It all began in an Total Abstinence Hall (the T.A. Hall) on Station Road, in Blarney way back on Sunday, the 4th of June, 1994. A Church was started. And not just any old church, but a Bible believing, Bible preaching, sin-hating, God-loving, sinner-seeking, Christ-honouring Baptist Church, that would from that day forward be known as the Bible Baptist Church!

       Every week, Pastor Craig would work his way door to door throughout the Blarney, Tower, Ballincollig, and North Cork City estates, compelling people, young and old to turn from idols to Jesus Christ alone! And one by one, people looked into the pages of God’s holy word and saw Jesus’ command to be Born Again (John 3:3 says “ye must be born again”) – it means for people to start completely over with God by admitting they are lost and sinful in God’s eyes, no matter how religious they are.

       People came from all walks of life and all religious backgrounds. Most were Roman Catholic, but some were Church of Ireland, and some atheist, and some agnostic. Some came from cults, and others came already born again. But all who were not already born again, came simply as sinners, in need of a Saviour, and all called in desperate prayer for Jesus Christ to save them and forgive them of all their sins!

       The Bible says “There is none righteous, no not one” (Romans 3:10). That means we are all sinners in God’s sight. And it says in Isaiah 59:2 that “your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you.” And it declares that there is absolutely nothing any of us can do to get back to God. Our best efforts will never match up to God’s righteousness – “for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23), and, “we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags” in God’s eyes (Isaiah 64:6).

       But, God has made a way back to Himself… through Jesus, His Son, dying in every sinner’s place on the cross. The way back is called Salvation, and it is available to any and all who will turn from their own religious works, and trust completely in the perfect life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). The testimonies in this booklet prove that Jesus truly changes every life that He saves!

       If you too would like to be able to say that God has saved your soul, and made a change in your life, then talk to Almighty God in prayer, like you never have prayed before, and tell Him you know you are a sinner in His eyes, and are lost without hope, unless Jesus saves you. And then just ask Jesus to come into your heart and wash away your sins. He actually waits to save you! “The Son of man (Jesus) is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10)!

       If you think you are not very bad, then you will never be saved, because Romans 5:6 says that “Christ died for the ungodly!” If you think you are too bad, then understand that “God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8)! No matter who you are, you can’t ignore the fact that Jesus died for YOU! Ask Him in prayer to save you, even RIGHT NOW! He promises that He will!

So sit back, and enjoy a great read that will get you better acquainted with the people who love this church, and especially with the Lord Jesus who brought all of us together here as a special Christian family!

Bill D

I first heard about BBC when I was introduced to a bible study in the home of some friends. The study was given by Pastor Craig. My girlfriend (now wife) and I attended one or two of these studies before taking up the offer to attend the BBC then located in Blarney. My first impressions having located the building which looked like a converted shed (also used as a community hall) was that the message of Christianity is one of humility and they were taking this at face value, but I reconciled my impressions in the thought that Christ was born in a manger. I now know the church is a body of believers and not a building.

It is now 15 years since I first attended the church then based in Blarney so my memory of the first visit is not that clear. I was not saved at the time, but I was searching for the truth, so in my early years of BBC I recall the preaching to be very good but still feeling uneasy about it; I now know that being under the law (Commandments) and having no hope was probably the reason. The few people who attended then I recall, being very friendly. The Ledbetter family helped to fill the front seats, (all very young then - it is amazing how time has passed and that two are now married). I was impressed with the fervency of belief (again perhaps slightly uneasy), this belief shone through in the singing, preaching and prayer.

I recall in those early years that once a year we would have a good spring cleanup and this would involve a number of us turning up with tools of trade and also painting the building. This helped in bonding the people together in fellowship, along with Church picnic’s and retreats.

We had many interesting missionaries visiting us including Pastor Tom Benson who I told that his preaching was almost as good as our Pastor. I learned later that he has about two thousand attending his church; in any case my view still holds..

One Sunday we came out of church to find leaflets on all our cars, it was someone objecting to what we were about. I decided I would write to the person and perhaps get her to understand. This was not to be; I recall that after several letters later finally giving up and wondering if we lived on the same planet. I finally sent her the booklet Trail of Blood about Christians (ana-Baptists) who died for their beliefs. This was met with a further utterance of disbelief. It reminded me of the story of Pharaoh when he hardened his heart even after all the plagues.

When the church building did burn down at the hands of vandals, I was sad. The church building had grown on me over the years with a lot of good memories.

