version Issue worth fighting about?
Download the entire KJV Bible
How to Read the Bible through in a year
When things are hard to understand...
Bible Study Techniques

Booklet describing the History
behind the King James Bible

Youtube Presentation of the Path to the King James Bible
Other Informative Links: Upcoming 2011 Events and Exhibits
The King James Bible Trust - http://www.kingjamesbibletrust.org/
May 8 - The Inspiration of Scripture
May 15 - The Preservation of Scripture
May 22 - The Perversion of Scripture Part 1
May 22 - The Perversion of Scripture - Part 2
July 29 - Various Bible Translations Presentation at Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork
Aug 25-27 - Public presentation of the History behind the publication of the King James bible at Ballincollig Shopping Centre (Come and learn!)
Ask about displaying this historical display at your Church or Venue

The Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland  www.biblebc.com