The Book of Joshua

Chapter One

Preparing To Serve


Focus Verse: Joshua 1:9   Lesson Verse: 1 Corinthians 15:57


“But thanks be unto God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”


I.      Introduction to the Book of Joshua


  1. The Book of Joshua in the Old Testament is what the Book of Acts is to the New Testament - the living out of the commands and laws of the Law.
  2. Getting a grasp of the lessons taught in Joshua will make the Christian stronger in battle against sin and temptation in their life!


II.    Chapter One - "Preparing to Serve!"


  1. Taking Stock of the Situation (Josh 1:1,2)


1.        Moses is dead. God passes the responsibility to Joshua (Dt 34:5; Josh 1:1,2)

2.        Who is this Joshua Guy Anyway? (1:1,2)


a.       A Man Under Authority (Ex 17:8-14)


1)       Luke 7:1-10

2)       Phil 2:5-8

3)       Loyal to Moses, because he was loyal to God (Col 3:22,23)


PRINCIPLE: God works through authority. Those who are outside of authority are in Satan's domain and unprotected. The "umbrella principle" (1 Cor 5:5; 1 Tim 1:20)


1)       Government - Romans 13:1,2

2)       Family - 1 Cor 11:3


b.       A Man Willing to Wait (Ex 24:9-18; 1Pe 5:6; Ps 37:34; Pr 20:22)


PRINCIPLE: Doing is always easier than waiting. God does not need a bunch of bull-headed people running ahead of Him.


Notice what happens when leaders do not learn to "wait":


1)       Aaron's incredible "Jack-in-the Box" idol (Ex 32)

2)       Saul at battle with the Philistines (1Sa 13). Looses his crown


c.       A Man With Settled Loyalty (Num 11:26-30)


1)       As in friendship

2)       As in marriage

3)       As in service to our country, not just to SELF

4)       As in our service to Jesus Christ


d.       A Man With an Unhindered View of God (Num 13:1,2, 21-33; 14:6-9). Joshua was not trusting in himself. He just knew that with God on his side nothing was impossible (Luke 1:37)!

e.       A Man Ready to Serve (Joshua 1:1-2)


This is how every Christian needs to be!


  1. Taking-Up the Challenge (1:3-18)


1.        The Extent of the Promised Possession (1:3,4)


a.       Everything that was promised to Abraham (600 years prior)

b.       Bigger than humanly possible!


2.        The Assurance of Victory (1:5) God makes promises and keeps them


a.       The conquest is always spoken of as have already taking place (past tense). (1:3,13,14,15...) - Notice God is outside of time!

b.       Not just A victory is promised, but TOTAL victory! Why?


1)       Because of God's presence - Jesus Christ would be with them doing the fighting

2)       Because of our faith/confidence in God - must have that!

3)       Because God's WORD is the sword that defeats the strongest


3.        The Challenge Ahead - to go and Possess the Inheritance (1:6,11)


a.       Possess means to "take charge of," "dominate," "be in charge of"

b.       This is our challenge! God has an inheritance for every believer (Act 20:32; 26:18) began at the new birth, is completed in heaven

c.       BUT! What God has for us is not just given to us on a silver platter, it is "obtained in battle"!


4.        The Means of Success (1:7-9). If you want to do God's will for your life and be successful in God's Eyes:


a.       Be strong - firm hold on God in faith

b.       Be VERY courageous - able to trust God through darkest night

c.       Make this Book (God's word) your words

d.       Make this Book your thoughts (meditation)

e.       Make this Book your actions ("what would Jesus do...")

f.        Let God go along with you (1:9) - don't kick Him out (Rev 3:20)


5.        The Message to the People - "Pack Up. We're Moving Out!" (1:10,11)

6.        The Conditions to Survival - No Stragglers Allowed! (1:12-18)


a.       No stragglers allowed - don't drag your feet, and be a skeptic (Jn 11:16). Keep your promises to the Lord


1)       Reubenites, Gadites, and the half tribe of Manassas settled for only a partial obedience to God - decided they liked it where they were - didn't want to get "fanatical" about faith

2)       They made a promise to fight WITH their people (the other tribes) until the enemies were subdued (Num 32:16-27)


b.       We are to fight as one body - true Christian unity is unstoppable

c.       No "conscientious objectors" in this army! All fully convinced of the value of winning the battles ahead (Rom 8:18; Rev 12:11)

d.       Complete commitment to the battle (1:16-18)! Their rebellion had cost them 40 years already - they weren't going to allow that to happen again! This time they were headed IN!


III.   Conclusion and Study Questions


A.      The Book of Joshua matches in type what New Testament Book? Acts

B.       List some of the things that made Joshua great? He was a man under authority; A man of great patience; A man of Loyalty; A man of great faith; and a Man ready to Serve!

C.       What was God’s particular challenge to Israel? Specifically to “go in, and POSSESS it!”

D.      Victory was promised based upon several conditions. Name one. Everybody being committed to the battle; Unity of the believers; Obedience to the Bible; and Great faith and confidence in God!