Finally it is a credit to our Pastor to have stuck the course despite the ups and downs of people coming and going over the years with all their problems, anyway roll on the next sixteen.

Geraldine D

I first heard about BBC when some friends told me about Pastor Ledbetter who’d called to their home soul winning. In the weeks that followed my understanding of God and the Bible were to change forever. I began to attend bible study nights at our friend's house where Pastor Craig taught the realities of what it is to follow a particular religion versus cutting out the middle men and having the ability to talk to and follow God directly. Coming from a Roman Catholic home, I was amazed at this possibility. Reading the Bible from cover to cover was challenging to say the least but ultimately believing and getting saved was a truly wonderful reward.

John M

Back in the Summer of 2003, I first visited the Bible Baptist Church! It was in Blarney back then, in what I hear was called the “Preachin Shed”! I don’t remember a lot of why I chose to come to church but I know now that the Holy Spirit was working on my heart through my dad’s witnessing. I found the place very friendly and welcoming though I really didn’t understand what was going on. It would be months later before I would get saved, and years later before I would start even coming to church regularly! I’m glad God was so longsuffering with me, and that in good time I would get saved. I’m also delighted that He has given me a wonderful church family to be with, whom I love so much!

Shinwook K

I came to Ireland first time with my father and sister. I did not really know about Jesus Christ and I did not care about it. I went back to Korea where I was born about one year later and another two years later I came back to Ireland.

Back in Ireland I came to church almost every day. One night evangelist Bruce Frye preached and he talked about Jesus salvation. I realised that I have to be saved to be a servant of Jesus Christ and be in the family of God. On that night I got saved.

Dina M

I first heard of the BBC when my husband Tony started attending the church in Nov 2002. He got saved in 2003, then John, then Gina and lastly myself.

When I first heard the word “saved” I did not know what it means. I said to Tony “saved” from what? So Tony had to explain it to me. And he kept telling me the gospel. After two years I got saved on 23 Sept 2005. The following Sunday when we went to church after just getting saved, I remember people just kept telling me that they were happy and delighted I got saved. And I was wondering why they are so happy for me! I did not know that they were praying for my salvation for two years. It is a testimony that prayers work. So anybody who is praying for their loved to get saved, keep praying. My mum got saved and also one of my sisters, so two more to go and a brother and then their families. Lord thank you for making a way (BBC) to get my family saved.

Tony M

I first heard about BBC when I picked up a tape entitled “From Tradition to Truth” a priest’s testimony of how he needed to be born again to enter the kingdom of God. While listening to the tape it became so noisy that I could not listen to it any more. I noticed that their was a name and telephone number on the tape so I rang thinking that no one would respond! My call was answered by Pastor Craig who invited me to church the following day. My first impressions were that everyone was so friendly and holy.(I thought Eileen O’K was an angel) I sat down at the back so that I could see everything. I came to BBC to find the answer to a question Who was God because in AA I was handing my will and my life over to his care so that I could stay sober. It took a long time but now I know that the Lord Jesus is the true God and He alone can save. When I came to BBC I had strong opinions based on what I had experienced and learnt from life. But when Pastor Craig preached the truth from the Bible my beliefs were shattered. I went everywhere looking for the truth. I would never have found it unless the Lord had not directed me to BBC Blarney.

Bethany H

I first heard about BBC when my mother and younger sister started going. Every Sunday my mum would ask “are you sure you don’t want to come”? And every week I’d shout no! Then a few months later Mona M told me they had a place for me at camp. I kept refusing to go but on the day of camp I decided I would. When I arrived at Mt. Mellary I met Laura, Josiah and others. I can remember clicking with Laura almost instantly. We became joined at the hip. During Bro Kevin’s preaching about salvation and God I decided I wanted to be saved and look as happy as everyone else did. On the 23 July 2009 I got saved. When I first came to church on that Sunday I felt so welcomed. Everyone was so nice to me. It was great. I wouldn’t choose any other church than mine!

Dan E

My first contact with the church happened when the church came to me! It was October 2001 and my church had a mission conference and invited a certain missionary. Guess who? You guessed right, Craig Ledbetter. He had a zeal for the Lord and a heart for his God. I thought where is he serving, and who is his mission field? I came to Bible Baptist Church while it was still at Blarney in May 2002. It was a warm and friendly meeting with a focus on the Word of God. I loved it. I had a burden for missions and it was the people that directed my heart to Ireland. Apparently I couldn’t get enough because in 2003, 2006 and now a missionary my heart is for the people of Ireland. From the first night of a mission conference 9 years ago to seeing the people in person my heart was broken, God called and here I am.

