Victory Youth Camp 2010

Mount Melleray Scout Activity
and Sport Centre,
Cappoquin, Co.

 26th - 31st July, 2010

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Tel: 021-4871234
Mob: 087-276-6764

MP3s of the Preaching at Youth Camp

Monday Evening Message – Facing the Old Man
Learning the Lessons of Lying

A.     Morning Lesson – Genesis Chapters 25,27 – Jacob’s Home Life

B.     Afternoon Preaching – Sin Starts Early

C.    Teen Meeting – An Open Challenge to the Teens

D.     Evening Message – Deliver Me From Lying Lips

Learning the Lessons of Neglect

A.     Morning Lesson - Genesis Chapters 28-31 - Jacob Doesn’t Need God

B.     Afternoon Preaching – The Sin of Neglect

C.    Teen Meeting

1.      Guys – Love at First Sight

2.      Girls – What Are You Advertising?

D.     Evening Message – Ruining the Best Years of Your Life

Learning the Lessons of Urgency

A.     Morning Lesson – Genesis Chapters 32, 33 – Facing Esau

B.     Afternoon Preaching – Quit Running

C.     Evening Message – How to Fight God and Win

Learning the Lessons of Humility

A.     Morning Lesson – Genesis Chapter 35 – Getting Back to Bethel

B.     Afternoon Preaching – Building Your Own Bethel

C.    Teen  Girls Session - Dinah’s Ruin

D.     Evening Message – Putting Away Strange Gods

Learning the Lessons of Jacob

A.      Preaching – Jacob’s Legacy