Bible Doctrines 1 

The Doctrine of God  

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Audio Class Lessons in PDF and MP3 Format to Download

Lesson Notes MP3 Audio Files
Intro, Existence, & Definition of God Lesson 1 Mp3
Views of God Among Unbelievers & Names of God Lesson 2 Mp3
Nature of God Lesson 3 Mp3
  Lesson 4 Mp3
  Lesson 5 Mp3
Attributes of God Lesson 6 Mp3
  Lesson 7 Mp3
  Lesson 8 Mp3
  Lesson 9 Mp3
  Lesson 10 Mp3
  Lesson 11 Mp3
  Lesson 12 Mp3
God As Father Lesson 13 Mp3
  Lesson 14 Mp3

Class Requirements

 Requirements To Complete This Class:

  1. Attend 80% of all classes

  2. Write a three page summary of one of the attributes of God that most impresses you.

  3. Pass the Final Exam at the end of this class