Kathy E

I first heard about BBC when Craig came to America and the love he had for Jesus Christ was shown in his preaching and everything about him. I knew that Christ was to be the focus of the preacher and the church.

We came over to Ireland for a missions trip and sure enough the church was filled with the Holy Spirit, it was alive. And now I am part of this church as a missionary. God called my husband to Ireland and I received a blessing by submitting and following him to BBC. I haven’t regretted one day of coming to this God fearing church.

Joseph M

I first heard about BBC when my nephew Kenneth invited me to his church BBC Blarney and introduced me to the Pastor and congregation. The way I was welcomed and treated with respect appealed to me and when for the first time the bible was spoken and preached to me I was confused and upset. I was hearing truth from God’s word for the first time and I decided to come to BBC again to hear more. That is when I received my first bible but to understand it would take a lot of time.(end of January 2001)

On the 3 May 2001 on a Saturday morning approximately at 11.15 after reading and studying God’s Word in the Bible I came to the cross of Jesus as a sinner which the ten commandments showed me my sins and asked Jesus to forgive me all my sins to save me from the wrath to come and hell fire. I walked away that morning free, forgiven with peace and joy. Thank you Lord for washing me in your precious blood. Amen

Gina D

My dad got saved in 2003 and he started sharing the gospel at home. It took a whole year before I got saved on 16th October 2004. I came to BBC for the first time 2 weeks after I got saved. My very first Sunday Pastor was asking if anyone wanted to join the church. Little did I know that the requirement for membership was a clear testimony of salvation plus water baptism. When he gave the invitation I jumped right out of my seat, over my dad and stood in front of everyone! I “joined” that day ­– Pastor said I was so enthusiastic he couldn’t refuse. Other memories of my first day were smiling friendly faces – it really felt like a family. I thought Pastor was very animated and always wondered what Kevin O’K was shouting during the preaching. I found out it was “Amen” I love Bible Baptist Church and thank God for bringing me here and giving me the privilege of serving Him here.

Marlene L

I first heard about BBC when my husband told me about it. Pastor Craig helped me immensely. His way of teaching was very thorough. Most of all he gave hope for a better life. He always made a funny remark which helped the spirits and strengthened our faith in Jesus. Loving Jesus was not hard because of Pastor Craig. Pastor Craig puts so much into his sermons and I thank him for that.

Eileen O’K

I first heard of Blarney Baptist Church from my mum Lily and my brother Weston around the year 2000, I saw a change in their lives and after experiencing this world I made my first visit in April 2002. I was expecting a very judgemental righteous people but I was only greeted with humble and warm people that made me feel welcome. One of the first people to shake my hand was Paul Layton. I was really impressed on how ordinary and warm these people meeting up in a humble TA Hall. But the Lords presence was greatly among these people. After two months of hearing the preaching of Gods Word, powerfully preached by Pastor Craig one morning during the Lord’s supper June 23 2002 I gave my life, soul and spirit to my Lord Jesus Christ.

Emrio F

I first heard about BBC when Bro Eddie invited me one day around August of last year(2009). But before that God is great because He found me and saved me and gave me eternal life through Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and King. I really give him all praise because he brought me into the church in Ballincollig. Because even before I got saved last Feb 3 2009 through Bro Eddy who witnessed and shared Jesus Christ to me as our only personal saviour and King, I have really been searching for a church that has a real fellowship with God, Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ as King. God is really great. Praises to him alone because He really planned everything for me and for us his children. Because when I started going to this church and learned a lot about His word and promises to us –He changed my life from a sinner to become his follower. He changed my heart to become not a lover of this world and material things but to obey him and love him. When I started going to this church I started to become interested in reading the bible which I never did. My life was empty. I thought if I have money, I have work I can afford anything. I can buy anything and I’ll be happy-but I was wrong! You cant buy the love of Jesus Christ and his salvation

