She Hath Done What She Could

A Tribute to Godly Moms

Mother’s Day 2014 in Ireland

Mark 14

Pastor Craig Ledbetter                                           

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

23 March, 2014  AM


I.      Introduction


A.     Words spoken to a Mom…


1.       I’m hungry

2.      I’m cold

3.      I’m hot

4.      Can I have this?

5.      I want to watch…

6.      Can you help me?

7.      He hurt me!

8.     She hit me!

9.      When are we…?

10.  Why are we…?

11.   Why can’t I?


B.     Words spoken to a Dad…


1.       Where’s Mom?


C.     This morning, I’d love to honour my mom, my wife, and all moms in general… but I don’t think I’m up to the task. How can you put such appreciation into words? How do I say what needs to be said? Well, I will let the words of Jesus, express that honour!

D.    Motherhood is the backbone of our families and of society.


1.       I can’t begin to express how important my wife has been to the lives of our kids.

2.      Moms take on so much of the responsibility of raising the kids and making a family thrive.


E.     In defence of all us dads, it’s not because we’re particularly lazy.


1.       To be truthful, I don’t think us fathers enjoy the fact that somehow mom is the one who always knows what’s really going on in the family. We just aren’t wired for it!

2.      But we dads DO know all too well how well she provides the bulk of the nurturing of the children

3.      And that she does more than her share of the work required to keep a household together!

4.      Moms are just so much better at all that.


F.     I know moms get tired; worn out and even burned out doing all they do!


1.       They have one of the toughest and most important jobs in the world; they work incredible hours and get very little recognition for it.


G.    Yet, many of us have learned the meanings of love and sacrifice FROM OUR MOMS.


1.       I truly believe that God used my mom’s love to help create anything good I’ve ever done, and even enabled me to love my wife, and especially my Saviour. Perhaps we don’t thank the moms in our lives enough because it reminds us of a standard that WE so often fail to meet!


II.   Background


A.    It is just two days until the Cross! (Mark 14:1)


1.       The Jewish religious leaders were seeking for a way to destroy Jesus (Mark 14:1)

2.      But they decided they couldn’t attack Him on the Passover Day – it would ruin all the festivities! (14:2)


B.    Here it is, Monday evening, and Jesus is in a little village called Bethany, having dinner with His disciples in the house of a man known as Simon the Leper


1.       That was how he had been known all his life

2.      But Jesus had touched him, and healed him, and brought him home from the leper colony

3.      Restored him to his own wife and family

4.      And he was SO thankful – so grateful to Jesus

5.      He was so honoured now to have His Lord and Saviour in his home, having dinner with him and his family!


C.    Simon had no idea what was about to happen


1.       All of the disciples were eating and talking and laughing and enjoying the fellowship

2.      He and his wife and family were busy serving, and taking care of everyone’s needs


D.   But through the open door, a woman slipped in, almost unnoticed

E.    She came carrying a box – a very beautiful box – called an alabaster box


1.       It was full of an ointment, spikenard – a kind of exquisite perfume

2.      This box of spikenard was very expensive – it would often cost a year’s wages – like €20,000!

3.      It was not a Euro-store gift

4.      It was used when preparing bodies for burial – to honour the memory of that person

5.      She had evidently been saving up for a long time and purchased this box for her OWN use someday when she died – so that at HER funeral, people would pass by and smell the spikenard and think highly of HER…


F.    But in an instant, before anyone could say a thing, or ask her what she was doing, or even stop her, she BROKE the box open, and poured it out on Christ’s head!


1.       Abruptly

2.      Embarrassingly – probably her hands were shaking

3.      It was Messy – dripping down Christ’s hair, on His face, running down His robe, onto the floor

4.      It was way out of place! People just didn’t DO stuff like that!

5.      And yet there she stood, standing over Jesus, who was now covered in this rich, awesome smelling ointment, that filled that room with such a smell no one would ever forget!


G.   This was the SECOND time now that someone has poured perfume all over Jesus – the first was on His feet, and now upon His head!

H.  It was not appreciated by almost everyone (14:4,5)


1.       Some in the room were furious! – indignant (14:4)

2.      They saw it as such a waste!


a.      A priceless Alabaster box… now broken!

b.      Its contents slowly reaching the dirt floor – no way to recover any of it and use it again

c.       It was all gone now


3.      Some said it could have been sold, and the money given “to the poor” – which was only a ruse (John 12:5,6)

4.      So the disciples began to murmur against her – talk ABOUT her wasteful action like they knew better! They made sure she HEARD them talk bad about her actions!

5.      It all seemed now like such a bad idea I am sure to this woman


I.      But One Person, the One who Mattered Most, Appreciated What She had Done! Listen to His own words (Mar 14:6-8) And Jesus said


1.       Let her alone; why trouble ye her?

2.      She hath wrought a good work on me.

3.      For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good

4.      But me ye have not always.

5.      She hath done what she could” – SIX WORDS!!!

6.      She is come aforehand to anoint my body to the burying.


J.     And He commanded that she be honoured for that! (Mark 14:9)


1.       Serious command… “Verily I say unto you”

2.      Everyone needs to hear of this woman’s work… “Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world

3.      Honour her efforts… “this also that she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her.


K.   So, that is what I aim to do this morning, because, SHE is just like a Mom – a godly Mom!


III.           Message


A.    Moms… What have YOU Got That’s Precious to you? Costly? That you have spent all your life on?


1.       Your career?

2.      Your house?

3.      Your beauty?

4.      Your stability of life? No panics, or uncertain events going on

5.      Well, all of that honours YOU!

6.      Is it all worth holding onto, or could it be worth MORE giving away for your Saviour’s honour?

7.      This woman gave what she could, and it was her BEST!

8.     What do you HAVE? Then do what you can with it, for HIS HONOUR!


a.      You have your children don’t you? Give them to God? Raise them FOR God!

