Some Great “I Wills” of God

What a Believer Can Believe About God

Romans 8:28


June 29, 2014 AM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Romans 8:28)


A.    As a believer, God made you and I NO PROMISES of a life without: troubles, heartaches, disappointments, hardships, Let-downs, Storms, Or even disasters


1.      As a matter of fact, all those things are actually promised to God’s people – we are NOT immune to any of those things, but will probably have them in bucket-loads

2.      Don’t believe the LIE that God does not intend for troubles in our lives. No!


B.     But instead, believe that the Lord promises to make up for all of them – ALL of them!

C.     That’s why He wrote Romans 8:28. Just listen to it!


1.      And we know” – most people don’t know this Scripture. But a Christian should know this verse; should love this verse!

2.      that all things” – absolutely everything in your life

3.      work together for good” – Wow! What a promise! Every-thing, no matter how bad in our lives, will actually come out for good in the end!

4.      to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”


D.    But, How can God accomplish Romans 8:28 in the life of a believer?


1.      He just does! That’s who He is! The Promise Keeper!

2.      There just is NOTHING too hard for Him!

3.      Isaiah 55:11 – one of THE greatest promises ever given by God, that promises that He will KEEP His promises! AMEN!


E.     Why haven’t MORE people experienced Romans 8:28? This promise was made, and written down, and is available to anyone in this room this morning! Then Why isn’t it being enjoyed by more? Why aren’t Christians the most encouraged people in the world?


1.      Amazingly, because they don’t KNOW it! They have never read it, or haven’t read it in a very long time!

2.      And even more amazingly, because they don’t believe it!

3.      You see, the promises of God are enjoyed only by faith! Most are not automatic!


a.       Almost every promise in the Bible is conditioned on a person believing God is a rewarder of those who diligently seeks HIM!

b.      So many just expect God to be blessing them, taking good care of them, when they aren’t walking with Him, and not trusting and obeying Him!


4.      Focusing on myself helps nothing. I fail. I let people down. I have no idea what to do so many times.

5.      That’s why I need to focus on Someone who never fails; who never lets anyone down; who always knows just what to do!


F.      That’s why the Bible says that you and I need to constantly consider, think about, ponder, and have a good understand of “HIM” (Hebrews 12:3)! That’s JESUS! Consider ALL the things HE has promised us, and that He is committed to doing in our lives!

G.    This morning, I just want to encourage you to trust Him again, and get back to considering HIM! It will so encourage you. And some of you, it will save your soul!


II.    Message – Some Great Things You Can Count on God to Give You, if ONLY You Will Believe! (just listen to the promises of God)!


A.    Perfect Peace - You Can Count on God For Perfect Peace (Isaiah 26:3)


1.      People want God to give them more money, and a better way of life

2.      God promises to KEEP a person in PERFECT peace! Perfect peace – think about it!


a.       I don’t know if YOU need this, but I know “I” do!

b.      It is what every YOGA master strives for

c.       It is what every drug addict yearns for

d.      It is what every mother with young children dream about


3.      A believer, any born again believer, CAN trust God for such peace! It is available


a.       Undisturbable peace

b.      It is Peace, UPON Peace – THICK peace - layers of peace

c.       Perfect peace is NOT the absence of problems

d.      But the absence of panic, and fear IN the problem


4.      Wouldn’t you like that? Jesus gives it – freely – abundantly (Matthew 11:28-30)

5.      How?


a.       Not by seeking perfect peace itself… that is the wrong thing to want

b.      But by seeking Christ! Having your mind “stayed” (anchored) on Him!


1)      What does YOUR mind think about? Focus on? Probably a lot of wrong things

2)      Instead, have a constant walk with Jesus – so foreign today

3)      Seek to walk with a Perfect Lord and Saviour through each day – a perfect Friend, and perfect peace will flow over you like a river (Isaiah 48:18)

4)      Walk with Him through every trial, through every valley, trusting Him to get you through! Talk with Him. Listen to Him. Trust in Him!

5)      And he WILL give you perfect peace!

6)      Psalm 23:4 was written NOT for dead people at a gravesite, but for the living, who need perfect peace in the valley of the shadow of death!


6.      This morning, I encourage you to know that God has perfect peace for absolutely everyone who will seek to follow Jesus Christ – the PRINCE of Peace!