Martin M

My first impression of the Bible Baptist Church was that it presented the truth and the author of this truth Jesus Christ. I liked the fact that this truth was presented as absolute in the King James Bible. It being a completed work and presented itself as the full and final authority on all matters of faith and doctrine. It gave me the beginning of life as in the book of Genesis and Gods dealing with man throughout all of history with also knowledge of what is to come.-the future. The Bible is open to all testing, in fact this is encouraged so that our faith is not blind faith but tested faith. I like the fact that it says “prove all things” because before coming to a biblical knowledge I had so many questions and had been at the mercy of a world that was steeped in deceit and confusion. The bible answered all my questions and this clarification was made known to me by a Godly Pastor/teacher well versed in the Word of God. I liked the fact that the Pastor being greatly affected by its teachings stood with me in times of great trial and supplicated prayer on my behalf together with the actions of friendship and assistance in whatever need I was lacking when I was weak and liable to fall away. I enjoyed the freedom of biblical preaching, the truth was preached even if it did rub me up the wrong way but in balance the truth of the love of Christ and substitutional sacrifice on the cross, for me, and his wonderful words of life and everlasting security by far outweighed and cured the reality of my sinful condition. I was also very pleased to see the freedom and joy, the presence of Christ that was indwelt in the believers of Bible Baptist Church and that Christ has his rightful place as the head of our church and having the pre-eminence of all things.

Dennis L

I first heard about Bible Baptist Church when I met Nita, Pastor Craig’s wife. While repairing my car outside my house on Westcourt she was passing by. She had a child in her arms. She said good day and I replied good day. She asked if I needed help. No. During the conversation that followed she told me that her husband was a Pastor of a church in Blarney and would I like to visit there sometime. and I did. That is 15.5 years ago. It was a sight to behold ! A humble beginning and I thank the Lord for it because I never looked back. The preaching which was excellent focused on the word of God pointing the believer to a Christian life which reflects the real character of Jesus himself. Great love and care, a ministry very focused on the Lord, and great example is given by Pastor Craig, a man who loves the Lord Jesus.

Thanks be to God. Amen

Amanda O

I first heard about BBC in 2005 after our family did “church hopping” because we just could not find a church that served the Lord in all the right ways! My brother in law, Leon, found the church first and we decided to give it a go. Since the first day we experienced love and kindness among the people and they accepted us as part of their church family. Pastor Craig really loves the Lord and I learned so much about love, humbleness, how to reach the lost and also to each other. But most of all I learned how important soul winning is.

I also want to thank my church family for all the prayers during my illness and operations. I thank the Lord that He has brought me to BBC. We love you all.

Noel O’M

I first heard about BBC when Romica invited me to come to church and told me I needed to be born again. And I told him that going to church wasn’t going to help me. I have been going to church all my life as a Catholic. But he replied “No Noel not that church but a real church.” So from then on he got me interested. So when I finally decided to take a step of faith I went to church with Romica and the first thing I noticed was the sign at the front gate, which says “church alive “And that is exactly what this church is. Its got energy, its buzzing with truth, its comforting, its alive! And for once in my life I felt God is really alive and maybe he can help me. I’m not judging the catholic church but from my own experience it was boring. I never really felt comforted and really looked forward to when it was finished. I never really got anything out of it. It seems dead. And it gave me a very bad impression on how God really loves me. The truth is God does love you and cares about you more than you will ever know. Maybe you don’t know that. And there is no better place to find out that truth than the Bible Baptist Church.

Barry K

I first heard about the BBC when my father asked me if I wanted to visit his friends church (Bill D) in Blarney. Since I was curious to know more about the truth and the Bible I was excited. The first thing I saw was that it was a shed building which didn’t phase me. The next thing I remember was the smell in there (not a bad smell, just unique). We met a man (Weston) at the door who greeted us very kindly. I thought Weston was the leader at first and then met Pastor. (first thing that struck me was his moustache and his American-ness). He seemed to be a strong man. Going to the church was unforgettable, the hymns, the fellowship, meeting Christians-It was like stepping into another realm where there was joy, happiness, love and kindness, whereas all I ever experienced in school, home and the world was people being negative, hateful, depressed, where love was un-cool, talking about God was embarrassing etc. I didn’t like the church at first because I was in darkness. I thought the people there were just weirdo’s. I found out otherwise!

Joshua L

Well to start off, I am Pastor Craig’s son. I grew up in a Christian home, knowing right from wrong and learning the ten commandments. When I was young I saw my need for God’s grace and salvation. And I accepted Him to be the Lord of my life. During my time at the Bible Baptist Church I have made so many amazing friends and also have strengthened my walk with God. Last year the youth group and I went to California to go to a youth conference at West Coast Baptist College. While there I was able to hear amazing sermons by Godly men. Also during this trip I had great fellowship with other believers which was encouraging and great fun at the same time. Being a part of the Bible Baptist Church has been completely amazing, and I have made good godly friends that will last a lifetime.


