Learning the Life Lessons of Solomon - Wisae Guys Aren't Always Smart!

Wise Guys Aren't
Always Smart!

July 14 - 19, 2014

Cost: €125 for the week!
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Every young person aged 7 – 18 years can come!

Learning from King Solomon, how God's wisdom is greater than the world's!
Victory Christian Youth Camp will help equip every young person to learn things the right way, instead of the hard way!
This year, we're looking at the life of King Solomon and how even though he was one of the wisest men who ever lived, he still needed the wisdom of God to make right decisions, because there are plenty of important decisions young people have to make in their lives.

As always, there will be loads of great food, sports, preaching, fun, hiking, singing, hilarious skits, little sleep, and awesome challenges as we learn to live by faith in God’s Word! YOU JUST CAN’T MISS IT!
  • Purpose: to help us get closer to the Lord Jesus, and have a GREAT time together!
  • When: Monday - Saturday, July 14 - 19, 2014. We will be finished Saturday morning. If you can only attend for a portion of the time, please come anyway, and get a blessing – but let us know.
  • Location: Mount Melleray Scout Activity and Sport Centre in Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. If you know how to get there, plan on arriving at the Camp by 4pm, or meet in Ballincollig, Cork by 1pm Monday.
  • Restrictions: This is a spiritual retreat, so mp3 players or consoles like Nintendo DSi. If these are found they will be held until the end of the Camp. No smoking is permitted, and there will be no bad language allowed. Guys cannot wear muscle shirts. Girls are to be modestly dressed at all times, which means no string tops, belly tops, or low tops, and skirts must be at least knee length. If someone is not deemed appropriately dressed, they may be instructed to change. Bring clothes that can get wet - we will have great water-balloon fights! Also, all mobile phones will be collected and kept by the Camp Director throughout Camp, and will only be available for use at specified times.
  • Cost: The cost will be €125 a person. Discounts available for three or more childern coming per family. Please ring the office for details.
  • Ages allowed: You can come if you are aged 7-18 years old.