Our Photo Album This Year

Setting up the area for the Bible Club on monday

Face painting

Some of the many helpers this year

The puppets getting ready to perform today

Oh look! Jungle Bill is here!

Ok, so we have our hands full -
But that is what it is all about!

Jungle Bill is looking for something rare

Uh, that's not a rare yellow flying Lizard!

Water Balloons! Hurray!

Not so easy to catch after all!

The Bible Lesson - the best part!

Craft time

Quite a crowd of puppets this year!

Jungle Bill is back on Tuesday

Hey! Looks like a great time!

In Right, Out Right, Up Right, Down Right Song!

Banana Jungle Surprises - MMMmmmmm!


Just some of the crafts they made today


Jungle Bill teaching about what you can trust on Wednesday

Another Bible Lesson on Wednesday

Jungle Bill arrives on Thursday with a "deadly insect" to show us

Oh No! The insect has escaped!

Can't trust a kitchen container!

Eileen teaching about Pilate's wrong decision

Carmel explaining how to believe on Jesus Christ

Well, it was hot everyday for sure!

And the heat can really get to you!

Bible Club FRIDAY - the Best Day!

Singing the Memory Verses

Jungle Bill shows up VERY tired!

A race

Kids all ages love the Bible Club!

Carmel teaching about Thomas believing Jesus to be God

Greg and Weston enjoying the best day yet!

This couple is a great help!

Hey look! Lily is here!

One of the helpers - Caleb P!

Settling up the Prize table

Behind the scenes of the Puppet Stage

Our Puppeteers

Chase the Chimp!

Every Puppet Skit was a great lesson

We all loved the Puppets

What a great laugh


The Puppets teach us about remembering God

What a great week

Prizes and Awards

Our Prize Shop