I.       Projects 


A.     Priority Projects


1.       Church Related Tasks

2.       Training in Discipleship

3.       Work on the Irish Bible Project – Gospel of Luke, Acts and Revelation

4.       Write Bible Moments                                                                                                  

5.       Maintain Website – create secret TeamCentral set of pages under biblebc.com             Craig

6.       Property Search – keep list of candidate sites, visit them                                                Greg

7.       Leadership Training – collect resources to make available to all team leaders

8.       Bible Institute Start-up in January


B.     Secondary Projects


1.       Develop TeamCentral functionality

2.       Write weekly Church Bulletin and print it out for each week

3.       Organizing and labelling photo album of church on computer                                  Sharon/Ruth

4.       New Life Challenger project – once a month

5.       The Open Challenge Project

6.       Beginners Study Bible

7.       Start-up of new Bible Studies in Macroom, Innishannon, Youghal and Killarney


II.    Planning 


A.     Christmas Offering – how to make the offering special

B.     Church Business Meetings


1.       Mallow to be brought up to date, and given a great vision

2.       Ballincollig to set out do-able budget, and strive for mortgage


C.     Next Elder’s Meeting


1.       Lay out planning for 2005

2.       Identify who is doing what ministries – what ministries should we make available to them


D.     Mission’s Conference in April


1.       Who to have in? Jerome Pitman?

2.       What is our focus? Feeding the 5,000 – How Did It happen?

3.       How to make people more aware of our task?


E.      Revival in March in Ballincollig

F.      Men’s Retreat in April

G.     Ladies Retreat in Dublin

H.     Summer Bible Clubs in July

I.        Youth Camps in August

J.       Church Retreat?

K.     Church Activity Planning

L.      Sunday School


1.       Ordering new teaching materials

2.       How to get Sunday School started in Mallow


III. Performance – ways we measure accomplishment 

A.     Weekly Soul-Winning – number of homes door-knocked

B.     Visitation – four groups to visit 

1.       New Visitors

2.       Past visitors and Bible Club prospects

3.       Backslidden Christians

4.       Hospital-bound people 

C.     Publishing 

1.       Tract Development

2.       Articles for the website

3.       Open Challenge

4.       Ads for various advertising programmes


IV.  Pay Bills 

A.     Pay Missions (Quarterly)                                                                                                    Craig

B.     Pay church rent monthly                                                                                                     Craig

C.     Make weekly Church General Deposit                                                                                Craig


V.     Church Records 

A.     Maintain Church Calendar                                                                                                  Craig

B.     Take attendance in Mallow                                                                                                 Pat

C.     Create Church Calendars using PrintMaster                                                                        Craig

D.     Keep Church record Books up-to-date (both paper and computer lists) – meet with Celine     Craig

E.      Enter church bank Books monthly                                                                                       Sharon


VI.  Church Activities 

A.     Maintain Prayer List for Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting                                                    Greg

B.     Preaching – include more men: Kevin, Martin, Tony, etc.

C.     Lead Singing in Ballincollig – when martin is not there                                                          Greg

D.     Lead Singing in Mallow

E.      Bring the Offering Box                                                                                                       Craig

F.      Keep, Maintain, Bring, take home and wash the Tea Box                                                     _______

G.     Special Music – singing specials and getting others to sing specials                                        Greg

H.     Should we strive to have an adult Sunday School time? Bill Daunt as teacher                         Bill 

1.       Requires talking with Bill

2.       Making sure he has materials and is fully supported 

I.        Give Church Announcements                                                                                             Greg

