Meet the Team Leaders

These are the folks who make things happen around here. They are the servants who go all out to make sure everyone is Growing, and Going!


These are the men who lead, and feed the flock of God here in Ballincollig.

Pastor Craig Ledbetter


These men have been identified by the church folks as being spiritually qualified to work as part of the leadership team representing the whole of the church's interests. They regularly meet with the pastors, and make sure the church body stays in unity as we all follow the Lord Jesus.

Bill D

Hannes O

Leo L

Eric Mc

John M

Edward A

Darren L

Sunday School Teachers

Nita Ledbetter -
Children's Sunday School teacher

Mona Mayers -
Children's Sunday School teacher

Gina Daly -
Children's Sunday School teacher

Bill D - Soulwinning Director

Mona M - Church Secretary