Dear Friend,

This week we are celebrating 15 Years of Victories since the Lord gave a man from Texas an open door to come to Ireland and plant a simple Bible believing church in the village of Blarney. What a change has happened there and in the surrounding areas over the years! The gospel of Jesus Christ has changed lives for eternity, and many victories have been won to the glory of God!!

As Pastor, I have seen the hand of God work in so many lives and cant help but shout at how far He has taken us all! Our anniversary time is an opportunity to invite friends, family, neighbours, fellow-students and co-workers out to the Friend Day meeting to celebrate with us. They will not be disappointed because we will have such wonderful and godly music and singing, along with puppets for the children (and adults), and the preaching will stir all hearts to live all-out for the Lord Jesus Christ! Following the church meeting, we all are going over to the Oriel House Hotel for a precious time of dinner and fellowship. The whole day will be magical! I remember when I first went to a Bible believing, Bible preaching church, the joy and excitement about the Lord Jesus simply amazed me, AND IT STILL DOES!


Please see our Calendar of Upcoming Events for you to keep posted so you and your family can be involved when everyone is actively, passionately and prayerfully involved in our church, then the Lord brings sweet revival!

What the Lord has given us all is AN OPEN DOOR for us to go through, to grow, and sacrificially serve one another for our generations sake! This world HAS to see real Christianity, here, now, or it is lost! I intend to do my level best to be right with God, with my family, and with my brothers and sisters in Christ, so that I can see this generation turned upside down for Christ Jesus!

Will you do your best to be here for all the meetings, and to get the word out and bring sinners to church? There are so many opportunities for every age group to hear the Gospel, learn Gods truths, get born again, and be a part of this amazing miracle called Biblical Christianity!

May God greatly bless you as you follow Jesus, and See you Sunday! Please God!

Your Friend and Pastor, 

Craig Ledbetter
Psalm 37:23

Come celebrate with us!

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Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig
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We meet at the Westgate Foundation, on the Main Rd. Ballincollig
Sundays, 10.30am and 7pm
Wednesdays at 7pm Prayer Meeting and Open Bible Study
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