Nico O

In Dec. 2005 my uncle invited our family to attend a Sunday morning service at B.B.C. We happily attended as visitors and in June 2006 were baptized by Pastor Craig Ledbetter. We finished a two year discipleship course and have been attending faithfully since. I thank God everyday for what he has done both in my life and through this church.


Celine O’C

I first heard about BBC from Paul L. I started to go to the Pastors house on a Wednesday night for bible study. I loved it from the start. The Pastor asked me to go on a Sunday and I said I couldn’t go as I had to go to mass! Then I started to go to mass on a Saturday evening and church on Sunday. I did that for a short time but I was beginning to love the preaching more and more. It wasn’t long before I was baptized. I felt like a new person and I never looked back.

Our church was held in a shed in Blarney. It was nothing to look at from the outside but inside it was full of love. We didn’t have many people attending but we were all very close. We did not have all the sound systems that we have now but I loved it when the Pastor explained things by writing on a whiteboard. We had lots of parties there and Christmas dinners and we had lots of photos on the walls. I remember a big map there and the Pastor used to stick pins in it to show us where the missionaries were. One day someone set fire to it and it burned to the ground.

We are in the Westgate now and there are a lot more people. It is nice, clean and warm. But I will never forget my first years in the old shed in Blarney. And all the good times we had but I suppose we had to move on sometime, I think its called progress.


Tim A

When I came to Cork to settle down, I stayed at home for several months pondering and praying to God to lead me to the church where the truth of the Word of God is preached so that I can join to worship regularly. I waited calmly, one day I was prompted to search the internet to look for churches around Ballincollig.

I came across Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig and I had no doubt the Lord was leading me to worship there as I was convinced internally. I rang the Pastor of the church (Pastor Craig), he gave me the direction on how to get to church and since four years now that I have been worshipping in the church I have been blessed through the real Word of God that I hear regularly from the Pastor and I have been experiencing uncountable blessings, joy and peace in my family. I often experience true brotherly love from every member of the church and I thank God for leading me to the right place to worship and to grow spiritually.


Ajoke A

I started coming to the Bible Baptist Church in June 2006. The first thing that got my attention is the true love relationship I experienced from the members of the church. I received a profound reception and to crown it all, I was moved and blessed with the teachings from the Pastor of the church (Pastor Craig). I had a conviction in my heart I was in the right place in the presence of the Lord. Ever since I have come to this church, I have been growing very strong spiritually and I enjoy the blessings of the Lord in my home. I am very delighted to come to worship in the church, and the ladies meeting has also been an avenue to experience total warmness in the presence of the Lord


Paul L

A friend of mine Pat T told me there was a great church in Blarney. Called one Sunday night but it was at the end of the service. Met the Pastor and started attending discipleship. I liked the Pastor and his wife and they made me feel welcome. It was great that they used the KJV and every one was singing off the same hymnal sheet. Things were great with all good Bible doctrine. Big change from a charismatic church I was attending. The KJV was so good to hear and I knew I was in a Bible believing church. Salvation came along in due course. There was no doubting the doctrine and I left a lot of my old ideas go. Thank the Lord for a great church. Amen!


Craig Ledbetter, Pastor

My first impressions of Bible Baptist Church

Long before anyone ever gathered on a Sunday at Bible Baptist Church, I saw people. I saw chairs full of them. I saw children, and teenagers, Moms and Dads. I saw open Bibles in every lap. I saw couples holding hands, and grandparents holding grandkids! And I saw all them having one connection with each other – a love for the preaching and teaching of the truths of the word of God!

Every Saturday evening, as I arrived in Blarney, in a 110 year old Total Abstinence Hall on Station Road, I would set up two or three dozen chairs, praying, believing, and yearning for those people whom I saw to come. And come they did. The first Sunday that our church opened up for worship, two people arrived at 10.30am, and along with my family, sang, and listened to preaching from Acts 16 on “The Most Important Question.” Their names were Vanessa and Mikey. It was as if a hundred people came out that day, and I was thrilled! They didn’t come by accident either! My family and I had gone out into the highways and hedges, and had invited the Blarney area people to believe the Gospel, and come hear God’s word. And week after week, a few more would come! Some would come to the morning meeting, and others would come to the evening meeting! Soon, Vanessa would bow her head and repent and receive Jesus Christ as her own personal Saviour! Then Mikey, and then others! The T.A Hall itself had so little to offer people, being old, and drafty, but there was a warmth there that was not physical. Only God gets the glory for all the lives that were changed first in Blarney, and now in Ballincollig!

