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July 17-21, 2017
Victory Youth Camp 2017

Victory Youth Camp provides a Godly, safe, and moral atmosphere for our youth

All Campers Code of Conduct

NO alcoholic beverages, tobacco in any form, radios, mp3, Ipads, tablets, CD players, video games, knives, skateboards, fireworks, nonprescription drugs, pets, or weapons of any kind. No physical contact allowed between male and female campers. Male and female campers are not allowed to be alone together at any time. No gothic dress or makeup. Both guys and girls will need runners for the game time.

Ladies' Code of Conduct
Modest clothing is to be worn. Like loose-fitting culottes (skirt-like). No walking shorts. If you bring skirts or dresses, they must touch the floor when kneeling. A closed hem is required on all dresses or skirts (no slits). Modest loose-fitting tops or blouses. No sleeveless tops. No jam shorts. Please, No modern or faddish style clothing. Swimming is gender separate, but all ladies must still be covered from the shoulders to the knee during swim time.
No piercings outside of the earlobe can have jewelry in them.

Gentlemen's Code of Conduct
No see-through or mesh-like shirts. No shirts with questionable pictures or emblems. No sleeveless shirts. No “skinny” jeans. Just bring normal jeans, wind pants, and casual pants. No modern or faddish style clothing. No sagging pants. Swimming is gender separate, but all gentlemen must be covered from the shoulders to the knee during swim time. Men will not be allowed to wear earrings or necklaces. No piercings can have jewelry in them.

What to Bring
Clothes for four days, and an extra set for good measure • Two pairs of running shoes • Sleeping bag (or sheets & blanket) and a pillow • Torch/Flashlight (check to make sure the batteries are good) • Insect repellant • Soap and shampoo • Deodorant • Toothbrush and toothpaste • Cutoffs or swimming togs for swimming (boys) • Shower shoes / Flip-flops • Notebook • Pen or pencil • Your BIBLE • Money for  snack shop • Towels and washcloths • A good attitude!

 Things NOT to Bring
No MP3 players, iPods, CD players, PSP’s, or Nintendo DS game consoles (we will have our own fun)
No cigarettes, knives, shaving cream cans

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