Facts are stubborn things. There are no emotions associated with facts. Facts speak for themselves. That’s why people do not like facts. They prefer news commentators instead of reporters! People prefer talk shows to pure fact presentation. But when it comes to this Bible, you only find facts- things that God says are "so." God is not interested in opinions, or philosophy. God is interested in people knowing how to be saved!

  That’s why Jesus Christ came - to prove how much God is interested in us, and in our eternal destiny! That’s why God gave us His word - to have something that both tells us what God expects of us, and also so that we had something SURE and certain that we can trust completely!

 Now there are some very interesting facts about salvation. Lots of misconceptions about it, so let’s take the time to examine what Christ said in Matthew 7 about being saved!

A.      Not Everyone is Going to Be Saved (Matthew 7:13,14) - People have to Choose to Be Saved!

1.        True Salvation is based upon a choice - What Gate are you going to trust to lead you to heaven? A big and wide gate that everyone else is going through, or a small, narrow little gate that has no attraction other than its simplicity? YOU have to make a choice. And it has to be the RIGHT choice! NOT all gates lead to heaven

2.        True Salvation involves hardships.

a.        It involves total commitment (FAITH) to go through a single, narrow gate/door, trusting that on the other side is life!

b.       It is unpopular. Lots of resistance. “Many there be” vs, “few there be”. The Bible way has NEVER been the popular way. WHY? Because it does not allow for people to be good enough to get to heaven any other way - it is truly exclusive! Either it is God’s way, or no way! People don’t like that!

c.        So, it is based on fulfilling God’s requirements - not some church’s, or even your own estimation of what God expects

3.        True Salvation results in eternal life. It is worth what it costs you!

B.       More People Will Be Lost, Than Saved (7:13)

1.        People prefer their own way. Religion is always more popular than Jesus Christ! Everyone is religious! The issue is, have you given up your religion, and embraced only Christ?

2.        People prefer the popular way.

3.        People prefer the easiest way - just keep going the same way as always (Cf John 3:18). Least resistance!

4.        People end up in hell this way!

C.       Those Who Are Saved, Will Be Different (7:15-20)

1.        Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can just fit into the old crowd now that you are saved! A True Christian is different:

a.        Forgiven - no longer working at trying to pay off sins

b.       Secure - Knows exactly where they are going when they die

c.        Confident - They believe completely what God said, over and above what any and all other people may think!

d.       Content - No longer living for themselves, but for Someone that they trust and believe in, and yet have never seen!

e.        They don’t fit anywhere - Because they don’t go on strikes, they don’t bomb other religious organizations, they don’t waste time worry about politics and sports - they care about souls of other people who need Christ!

2.        There are so many FALSE religions - the true Christian is warned to beware of them! They may have a wonderful outside for sure: Charity focus, Humility, Nice cars and religious clothes, All outside - to impress. But inside they are the same as they always have been, if not worse!

3.        The key is your fruit. Is there anything different in your life? EX: of grafting two trees together to get a fruit producing tree. People ought to be able to tell that you are a Christian - different

D.      Many Expecting to be Saved Will Be Lost (7:21-23). Imagine the shock all these very religious people will get when they stand before Christ, and He says, “WHO ARE YOU?” And then sends them to hell!

1.        Prayers (“Lord, Lord”) are not enough to get you to heaven

2.        Good works are not enough to get you to heaven (7:22). Even miraculous works (Medjugorje, Lourdes, tongues, exorcism)

3.        Knowledge is not enough - All the head knowledge about religion will get you nowhere closer to heaven. EX of theologians, Canons

4.        Only God’s way will work (7:21). God set out the only plan for people to become saved from hell - Complete trust in Christ!


E.       No One Can Be Saved After Death (7:23)

1.        No further chances. You cannot repent and be saved then- too late

2.        No purgatory. No one is consigned to purgatory, but to hell fire (7:19) to be burned, not purified!

3.        No prayers for the dead will avail! IT IS TOO LATE THEN!

F.       This Could Be Your Last Chance to Be Saved

1.        2 Cor 6:2 says, “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation.” Not tomorrow, not next week, but today!

2.        Are you truly saved? Have you ever come to Christ as a sinner, trusting solely in HIM to save you? If not, then trust Him now!

3.        If you are saved, does anyone know it? Is your life still the same old stuff, or is there fruit in your life, proof that your heart has been made completely over. Do you love this Book, and its Author? Do you spend any time in prayer with Him?

According to God, therefore -

You fall into one of only two categories: either you are a sinner, headed for a real place called hell, for all eternity, or are a sinner, saved by the grace of Almighty God by an act of your free-will in calling upon Jesus in prayer, and repenting of your sinfulness, and asking for forgiveness – all by faith! There are no religious efforts required other than surrender! For eternity’s sake friend, be saved today!