The Book of Genesis

Chapter Thirty Six

Esau’s Family

Lesson Verse:   


I.                     Lesson Introduction

II.                   Study Lesson


A.      Esau IS Edom

B.      Wives of Esau


1.        Adah of Elon, the Hittite

2.        Aholibama of Anah (a daughter) of Zibeon the Hivite

3.        Bashemath of Ishmael


C.      Descendants of Esau (36 4-19)


1.        By Adah


a.       Eliphaz by his wife


1)       Teman

2)       Omar

3)       Zepho

4)       Gatam

5)       Kenaz


b.       By Eliphaz’ concubine, Timna


1)       Amalek (Ex 17:8-16)

2)       A Bad line

3)       God commands Moses to WIPE THEM OUT!


2.        By Bashemath – Reuel


a.       Nahath

b.       Zerah

c.       Shammah

d.       Mizzah


3.        By Aholibamah the Hivite


a.       Jeush

b.       Jaalam

c.       Korah


4.        These last three sons became DUKES. Derived from the Latin dux, meaning "a leader;" Arabic, "a sheik." This word is used to denote the chief of a tribe.


D.      Canaan’s Kings (36:20-43)


1.        The Seven Dukes of Seir (36:20-30)

2.        The Eight Kings of Seir (36:31-39). Long before Israel had kings, Satan’s countries reigned as kings

3.        The Eleven Dukes of Edom (36:40-43)


III.                 Conclusion