I still love coming into our simple meeting place (now in the Westgate Foundation), and praying over all the empty chairs, begging God for the salvation of countless more souls who I still see in my dreams, and still yearn to help with the timeless truths of Scripture! May the next sixteen years bear much more fruit that remains, and even hold even more precious memories for those who are just starting out on their journey of faith in Jesus Christ, as it did myself and my family sixteen years ago! I can only thank God for what He has faithfully done in this special group of believers that we call Bible Baptist Church!


Tess B

The first time we came to this church, everybody welcomed us especially Pastor Craig and Ma’am Nita, everyone was very kind to us.

I was still thinking if this was the right church for us. When Pastor Craig finished preaching, I was so thankful that the Lord answered our prayer. He gave us the right church to attend to here in Ireland, for we have been praying for many years for the right church to attend. Our family really needed this church for our spiritual growth and for my children; we want them to grow up in the Lord faithfully. We are very thankful to Pastor Craig and his family, to the members, and especially the Lord.


Hannes O

In 2005 our Reverend went back to South Africa after a 2 ½ year stay in Ireland. We joined Bible Baptist Church after Leon E told us about it. When we visited the church for the first we were very delighted. This church is our family now and it is nice to see the loyalty and commitment of the members. The teaching of the word in the way it is shown on the projection screen. We also enjoy the activities like Bible study and discipleship.


John O’M

I met Pastor Craig in the Glen (my home), just after he started the church. I attended church the next week or so and found it amazing. Pastor gave me a King James Bible and I brought it home. I started to read the gospels and found that I felt I was reading the very word of God. A perfect Version I found after reading the NIV for a while. I have many blessed memories of church for the whole duration. The Bible studies are brilliant and the get-togethers. I have met many beautiful people at church from all over the globe. Pastor has been a blessing to me with scriptures and his dedication was inspirational. It’s great to see all the children coming to the Lord and going on to bloom. The teenagers as well, they are fantastic to watch over. I learned to pray at church and love interceding now for everyone. Prayer is difficult at first but persevering has great fruit. May the good Lord continue to bless us all into the future, till he comes. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Eddie B

It was back in the year 2007, in the month of May when I first attended the church. I was so happy with the warm welcome of Pastor Craig, and the members of the church. I was so happy that there was Filipino Christians in the church. When Pastor Craig said we had a tea break I was enjoying the hot tea and donuts. It was so delicious, and I had a great time chatting to the members, especially Bro. Tony, Bro. John, and Sister Gina. When the hymn sing started, I felt the energy of the singing. Everybody was singing loudly and lively. When pastor started preaching, I felt the power of the preaching of the Word of God. After the Service, I said to myself, “this is God’s answer to prayer”, for I had been praying for three years for the right church to attend, a truly bible based believing church. The fellowship of the brethren is amazing and has blessed me so greatly. I am thankful to God for this living church in Ballincollig. It has helped me a lot with my spiritual growth.  To God be the Glory !


Edward A

I first came to the Bible Baptist Church in the Westgate Foundation in May 2008 with a friend Lucky O. He introduced me to the church. From the first visit I felt at home. One of the major reasons I keeps me going back was the truth from the Bible that is preached by Pastor Craig Ledbetter without compromise. I grew up as a Methodist church believer but that did not save me. Not until January 3rd 2009 when I got discipled by Bro. Dan E that the Lord finally touched my heart and got saved and baptized. The same year ever since then I have surrendered it all to the Lord and decided not to look back. I want to thank God for my life and wife and family. I could only wake up everyday counting all my blessings of what God has done in my life. Lastly I just want to say a word of encouragement to everybody that the Lord said in Matt. 24:35 “That heaven shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”


Emilie A

I first came to Bible Baptist Church with my husband Edward on the first Sunday of March 2009. I grew up as a Baptist church believer, got saved when I was 18 years old and baptized the same year. On my first visit to the church I felt so welcomed by all the members, everyone was very warm. Ever since then I haven’t looked back as it has always been a joy to me to be with God’s people. It has been an encouragement for me to keep trusting and believing in the Lord. As it says in Heb 10:25 “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another and so much the more as ye see the day approaching.”