B.     Wisdom and Guidance - You Can Count on God For Wisdom and Guidance (Proverbs 3:5,6; Psalm 32:8)


1.      Have you ever just felt lost? Didn’t know what to do about something important? Probably pretty regularly, huh?


a.       We are told in James 1:5 that if any of us need wisdom, if any of us need help knowing what to do, then God WILL give it to us liberally, abundantly!

b.      In other words, You can count on Him to always know what to do, and to show you the next step for you to take


2.      Yet, How many of you have memorised Proverbs 3:5,6 and yet never availed of the perfect guidance from heaven that God offers His people?

3.      Look at God’s commitment to us…


a.       He SHALL direct thy paths

b.      I will instruct thee… I will guide thee


4.      So, What’s required to enjoy God’s perfect guidance and direction in their life? Wisdom and Guidance only comes guaranteed to those who:


a.       Trust God with all their heart. Simply Trusting in the Lord – believe that He knows best

b.      And ignore their own feelings and understanding!

c.       God is NOT asking you to trust in yourself, or in the path He is leading you onto, but to trust in the LORD who knows the path (Job 23:8-10)!!!


5.      Will you decide this morning to faithfully trust HIM to always know what to do, and to show you the next step for you to take, even if don’t like what He shows you?


C.    Growth and Maturity - You Can Count on God For Growth and Maturity (Psalm 138:8; Romans 8:29)


1.      He is committed to working ON you, fixing you, maturing you – thank God!


a.       Whether you like it or not, He is working on you

b.      Only YOU determine how long He has to take to finish what He is doing!

c.       In other words, your Growth and Maturity WILL HAPPEN if you just quit fighting His work on you!


2.      My life verse in Scripture is Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ


a.       He will complete what he has begun.

b.      He will not begin to help me, and then abandon me.

c.       He will not promise to save me, and then fail to.

d.      He will not start to encourage me, and then cast me off.

e.       He will not save a soul, and then leave it to perish.

f.       “Grace will complete what grace begins.”

g.      I may not be confident of much, but of THAT work, I am very confident!


3.      So, what can you trust, count on?


a.       That God is moulding you, growing you, maturing you, making you like His Son

b.      (Rom 8:29, “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.”)


4.      Are you making it EASY for Him to work? Or hard?


D.    Strength and Protection - You Can Count on God For ALL the Strength and Protection You Will Ever Need (1st Corinthians 10:13; Isaiah 41:10; 43:2)


1.      I love these Scriptures!

2.      God WILL NOT SUFFER (allow) you to be tempted ABOVE that ye are able!


a.       THANK GOD!

b.      You think you have been taken too far (as have I), but that would make God a liar!

c.       You can count on our precious Lord to protect you from being crushed!

d.      He will give you strength against the temptations, the pressures!

e.       You can count on it!


3.      Are you under Demonic attack? (Isaiah 41:10)

4.      Experiencing a Life disaster?

5.      God says, “Be not dismayed” (to have no more strength because perplexed)


a.       He promises… “I will be with thee  For I am thy God

b.      I will strengthen thee

c.       Yea, I will help thee” – Supernatural Strength!


6.      Supernatural Strength and Protection is available to any believer in this room, but only as you accept His ways of escape instead of YOURS!


a.       You may escape into TV watching for hours and days

b.      You may escape to the pub

c.       You may escape into fantasy games, and fantasy novels

d.      You may escape by just getting away from everybody

e.       But the Lord will always show you THE right way of escape


7.      2Cor 12:10  Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.”


E.     Supply - You Can Count on God to Supply for Every Need (Philp 4:19)


1.      In know people feel like God is not taking very good care of them

2.      But God is committed to taking good care of His children


a.       Not by giving them everything they want

b.      Or giving them what they think they need

c.       But what HE knows we need (Matthew 6:28-30; 6:8)


1)      He takes care of the ravens, the sparrows

2)      He clothes the lily’s

3)      He knows what you and I need, before we even ask Him


3.      Sometimes, well, most often, what we REALLY need is…


a.       We need to do without things, instead of get more things

b.      We need to be humbled

c.       We need to learn to pray instead of gloat

d.      We need to just serve and give of ourselves instead of GET

e.       We need to do right, even when it is a sacrifice

f.       We need to praise God for just being God


4.      But in the midst of all that, you can be sure that your heavenly Father will take good care of you! He is committed to doing just that!

