Sunday School

Fota Wildlife Picnic

& Train Ride!


Saturday, 29th May, 2010

For all children in the Bible Baptist Church’s Sunday School and Creche, along with their parents!


Comer along for a great day at Fota!


It all begins at 11.45am when we meet at the Cork Train Station for a Train Ride to Fota! You can make your own way if you want, but the train ride is FREE, so why not enjoy the trip?

Then, at 12.15pm we will all meet outside the Fota Park and begin our journey through the park to the back Picnic area where we will have a picnic of the best kind at 1.15pm.

We plan on being back to the Cork train station by 3.30pm with a load of memories after having a great time as a Church Sunday School group!


Kids up to 16 years     €7.50 per person

Adults                         €11 per person

Toddlers 2 and under  FREE


Sign your name and your children’s names on the sign-up sheet at church, or contact Dan Eberly at 087-258-1842.

We need a €2 deposit from everyone coming.     021-4871234