Marcus L

I was around 8 years old and attending a Pentecostal church in town. A friend of my Dad told my Dad about this church so we went to it. We had no idea that we were reading the wrong Bible and we discovered that the King James version was the right version. One of the first church videos that we saw was of Kent Hovind which helped me to have confidence in the creation account in Genesis. When I was around 12 I climbed Carrauntoohill, the tallest mountain in Ireland, with some of the church guys. It was a fun experience and a good time of fellowship.


Mona M

I saw a flyer in SuperValu and then Pastor Craig came to my door one day inviting my family to church. I know the Lord had sent him because I had been wanting to go to church, but was reluctant because I just had my children baptized Catholic. I felt terribly burdened about it because I knew deep down it wasn’t what I believed in, I was just going with the flow. Anyway, soon after we did go to BBC in Blarney and I thank the Lord for sending Pastor Craig to my door that day! From the very first day, we were welcomed in to the family of Jesus. Everyone was loving and sincere, and learning the real Bible was foremost, which I love. I don’t believe in repetitive rituals as in some religions. Here I found the living gospel being taught, and no nonsense, I love that. Everyone is there for the same reason, to worship our loving Father, learn His will for our lives, and fellowship with our Christian family!


Lily G

By the grace of God I was saved when I was 32 years of age, on April 1st 1987. It was to be many years later after praying to our blessed Lord that I found Blarney Baptist Church. I had been in the city centre and a few people had been handing out some tracts. I approached a gentleman but I don’t know why he didn’t talk to me about coming to church. But I always remembered the address of the church.

After 7 years or so, my son Weston came home from Wales and wanted to go to a Christian church. I told him about Blarney and he went. A few weeks later there was a knock on the door. This gentleman which looked to me like a detective because he had a blue shirt and tie on introduced himself as Pastor Craig Ledbetter. He came in and spoke with me, my mind was all over the place as regards to Roman Catholic doctrine and the Bible. I was impressed as he spoke about Jesus and the Bible with such authority. I knew in my heart what I was hearing was the truth as every word he spoke from the Bible became alive in my heart. He had come for Weston but I knew the Lord Jesus had sent him for me as well.

That next Sunday I came to Blarney. I had a warm feeling in my heart. On arrival at the church, I was met with what was an old shed. People approached me and welcomed. When church started the memory verse was said. I thought to myself, oh dear God I’m in school, and to make matters worse there was a puppet show. I thought, weirdos, I was ready to run. But then Pastor started preaching, it was the best preaching I had ever heard and still have the blessings of hearing today. I loved going backwards and forwards through the Bible. I even got to like the puppets and the verses. I had waited many years to find a church and church family and today I’m home, thank God.


Patricia L

I first heard about BBC when my brother-in-law Dennis L told me what a brilliant Pastor was there. I belonged to another church for many years and I had stopped going because I wasn’t happy there anymore. I decided to go with Dennis. When I first entered I was greeted very warmly, first by Gina and then by Nita Ledbetter. I sat down for about 2 hours and listened to Pastor Craig preach the gospel. I could have listened all day, I had never heard the gospel preached like that. I loved it and said to myself this is where I belong. It’s like my real home now with a real nice family. I am very grateful to Dennis for the wonderful godly man he is, but I do know it was God again looking after me.


Nita Ledbetter

When we first started the Bible Baptist Church of Blarney, the Lord continually blessed us with people from the very first service and every service thereafter. There was not one single meeting we had where it was only just our family—that was a miraculous blessing from God! Every song we sang, though they were second nature to me and memorized by heart, now came alive as I began to see them from the perspective of each lost soul there. Now with hearing anew these songs, so rich in the gospel and Bible doctrine, along with the preaching of the Word of God, which opens the eyes of the blind, it was just my prayer that these lost souls would be turned from darkness to light and be gloriously saved! How exciting to watch God answer those prayers, one by one!


Kevin O’K

I first heard about Bible Baptist Church from looking up the phone directory. I had come back from the States in search of God’s Will. I knew that the Lord wanted me in Ireland but I didn’t know where. My Sister Nora, who was not a Christian, heard of a Baptist Church in Cork, and she located through the yellow pages. I went with her reluctantly, thinking it was to be one of many. We went there on a Sunday evening; it was at the old Blarney building. To my surprise it was just like the kind of church that I was familiar with. I remember the first evening, with very fond memories. Bro. Paul Lsat down beside me and befriended me, and I felt right at home.

