Some Serious Questions for Calvinists

What follows are some very simple, straight-forward questions for people who consider themselves "calvinistic" in their approach to the Bible. 

The questions have been left simple so that Calvinism can be shown to be very complex compared to the simplicity of the Bible.

Much of what John Calvin taught was good, and Biblical. But his ideas of predestination, limited atonement, and other doctrines are huge stumbling-blocks to the simple truth that, "God now commandeth all men everywhere to repent!"

So, here goes!

  1. Why preach ‘repent or perish’ when the non-elect can’t repent and the elect can’t perish?
  2. How can God hold the non-elect responsible for ‘not believing’ and damn them for it, when He deliberately did not give them the faith to enable them to believe in the first place?
  3. If Christ has already made an efficacious atonement for the sins of an elect person, is that elect person actually lost during the period prior to their being saved?
  4. During the period before an elect person gets saved, how are they condemned already (for not believing) when their unbelief (which is a sin) has already been paid for by Christ on the cross?
  5. If repentance is a gift only given to the elect, what did Jesus mean when He said that some of the people in hell would have repented if they had had the same opportunity as the people to whom He preached?
  6. Why does the Spirit of God strive and convict some sinners who later prove, by dying and going to hell, that they were non-elect? What is the purpose of such movings of the Spirit?

If the following is true:



John Smith is deliberately foreordained to commit sin


Is hated by God before He is born


Is predestined to go to hell before he is born


Cannot repent because God deliberately refuses to give him the gift of repentance


Cannot believe because God deliberately refuses to give him the gift of faith


Was not, is not and never will be loved by God in the slightest degree


Was deliberately excluded from the group of people Jesus died for on the cross so that salvation was intentionally and for ever put completely out of his reach:


Then, how is it John Smith’s fault that he will end up burning forever in the lake of fire?

Answering a Calvinist''s error on Predestination


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Bible - "Ye MUST be born again!"

Calvin -  "Ye are, or ye are not already chosen to be born again! So don't worry!"

(this is not a quote, but a summary)


It is so much more important to be a Bible-believer, instead of a Calvin-believer!


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