The Book of Genesis

Chapter Twenty One

The Birth of Isaac - The Son of Promise

Lesson Verse: Gal 4:29              


I.         Lesson Introduction




II.       Lesson


A.      The Birth of Isaac (Gen 21:1-8)


1.        Visited Sarah

2.        Named the child, Isaac – Laughter

3.        Circumcised the eighth day

4.        Abraham was 100 years old

5.        Sarah was 90 years old

6.        Sarah’s Joy


a.       Abraham wasn’t the only one laughing

b.       Sarah realized that GOD had MADE her to laugh – had done what it took to encourage and bless her life!

c.       Had received strength (Heb 11:11) to


1)       Conceive – very complicated and draining process

2)       Carry the child to term – 9 long moths

3)       Deliver the baby – near death

4)       Nourish the baby – give suck


7.        Isaac’s weaning


a.       Anywhere from 2 – 5 years old

b.       Abraham makes a feast because Isaac had now escaped the dangers of infancy, and had gone through or got over those disorders infants are exposed unto, and had his health confirmed, and there was great likelihood of his living and becoming a man, since now he could eat and digest more solid and substantial food

c.       This was great joy to Abraham, which he expressed by making a grand and sumptuous entertainment for his family, and for his neighbours, whom he might invite upon this occasion.

d.       This was a great occasion to brag on God’s goodness to such a family as Abraham and Sarah!


B.       The Bondwoman Cast Out (Gen 21:9-16)


1.        Ishmael mocked Isaac, and endangered his life (Gal 4:29)

2.        Sarah demands that Ishmael and his mother be cast-out


a.       Sarah senses something is going to go very wrong if Ishmael stays around – a woman’s intuition

b.       Ishmael was a threat to Isaac – by killing him, or trying to take the inheritance in half

c.       The thing was very grievous to Abraham – he loved his son Ishmael


3.        God confirms Sarah’s sense of the situation (21:12)


a.       Hearken to Sarah

b.       It is important to do what your wife says when it is right to do – no matter your own personal feelings

c.       God used this to show HIS use of GRACE over the Law (Gal 4:21-31)


4.        God Promises to take care of Ishmael, because he is from Abraham


a.       Everything that Abraham touches or influences gets blessed

b.       Just like Jonah

c.       Just like it is supposed to be with Christians


5.        Abraham gets a few provisions – not much - Bread and water

6.        Sends them both away


a.       Hagar

b.       Ishmael – 15-17years old

c.       Out into the desert of Beersheba


7.        Disaster for Hagar


a.       Abandoned by her mistress and her boss

b.       Out in a desert

c.       With no food or water

d.       Starving and crying son

e.       Then God showed up!


C.       Covenant with Hagar and Ishmael (Gen 21:17-21)


1.        God hears the cry of Ishmael - He already had heard Hagar’s cry (Gen 16:7-9)

2.        Asks, What’s wrong with you Hagar?

3.        Fear Not!


a.       Only the second time in Scripture that God has told someone NOT to fear

b.       The other was to Abram in Gen 15:1

c.       63 times in Scripture

4.        I am already at work with Ishmael - I will make of him a great nation

5.        God opened Hagar’s eyes to the well nearby


a.       God’s provisions are many times already there

b.       Our own fears and depressions blind our eyes

c.       Most of the times, our unbelief blinds us


6.        Ishmael became an ARCHER – like Nimrod

7.        Lived in the wilderness of Paran - a desert tract forming the north-eastern division of the peninsula of Sinai.

8.        Ishmael married an Egyptian – a woman like his mother. Most unsaved men marry a girl who is like his mother


D.      Abraham’s Agreement with Abimelech (Gen 21:22-32)


1.        Abimelech knew God was with Abraham – wanted to be on Abraham’s side in any war

2.        Abimelech asks for protection from Abraham through three generations

3.        Abraham promises by a swear (21:24)

4.        Abraham takes the opportunity to clear the air about some problems between himself and Abimelech


a.       A well of Abraham’s was violently taken over by Abimelech’s men

b.       Abimelech didn’t know it had happened


5.        Abraham gave sheep and oxen as a gift to Abimelech, and made a solemn agreement, a vow, a covenant


a.       Seven sheep witness the swearing between the two leaders

b.       They became the property of Abimelech

c.       All to remind Abimelech that Abraham owned the well


6.        The well was named Beer-sheba


a.       The water of the seven

b.       Well of the oath, or well of seven,

c.       On re-opening it, Isaac gave it the same name (Ge 26:31-33

d.       It was a favourite place of abode of both of these patriarchs (Ge 21:33-34; Ge 22:1,19 26:33 28:10


E.       The Grove (Gen 21:33,34)


1.        Planted a row of trees

2.        Maybe for future use

3.        These groves of trees became used for demonic worship

4.        But here, Abraham worships God

5.        Calls God, the Everlasting God – El Olam


III.     Applications

IV.    Study Questions