Wisdom’s Cry

Chapter Eight

Focus Verse: Prov 4:7   Lesson Verse:


I.         Introduction to Wisdom’s Cry


A.      God, in chapter 8, switches our attention from the seductive cry of the world, to the cry of Wisdom

B.       This is not ordinary wisdom – there are actually two kinds of wisdom (Jam 3:13-18)


1.        Wisdom of the world

2.        Wisdom from above


C.       What we might just call, True Wisdom

D.      So, for the next two chapters, God introduces us to the most beautiful thing in all of eternity – Wisdom

E.       Some have personified Wisdom and applied it to Jesus


1.        It is true that Jesus was FULL of wisdom – no one greater!

2.        But Wisdom is referred to in the feminine (Pr 9:1)

3.        God wants us to want Wisdom like we would seek a wife!


F.       Why? Because God appreciates wise people


1.        See for example, the Wise men from the east!

2.        Those who hear and obey God’s word are considered WISE, even though not very smart according to the world!



II.       Lesson - Wisdom’s Cry - Chapter Eight


A.      Wisdom’s Cry (8:1-5)


1.        Fact: God is never silent. How does God let us know about Himself?


a.       Creation cries out 24 hours a day (Ps 19)

b.       God always has a witness (Act 14:15-17)

c.       That’s why there are PREACHERS

d.       All for the purpose of revealing Himself


2.        God seeks to have us apply our hearts to reason (Isa 1:18)


a.       Ps 90:12  So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

b.       Pr 2:2  So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding;

c.       Pr 22:17  Bow down thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply thine heart unto my knowledge.

d.       Pr 23:12  Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.


3.        Wisdom’s cry is directed at


a.       Grown men – not just to “weak women and children”

b.       People who don’t know her


1)       The simple-minded – air-heads

2)       The ignorant – world-programmed (Acts 17)


4.        Wisdom cries passionately so that all people may know what true wisdom is, because knowing wisdom, means knowing GOD!


B.       Wisdom’s Constraint (8:6-9) Wisdom has some constraints upon it – things that limit it


1.        Will only speak about excellent things – wisdom is only wonderful

2.        Will only promote right things

3.        Will only present the truth

4.        Will always be plain and simple (Cf 2Cor 3:12)

5.        Will not ever impose itself – must be heard, tested, believed, and received

6.        Is for a lifetime, not a Sunday

7.        Cannot be compromised – mixed with anything else – or it becomes counterfeit – just as the devil’s lies! With God, it is either wisdom, or foolishness – either right, or wrong – no middle ground!


C.       Wisdom’s Character and Instruction (8:10-31)


1.        Wisdom has lots of relatives – part of a larger family


a.       Wisdom – the right use of knowledge. The ability to discern or judge what is right to do

b.       Understanding – comprehension of why things are right and wrong

c.       Prudence – the ability to avoid troubles

d.       Knowledge – information about things – can be good, or evil (Cf Gen 2:17)

e.       Curiosity – the desire to discover the unknown – a good thing, within limits!

f.        Inventiveness – the desire to be able to do the previously impos!sible


2.        Wisdom is only planted in a heart that fears the Lord – fear of God and Wisdom go hand-in-hand


a.       To fear the Lord is not simple

b.       It means to hate evil


1)       Pride – comes in all colours – an unreasonable assessment of something


a)       Be it your self, and abilities

b)       Or your accomplishments

c)       When we seek attention – like a lot of carnal Christians!


2)       Arrogancy – when you think you CAN do something greater than you really can – it is not just pride, it is pride in motion

3)       The evil way – wicked way of doing things instead of the right way, and Godly way

4)       Froward mouth – deceitful speech

5)       A Christian is to thoroughly HATE these things in your life, as a matter of natural abilities

6)       Yet, a Christian is to not limit the grace of God to enable you to do things you thought impossible (Philp 4:13)


3.        Wisdom is the secret ingredient in the life of great leaders – princes, kings, nobles, judges – none are great without true wisdom


a.       See Solomon

b.       See Daniel (Dan 1:17)


4.        Wisdom must be passionately sought after, and loved (8:17)

5.        Wisdom is worth having


a.       Results in true riches, durable wealth – laying up treasures

b.       It will lead you – not drive you, or trap you like the world’s system


6.        True Wisdom is an attribute of God (Rom 16:27; 1Tim 1:17; Jud 1:25)

7.        Wisdom came from God


a.       It always has been His delight

b.       God CREATED using His wisdom – not haphazard, or slipshod, but wisely built and maintained


1)       Longevity of the proton

2)       God created just 106 atoms, and from 106 atoms, God created everything!

3)       Life keeps going on!


8.        And what is most amazing is, that now God offers it to us


D.      Wisdom’s Concern (8:32-36)


1.        Wisdom has its own way of doing things

2.        Comes by hearing INSTRUCTION – not always wanting to do things by yourself, your own way

3.        Shut down the rebellion that wants to refuse it

4.        Who ever finds this wisdom, actually is going to get the BEST life there is! And will be honoured by the Lord

5.        But Wisdom is worried that if people sin against God’s wisdom, then they are actually hurting their own SOULS!

6.        To ignore God’s counsel and instruction is to actually love death! Look at Rock Music, and modern TV and Movies – the love of death!


III.     Conclusion and Study Questions


A.      Wisdom has been forgotten in this world for a long, long time

B.       The sinner who wisely turns to Christ for forgiveness, and salvation, is the wisest of all!

C.       The Christian who seeks to intermingle with all wisdom (Pr 18:1), will enjoy life the greatest

D.      The person who ignores patient, and careful counsel and instruction, will end up loving death!