5.      So, next time you want to gripe and complain… remember that God is taking care of you! Taking good care!

6.      All you have to do to is open your eyes and start thanking Him for what He has done even just today! He is doing a great job! And He will continue, if you just let Him!


F.     Christ’s Presence - You Can Count on God For His Presence (Hebrews 13:5,6)


1.      Listen to His promise – His commitment:


a.       I will never leave thee

b.      I will never forsake thee


2.      You see, when you got born again, JESUS moved residence – right into your heart

3.      And He is not going anywhere!


a.       It may SEEM like He is not around, but believe me – He is with you, and WILL be with you all the way home!

b.      Either Jesus means what He says here, or he is a liar!

c.       I believe he meant it!

d.      I am never alone. Ever!

e.       And that gives ME courage to trust the Lord to be my helper, so that I no longer have to fear anyone, or anything!


4.      Aren’t any of you glad to be Bible believers? What great, encouraging promises that God has given to each of us!!!


G.    Christ’s Return - You Can Count on God For His Return (John 14:3) – He is Coming Back Again!


1.      Oh this is awesome! Jesus says, “I will come again” – what a promise!

2.      Thank God that He came!


a.       That the Messiah was born, lived the only perfect life ever lived on this sin-cursed planet, and then was crucified on a criminal’s cross, and then rose again 3 long days later, victorious over sin AND death

b.      Praise God that Jesus came!


3.      But PRAISE GOD, that He is COMING AGAIN!


a.       Oh how the world today thinks they are getting RID of Jesus, and the Bible, and Christianity…

b.      Well, they have another thing coming… HIM! HE is coming!

c.       And the NEXT time He comes, it will be for US! “I will receive you unto myself” – the rapture!

d.      And then He will take care of the god of this world, and the antichrist, and all the wicked world system that has killed and tortured and ruined the lives of absolutely everyone who ever lived!


4.      Jesus is coming again to make everything right!

5.      All Jesus asks of us is to be ready, Because He is coming when we think not!

6.      Are YOU ready?


H.    Forgiveness - You Can Count on God For His Forgiveness (Heb 8:12; 1st John 2:1,2)


1.      His encouraging promise…


a.       I will be merciful to their unrighteousness

b.      and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”

c.       You may not think that THAT is very encouraging

d.      But for those of us who know the seriousness of our sins, it is one of THE best promises that God ever made!


1)      That Jesus IS the propitiation, the full and complete payment for every sin every committed!

2)      Every wrong attitude, every hurtful word, every sinful desire! Is has all been paid for, and forgiven, by Jesus Christ!


2.      If anyone tells you that you just need to be good…

3.      If anyone tells you that just get baptised and you will be fine…


a.       They are lying – there is NONE good, no not one - Baptism cannot save anyone!

b.      Only what JESUS did can forgive someone!

c.       And, Only by BELIEVING in what Jesus did can you experience the forgiveness of the cross!


4.      Have you ever bowed your head, and talked directly to God and like a child, admitted you are a sinner, lost and without hope?

5.      Have you ever asked Him to forgive you of absolutely every sin you have ever and will ever commit, simply because He said you could?

6.      Jesus promises that He will refuse NO ONE (John 6:37, “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”)


III. What YOU need to do to experience all of the above…


A.    Romans 8:28 was written “to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

B.     So, The Promise of Romans 8:28 starts in reverse…


1.      I know you desperately need real peace, rock solid wisdom and guidance, supernatural strength and protection, the supply for every need, a real church that tells the truth, Christ’s presence, and His soon return

2.      But none of that will happen to you unless you are born again and receive the forgiveness for all YOUR sins that Jesus paid for by Himself!

3.      You have got to receive that gift that He has provided to YOU!


C.     And once you do, you can THEN start to live, believing all of these promises and more…


1.      For Perfect Peace as you humbly walk with God

2.      For Rock Solid Wisdom and Guidance as you willingly trust God with all your heart, and ignore your own feelings and understanding!

3.      For supernatural Strength and Protection as you accept His ways of escape instead of YOURS!

4.      For God’s Supply – that it will always be there, right when you need it!

5.      For a Church that will teach you as you to faithfully assemble with it!

6.      For His Presence when you can’t see or sense Him!

7.      For His Return – Hey! He is Coming Back Again whether we are ready or not! Start looking forward to it Christian! It will pick you up every time!