From that day forth, I fell in love with the people and the Preaching of the Word. That was in October in the year 1999.  It has only grown sweeter down through the years. What most stood out to me that first evening was the warmth of the people and the Spirit of the Lord bearing witness to the Preaching of the WORD.


Graham D

I first heard about Bible Baptist Church when a colleague of mine (now my wife) invited me out to one of the Sunday evening services. I was very hesitant at first because I had turned my back on God years before and I was uncomfortable with everything concerning religions. I was convinced that I would stand out like a sore thumb and that everyone else in the church would know it. However I ended up being really surprised at just how welcoming every person was. All the folks in the church were just so friendly and pleasant to be around. More so than my previous experiences at attending a Catholic mass. It was where I first heard the real and true Gospel of Jesus Christ and that he is the only way to heaven!


Jim F

I first heard about BBC when I was attending Reformers Unanimous (RU). R.U. is Christ centred addictions programme whose teachings are based on the Bible and offers victory to any addict, whatever the addiction through trusting in Jesus and using His strength to break the chains of addiction. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32.  If you doubt anything I have written so far let me just say this-I first attended RU on 2-1-2009. I was 49 years of age and a slave to alcohol. I am now free and through the power of Jesus and the grace of God I am certain that alcohol will never again touch my lips- its power over me is forever gone and the glory goes to God. At the same time I started attending the BBC and listening to the Word of God (Bible) being preached. I came to realize that I was a sinner and was on the way to hell and that I of myself could do nothing to prevent this. But the good news of the Gospel tells us that “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16. On the 4/3/09  I bowed my head and my heart and begged God for forgiveness and and asked him to save me from hell and take me to heaven when I died. From that moment on my whole life changed. I had come to the BBC with a black hole in my heart which I could never fill. That hole is now filled with the love of Jesus and his church. My life now at long last has meaning and that is to glorify God in all that I do, and to tell others of the love of Jesus and why he died on the cross at Calvary. I pray that my story will encourage you whatever your circumstances in life are to come to our church- hear God's Word and receive Jesus as your personal Saviour. I now live my life for Jesus, would you not do the same? He wont disappoint you or forsake you if you do. Amen


Despina R

I was looking through the phone book for a church that would baptise my daughter. I knew that I was what I was doing was wrong, but at the same time I wanted to please my mom, who is Greek Orthodox. I didn’t want my daughter to be baptised in a catholic church, so I wondered if the Baptists baptised children. I tried calling a lot of churches in the phone book but there was no reply. Eventually, I got through to the BBC. I spoke to Nita Ledbetter (the Pastor’s wife and now a dear friend) who told me baptising children is wrong and I like to come out to church. I said yes, was collected by Gina (who is now a close friend). My first impressions were horrible! I found them weird and conservative. However, I did find them very friendly and welcoming, and the preaching was brilliant even though I didn’t agree with a lot of the things that the Pastor taught and even felt angry with him at times. But I felt out of place, I did not like the music, the way they were dressed (too formal for my liking at the time) and I found them too perfect. Later on, the Lord showed me how real these people were and I was in need of help, not them! :-)


Richard K

I first heard about BBC when a friend of mine Bill invited me to go to the place they had in Blarney, I remember feeling quite nervous  as I approached the little wooden building that they used for a church and  I was wondering what these “Baptist” people would be like. I have to say that the people were all very friendly, and we even had a tea break which I thought was a great idea because it gave me a chance to chat with the others and relax and feel more at ease. But not to relax too much otherwise they would expect me to join in with the hymn singing! There was no way that was going to happen! But as they say, ”to cut a long story short”, I eventually learned to love the hymns, the people and the little house on the prairie, which is what it used to remind me of with its corrugated roof. It all became a blessing in my life!

Philip & Mikaela N

Phil and I were invited to the Church and we were quite skeptical about going as everybody is! I do believe with all my heart that I was saved at about 12 years old as I remember that evening so vividly, we were pulling up to our pastor’s house and the sky was lit with the most beautiful stars and I looked up and remember feeling just how awesome God was and I asked him to save me. The relationship was however not nurtured and I became very rebellious in my teens and strayed far away from God but always knew he was there. To cut a story short, Phil got saved the day Pastor Craig came to our house in Cobh and I re-gave my life to the Lord and started living for him again. We were very rough gems to say the least, living a life of sin, but somehow the church was a welcome home and breath of relief, and somewhere to rest. God has been cutting and polishing us ever since then. The Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig has very special people indeed and is a place you won’t find anywhere else on this planet. We thank God we are part of his family. God Bless!