Prayer Revival
Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, Cork
Wednesday - Sunday (22nd thru the 26th September, 2010)
Saturday, 18 Sept, 8.30am
Men's Prayer Breakfast
held at the Church Activity Centre

Wednesday 22nd,  7pm-9pm
Thursday 23rd,  7pm-9pm
Friday 24th,  7pm-9pm
Saturday 25th,  7pm-9pm
Sunday 26th,  10.30am-12.30pm
Sunday 26th,  7pm-9pm

All Revival Meetings will be held at the Westgate Foundation, located next to the Oriel House Hotel, on the West End of Ballincollig
Directions to Church

Contact: Pastor Craig Ledbetter
at 087-2766764 for further information

Everyone is welcome!

No one ever learns how to pray, until they have to!
Well, we, as Bible believing Christians HAVE TO! Our world is crumbling under the weight of sin. The problems in homes are deeper than communications breakdowns, or incompatibility issues - the problems are all, without exception, caused by sins where people have rejected God's laws, and gone their own way! And our world is paying the price!
More people than ever are lost, without God and without hope! There is no way out of all the world's problems outside of God's people repenting of our pride and self sufficiency, and turning back to total dependence upon Almighty God!
This time of spiritual revival will challenge every person to humble themselves, and pray like they have never prayed before. Not with already set prayers, but from deep within our hearts!
Come and learn how to pray, and then PRAY!
Pray for Ireland; pray for your family; pray for the unsaved; pray for the impossible, and believe that God still answers prayer!

For with God nothing shall be impossible! (Luke 1:37)

The Value of Prayer
The Weapon of Prayer
Coming to a Kings Throne
How to Enter the Holy of Holies
Becoming Prayer Addicts
The Perfect Prayer
Humility in Prayer
The Prayer Closet
Believing Prayer
The Power of Humble Prayer
The Holy Spirit Helps Us Pray
Nehemiah's Prayer