J.       Maintain bookstore and video library 

1.       Keep record of who purchases what item and for how much

2.       Keep record of who checks out videos and DVD’s

3.       Keep list of items wanted for quarterly ordering 

K.     Prepare memory verses for each church and teach the verses in Church

L.      Missions Support Activities 

1.       Summarizing the Missionary Prayer Letters we receive

2.       Write up summary in the Church Bulletin

3.       Get people to write our missionaries – ladies during their Coffee Mornings 

M.    Teaching Wednesday Evening Bible Study in Ballincollig                                                      Craig

N.     Teaching Thursday Evening Bible Study in Mallow                                                              Greg

O.     Teaching Soul-Winning Course                                                                                           Martin


VII.     External Activities 

A.     Visitation                                                                                                                           Craig

B.     Soul-Winning                                                                                                                     Martin

C.     Discipleship                                                                                                                      

D.     Youth Bible Study – every other Friday Night                                                                      Craig


VIII.        Needs (see also Needs of the Churches Document) 

A.     New Hymnals

B.     Tape Duplicator

C.     Printers in the States for the printing of Tracts and booklets (List of materials)

D.     Publisher in the US for First Principles, and Irish Bible project

E.      More Music sources for people in the Church

F.      Get the books of Acts and Revelation typed-in, in Irish                                                         Craig


Church Related Tasks



A.     How to fill-in the Church Record Books for both Churches


B.     Paying Rent in both Ballincollig and Mallow


C.     Ordering Church Supplies


1.      Viking

2.      Regular Baptist Press

3.      Penfold Book and Bible House

4.      Majesty Music

5.      Adding additional Suppliers


D.     Developing New Church Stuff


1.      New member packs

2.      Visitor Packets


E.      Church Calendars


F.      Bank related Issues


1.      Church Bank Accounts – Ulster Bank


a.       Current Accounts

b.      Building Funds


2.      Church Bank Records


3.      Making Church Deposits


4.      Who can write checks


a.       Ballincollig

b.      Mallow


G.     Entering Church records into Computer Databases


H.     Church Databases and Files


1.      Visitor Database

2.      People Saved

3.      People Baptized

4.      People who need to be baptized

5.      Church Members

6.      Elders

7.      Discipleships




Training in Discipleships


The goal is to train Greg Durham as well as as many of the following people as possible in how to Disciple:


The method for training involves:


People who need to be discipled:


  1. Gina Mahony
  2. Devon Muller
  3. Richard Keating
  4. Barry Keating
  5. David DuTois
  6. Joan DuTois


People who are currently being discipled:



Leadership Training


Areas of development for the leaders in both churches




Materials for helping in the training of the leaders



People Needing Training in leadership and in what area



Bible Institute


Start-up in January

Need a location – Martin’s home

What day of the week – Saturday, or Tuesday evenings

How long each session? 2.5 hours – 7-9.30pm

There must be a cost

Courses to teach – schedule


What I can use to draw on for materials – material I ordered from Philippines

Materials to order

Wilmington’s Guide to the Bible

Ruckman’s Problem texts

God’s answers to Man’s Questions

Ruckman’s Theological Studies – Vol I and II


Christmas Offering


Use Church Bulletin to inform everybody of our current account

List Last year’s offering amount

Remind everybody every meeting of the offering’s importance – the Church property


Church Business Meeting Planning


These are the ideas and plans for the upcoming Church business meetings for Blarney and Mallow


The review of previous year’s (2000 and onwards) Efforts

        Enter info in Blarney Church Records

        Enter info in Mallow Church Records

Borrow Lionel’s projector

Prepare Powerpoint presentation

Print out handouts of business meeting

Evaluation of Successes and failures


            Number saved

            Number Baptized



Proposed Discussion Ideas

-         Property

-         Calendar

-         Revival

-         Blarney’s 11th Anniversary

-         Mallow’s anniversary

-         Raising Finances

-         Church Organisation – status of membership

-         Elders report


Plan for 2005 – the Battle Plan – Proposed Schedule, and Budget - Goals


Using Offering Envelopes!



Irish Bible Project




TeamCentral Development




·        The ability to interact with the website – download, edit, and then upload again each file

·        Member login

·        Journal/blogging