Sundays, 10.30am and 7pm
Wednesdays 7-9pm
Meeting in the Westgate Foundation
Next to Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig
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Sunday Preaching on just how worthy Jesus is of ALL our worship!
Come Experience Christmas in Ballincollig
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10.30am Church
6pm Choir
7pm Church
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7pm Prayer Meeting and Bible Study
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8pm RU Addictions Meeting
2pm Nursing Home
7.30pm Teen Meeting
10.30am Church
1.30pm Christmas Dinner
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7pm Prayer Meeting and Bible Study
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8pm RU Addictions Meeting
Christmas on the Street - Cork City
4pm Ice Skating
10.30am Church
6pm Choir
7pm VISION NIGHT at Church
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7pm Prayer Meeting and Bible Study
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8pm RU Addictions Meeting

2pm Rehearsal for Christmas Play
10.30am Christmas Play
7pm Church
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11am Christmas Day Meeting!

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8pm RU Addictions Meeting

7.30pm Teen Meeting
10.30am Church
7pm Church
8pm New Year's Eve Church Activity Night
Church-Wide Christmas Dinner
Sunday Dec 9th, from 1pm-4pm
Our annual Church-wide Christmas Dinner will be held at the Lee Valley Golf & Country Club following the morning church meeting! We will all drive out to Farran and just stay for the afternoon with Christmas singing, worship, sports, games, and eating! The entire meal will be provided, It will only cost €13.50 per person, and €7.50 per child under 14.
See Photos of the Dinner!

Christmas on the Street in Cork City
Saturday, 15th December, 2pm – 3.30pm
Christmas on the Street is our chance to make sure folks know the Christ of Christmas, and there is no better time than at Christmas, so plan on helping us sing, hand out tracts, give personal testimony of the gift of eternal life, and preaching on the street to literally thousands and thousands who otherwise may never hear the good news, that a Saviour has been born, and wants to save them from the coming wrath of God!

See photos of the event!

Teen Ice Skating after Christmas on the Street
Saturday, 15th December, 4.30-6.30pm

Christmas Play
Sunday, December 22, 10.30am
This is an absolutely marvellous children’s presentation in song of the Christmas Story! Everyone is so welcome to come and enjoy the wonder of that first Christmas! The Cantata will be presented Sunday morning at 10.30am. You will want to bring your whole family!

Christmas Day Meeting
Tuesday, December 25th, at 11am-Noon
Every Christmas, on Christmas Day, we gather for just one hour to praise the Lord for giving us His Son! Come along and bring all your family out to Church, meeting in the Westgate Foundation, in Ballincollig, and let’s see God touch and bless our hearts! Remember, Christmas is all about Jesus, not us!

New Year’s Eve Meeting
8pm - Midnight
Let’s dedicate 2013 to the Lord! Our New Year’s Evening Activity as a Church will be awesome, with singing, preaching, fun games, worship and praying. We need to start off 2013 as Christians who want so much to see Christ glorified in our lives, and ultimately in our world!
Bring some finger-foods, and we will all have a blast!