The Book of Joshua

Chapter Two

The Salvation of a Sinner


Focus Verse: Joshua 1:9          Lesson Verse: Romans 10:11


I.      Introduction


  1. After 40 long years, the children of Israel were finally at the brink of the water Jordan. What lay ahead of them was the promised land! It had been a long hard journey through the wilderness, but now they were ready to go in and take possession of what God had promised them.
  2. There were however some obstacles ahead:


1.        A swelling river named Jordan.

2.        A fortified city name Jericho.

3.        And beyond them, the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Hivites, Perizzites, Girgashites, and the Jebusites!

4.        If you thought about it, you would get bogged-down in the length of the battle ahead, instead of the promise of victory that God gives you (Cf 1:1-9)!


  1. Before promised territory can be conquered (the abundant life), the heart has to surrender, and be conquered - by Joshua/Jesus! This is the KEY!


II.    Lesson - " The Salvation of a Sinner" (2:1-24)


  1. Two spies are sent into Jericho (2:1). No need this time to send in 12, like they did 40 years ago! They had learned their lesson - the more people involved, the more likely it is for walk by sight, and not by faith!
  2. They go into an harlot's house (2:1). The only person who would allow in strangers in the night.
  3. Rahab lies to protect the lives of the spies (2:2-7). She knows all about these Israelites, and risks everything to protect them.


1.        Exodus 1:18-20

2.        James 2:25

3.        Like many did in WW2


  1. Rahab gets converted (2:8-12). Note that her faith was no good (she was not truly "saved") until she obeyed what God said - to STAY in her house, and REST until the battle was done! That was her faith - obedience!
  2. Notice what is took for her family to get "saved" (2:13-18). There is no "respectable salvation" here!


1.        Rahab's family had to go down to the Red Light district, to a house of "ill-repute." They HAD to humble themselves - there is no other way! God will pull folks down as low as He can get them in order to get them saved. They HAVE to come DOWN, to be able to go UP!

2.        This is how God works (1 Cor 1:18-29). Totally different than man's ways - so that no flesh might glory in his sight!


a.       Here is true "salvation" - saved FROM something - from the destruction of the wrath of God against SIN (Gen 15:13-16)!!!

b.       Salvation requires people to number themselves with transgressors, publicans, sinners, and harlots (Mt 21:28-32)

c.       Our problem is in trying to get sinners to take their place WITH sinners. They must get lost in order to get found! (Matt 9:10-13)


  1. The spies return to the camp and give their report (2:23,24)


1.        It is always a great thing to discover God's promises are true!

2.        The inhabitants of the world "faint" because of STRONG Christians. That's why Satan's primary effort is directed against Christian unity based upon TRUTH, and RIGHT ACTIONS!

3.        These Jews would have been here 40 years earlier if they hadn't listened to the 10 faithless spies in Numbers 13 and 14. Their unbelief cost them dearly (Cf Heb 3:7-13)


III.   Conclusion and Study Questions


A.      What was the name of the woman in Jericho that repented? Rahab.

B.       What was her occupation and lifestyle before salvation? A harlot.

C.       What was her main concern? Her family’s safety and salvation from the wrath to come!

D.      How long had the Jews been wandering in the wilderness before arriving in the Promised Land? 40 years.