The Book of Genesis

Chapter Twenty Seven

Stealing the Blessing - Getting Ahead of God

Lesson Verse: Psalm 37:1-7


I.         Lesson Introduction


A.      Here we have the classic woman who worries about things going wrong

B.       No rest in the Lord

C.       No confidence that God doesn’t need her to fulfil His will

D.      So, Rebekah ignores all the warning signs, and plays God

E.       And the cost is very high!

F.       Yes, she gets her son Jacob the blessing, but loses everything in the process


II.       Lesson


A.      Isaac’s Dying Request (27:1-4)


1.        Isaac is about 138 years old. Thought he was about to die, but was wrong – lived to be 180 years old (35:28)

2.        Taste for life – Reliving the memories

3.        Esau was a wicked man for the following reasons


a.       Sought to appeal to the carnal nature of his father

b.       Ignored anything spiritual – like the birthright

c.       Caused Isaac to want to “repay” Esau for all his past efforts in making his life so good


4.        Isaac wanted to make sure he was in the right mood when he blessed

5.        This is the only place in the Bible where a man depended upon a feeling, and he was deceived!

6.        Times when people blessed others


a.       At weddings

b.       At birth

c.       When passing on the heritage


B.       Rebekah’s Plan (27:5-17)


1.        She knew God’s will – as did Isaac

2.        Saw and feared the potential failures of her husband

3.        Figured a way to accomplish God’s will, in the flesh


a.       Just as Sarah did

b.       Just as Peter did when he swiped off the servant’s ear in the garden of Gethsemane


4.        Requires absolute obedience


a.       Even though she is not absolutely obeying God

b.       And not under the authority of her husband


5.        Her Plan


a.       Trick, deceive Isaac


1)       To Rebekah, the end result justifies the means

2)       Didn’t think she was really doing anything wrong

3)       Didn’t matter the she was not willing to just talk to Isaac, and let God work on his heart

4)       Didn’t matter even if she got in trouble


b.       Use goat’s meat


1)       It must taste a bit like deer meat (venison)


c.       Use the goat’s skin – to make hand gloves, and a hairy neck for Jacob

d.       Wear Esau’s best clothes


6.        Jacob’s worry


a.       Isaac might “see” through the deception

b.       Jacob might be cursed instead of blessed


C.      Jacob’s Deception (27:18-29)


1.        The Encounter


a.       Here is a blind man, attempting to discern the truth

b.       Here is a deceiver, trying to hide the truth


1)       Jacob’s voice was suspect

2)       Jacob’s ability was suspect

3)       Jacob’s skin was similar to Esau’s

4)       Jacob’s cooking was good

5)       Jacob’s smell was similar to Esau’s


c.       But it was not Jacob

d.       Same with false Gospels, and false Jesus (Gal 1:6-9; 2Cor 11:1-4, 13-15)


2.        The Blessing


a.       Isaac had wrong ideas about the “fields” – they were not blessed, but cursed (Gen 3:17-19)

b.       Asks God’s blessing upon all of Jacob’s crops, and fields

c.       Asks God to make peoples serve Jacob and his descendants – including any other sons of Isaac and Rebekah

d.       Isaac places God’s special covenant blessing upon Jacob – don’t curse Jacob!


D.      Esau’s Defeat (27:30-40)


1.        Comes into the room just minutes after Jacob accepts the blessing

2.        Announces he has done as commanded – obeyed the strict interpretation of the law

3.        But didn’t count on another force being at work, that would steal the blessing from him

4.        Isaac is shocked, and was overwhelmed with surprise – he had been tricked (that’s how people will feel when they end up in hell)!

5.        Isaac surrenders to the inevitable (Gen 27:33)


a.       God uses authorities to bless and curse nations

b.       Even when those authorities do it wrongly

c.       Isaac prophesies – Jacob WILL win out in the end

d.       Jacob remembers (25:23)


6.        NOW Esau feels the pain for his neglect, and non-interest

7.        Cried with a great and exceeding bitter cry

8.        Begged

9.        But there was nothing more Isaac could do – his word was as good as law, and could not be changed

10.     Esau was cheated out of something he never wanted until it was too late


a.       Cheated subtly

b.       Cheated completely

c.       Realises that Jacob had supplanted him two times now


1)       But is it not true that Esau did not care the first time

2)       And this time was due to out-smarting Esau


11.     Now Isaac realises that he had never really cared for Jacob before – he had not reserved a blessing for Jacob at all, so there was now none for his favourite son, Esau!


a.       Esau must serve his younger brother

b.       Isaac should have brought up God’s will, and words, but neglected to

c.       Jacob gets all the farm, and the authority


12.     Isaac does find a little blessing


a.       Live among the already blessings of the fatness of the earth

b.       Live by your sword

c.       Serve your brother

d.       One day, break free of Jacob


13.     What a dumb thing to tell your son, when you KNOW that was not God’s will!


E.       Sin’s Shadow (27:41-46)


1.        Esau’s hatred

2.        Hatred turns to murder – will hunt him down

3.        Hatred becomes a comfort – part of the life. Esau passes this hatred onto his descendants, and they only hate Israel

4.        Rebekah begins to hurt


a.       Has to send away her beloved son to her brother for a wife

b.       Thought that maybe Esau’s hatred would subside “a few days”. Her few days turns into 20 years (31:41)

c.       Tells Jacob to OBEY her again! Jacob only obeys when there is propfit for him

d.       Thinking only of herself – “Why should ‘I’ be deprived of you both?”

e.       Lies to her husband about why she has to send Jacob away

f.        Rebekah will never see Jacob again alive!


III.     Conclusions

IV.    Study Questions