Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Matthew 22:39



Love Your Neighbour Week  April 22-27  Love Your Neighbour Sunday  April 28th


In the Gospel of Matthew 22:39, Jesus told His audience, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." What an amazing command!

We've set aside 8 days in April, 2013 to devote special effort as Christians to living out these instructions. We are calling it our “Love My Neighbour Week!” We will be introducing the Love My Neighbour concept on Sunday, April 21st challenging our church family to powerfully and visibly show the love of God to those around us.

Love Your Neighbour Week will run from Sunday, April 21st through Sunday, April 28th! For eight days, every Christian associated with Bible Baptist Church will perform "random acts of kindness" in Jesus' name, to prove and demonstrate God's love to our co-workers, our neighbours, friends, and especially complete strangers.

Special leaflets are available to take away with you today! Gospel Tracts explaining WHY we are doing these random acts of kindness will be given away throughout the week, as we serve our community. Make sure you only give them out when you do something kind for someone!

The Bible tells us that "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." But some won’t hear unless they SEE some compassion. As our acts of kindness demonstrate God's care and love through us, we will actually be encouraging people to hear more of God's Word.

Let's begin planning creative activities that our families can do together, or that we can do as individuals. And let's begin praying for those who will receive these acts of kindness, that the seeds of the Gospel will be planted in their hearts, and will bring forth much fruit.

During this special Week, you're not only going to be touching people's lives for eternity, you're going to have a great time doing it!

We will have a contest to see who does the most Random Acts of Kindness during the eight days! The top three will be well rewarded! To actually accomplish an effective Act of Kindness, you will need to:

1) Actually DO something listed in this brochure

2) Tell the person WHY you are doing it for them

3) Give them the Tract, and

4) Invite them to Church on Sunday, April 28th.


The final test of all our efforts will be measured by how many new people come out to Church on Sunday April the 28th to find out more about WHY our church is different than all the rest! Let’s go make the difference!



Try any of the following ideas so you can give someone a tract and invite them to Church!


¨     Deliver a Thank You note to the Fire Brigade, or the Garda Station.

¨     Take colouring books and a box of new crayons to a Doctor’s office.

¨     Buy your co-worker a cup of tea or coffee, or a snack, or even lunch unexpectantly. Make sure you give them a tract.

¨     Take some good magazines to a Doctor’s office with a tract.

¨     Take a case of good bottled water to a regional park where there are joggers and hand them out with a tract cello-taped to the bottle.

¨     Leave an extra big tip for the waiter/waitress (along with a tract).

¨     Buy some new stuffed animals and take them to the children’s wing of the Hospital. Ring ahead of time to ask if they will accept them.

¨     Offer to do grass or hedge cutting for someone.

¨     Some people could do with a visit. Older folks that you personally know who are stuck at home. Go and talk with or just read to them.

¨     Do shopping for older or infirm/sick people you personally know – include a tract with the messages.

¨     Deliver a Free New Testament to every house around your home with a Tract (maybe just all on your street).

¨     Take hot coffee to someone begging in Cork City on Friday or Saturday evening with the Reformer’s Unanimous Crew.

¨     Buy a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop. Hand them a voucher, along with a Tract and smile!

¨     Write a letter or send a package to an Irish soldier. Include a Tract

¨     Write and encourage a TD (they need it) – include a Tract. Tell them you are praying for them!

¨     Teens can offer to do a bob a job for someone and say it is FREE!

¨     Offer to hoover and clean someone’s vehicle. Tell them you are just doing a random act of loving your neighbour! Seriously. And give them a tract!

¨     Let someone go in front of you in line. If someone asks you why you are doing it, then give them a tract!

¨     Children can colour a picture for your teacher, and give it to them with a tract saying “Thank you for being my teacher!”

¨     Make a craft for your grandparents, and write on it “I love you”

¨     Children can offer to wash the ware for a week for your parents, or in place of whoever normally washes them

¨     Send a small care package (with tea, cookies, crisps, etc) to a relative that is in College away from home and.

¨     Cook a meal for someone in your neighbourhood that you discover is having a hard time.

¨     Bake something for someone, and just out of the blue give it to them, along with the Tract.

¨     Thank someone you know, for investing in your life (like your parents, pastor, your Sunday School Teachers, etc...).

¨     Leave or hand a Thank You Card with a Tract for the mailman, milkman, rubbish guys, the Garda, and fire brigade.

¨     Ask someone if you can help them, and then give them a Tract.

¨     Give blood. When finished, hand the attendant a Tract.

¨     Be a silent witness (you should be doing these things all the time, but especially during this special week as a testimony)

o       Pick up litter as you walk past it - this is a way to be a great testimony.

o       Pass up a close parking spot for the elderly.

o       Be friendly to the employees at the shopping centre, bank and other stores.

o       Pick up things in disarray at the shopping centre.

o       Be very generous with compliments.

o       Bring in your neighbours rubbish can.

¨     What other ideas do you have? _________________________


¨     The following Vouchers will be available for you to purchase to give away. You buy them from the church and then hand them out as random acts of loving thy neighbour!

o       Coupons for a free coffee from Nosh’s and BB’s Shops

o       Free Car wash at the Maxol Station next to SuperValu


If your offer of kindness is rejected, just go to another person!



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