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A Three Semester Study of this brilliant Book
Module 1 Chapters 1-10 (January - May, 2013)
Module 2 Chapters 11-29 (January - May, 2014)
Module 3 Chapters 30-50 (September - December, 2014)
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The Book of Genesis - Module 1 (Chapters 1-10). A verse-by-verse study of this most fundamental Book of the Bible! It is the Foundation of the Bible. Just as the Book of the Revelation is the Capstone of the Bible. It is the cornerstone upon which EVERYTHING written in the Bible is based. Without it, none of the major themes of the Bible make any sense. Its Theme is all about "Beginnings": The beginning of Sin, Life and Death, The origin of Languages, The beginnings of music, the arts, and creativity, as well as the origin of the races God started off with one race (Adam and Eve).
(These will be added as the class progresses)
Introduction to the Book of Genesis Lesson 1
Genesis Chapter 1 Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Genesis Chapter 2 Lesson 4
Genesis Chapter 3 Lesson 5
Genesis Chapter 4 Lesson 6
Genesis Chapter 5 Lesson 7
Genesis Chapter 6 Lesson 8
Genesis Chapter 7 Lesson 9
Genesis Chapter 8 Lesson 10
Genesis Chapter 9 Lesson 11
Genesis Chapter 10 Lesson 12
Review for Final Exam

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