b.      Prepare them to love God and to serve Him all their life!

c.       You have a husband don’t you? If you do, help him serve God! Help him stay encouraged, and stay on the narrow way! Help him walk with God!

d.      Instead of gathering all your children, and your husband, and your career around you… and strangling it with your selfish grip!

e.      Instead of holding onto your future and your perfect little life…

f.        Why don’t you dedicate it all to the honour of Jesus Christ! And see where HE takes you? Maybe to the Mission field! Maybe to your next door neighbour!


B.    Moms… What is no one else doing that YOU should do?


1.       Remember, it is 2 days until the crucifixion

2.      No one is believing what Jesus had said


a.      That Jesus had come NOT to become King of Jerusalem, but to become the sacrifice, the Lamb of God on the cross

b.      He had told them time and again of what was coming up (Mark 10:32-34)

c.       But they would end up only arguing about who among them would be greatest next to Jesus in the kingdom (Mark 10:37)!


3.      THIS woman had heard all that Jesus had said about coming to Jerusalem to die in the place of sinners

4.      And she BELIEVED Him!

5.      Hey! You may not be able to do much… BUT… You CAN believe Jesus! You can trust Him, and follow Him!

6.      And so she prepared Him for His upcoming burial! (Mark 14:8)

7.      Mom’s do what no one else thinks to do in their house, don’t they?

8.     Why should it be any different at the church house?

9.      Don’t complain about what you can’t do – do what others aren’t doing!!!


a.      1Ti 5:10  Well reported of for good works; if she have brought up children, if she have lodged strangers, if she have washed the saints' feet, if she have relieved the afflicted, if she have diligently followed every good work.


C.    Moms… Ignore People’s Criticism (14:4)


1.       When you give God your best, don’t expect your family, friends, and sometimes, even other “Christians” to understand your actions – do what you can anyway!

2.      This is where most Christians “fall out.” They get all excited about the Bible, about salvation, about church, and about telling people about Jesus until... somebody criticizes them! Oh NO!

3.      Yet, THIS is also where Christians become strong - because they make the decision to go forward for the Lord no matter what!


a.      People will criticize you for putting your HOME first over your career


1)      For NOT being a feminist, and a Career woman

2)     There is nothing wrong with that

3)     BUT. There is something wrong when the world puts down motherhood, and having children, and being the PRIMARY caregiver of her children instead of day-cares and schools and sports teams!

4)     Society now views women who stay at home negatively. In some circles it is outright disapproval and disdain. Their mantra is that a woman is "not meeting her potential" unless she has employment outside the home. Women are told they have to have some sort of career other than their family. They make allowances for her to take a few months off to take care of a new born, but she should quickly get back on track.


b.      They will criticize you for putting Jesus first over your reputation

c.       They will criticize you for making your church a priority

d.      They will criticize you for giving to Missionaries every week

e.      People will even be INDIGNANT with you - furious!

f.        People will think:


1)      You are wasting your talent teaching a Sunday School class

2)     You are wasting your time helping out in RU with people who haven’t known a mother’s love for years


4.      I get criticized all the time! But at least I am DOING what I can!

5.      Jesus said, Do what YOU can! Do  a good work! Even if everyone is critical of you

6.      Determine what is right to do, and then do it, all for the Lord (Col 3:23,24)! All a Christian’s effort is for Him anyway, not people!


a.      Learn the pages of this Bible… for sake of the Lord Jesus!

b.      Hand out gospel leaflets to the people you meet… for Jesus!

c.       Give away your own money… for Jesus!

d.      Volunteer at Church here… all for Jesus!


D.   Keep Jesus Christ THE Priority in Your Life (14:6,7)


1.       This is your most important thing to DO ladies… keep Jesus FIRST!

2.      TODAY is the day to live for Him – not tomorrow, or yesterday, but TODAY! Now!

3.      Any of you remember being so fanatical about Jesus Christ when you were just born again?

4.      Get back to that “first love” priority love (Rev 2:2-5)

5.      That makes things simple – you only need to live for ONE person’s approval – HIS!

6.      This woman sought to honour and please her Saviour

7.      And she did! He was blessed and honoured, and pleased by what she did

8.     Because HE was her priority


a.      More important than her own family

b.      More important than her own welfare

c.       More important than her own plans

d.      More important even than her own burial and funeral


9.      Are you listening Moms?


a.      As soon as you leave here this morning, EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY will demand your attention and your focus and your energies

b.      Make sure you keep your Lord at the centre of your thoughts, and the centre of all you do!

c.       Because one of these days, you will stand before Him, and nothing else will matter than what you did FOR Him!


E.    Moms… Believe ALL That Jesus has Promised (14:8)


1.       Again, this woman believed what Jesus SAID

2.      When one else did!

3.      Jesus said…


a.      Ye must be born again

b.      Come unto me and I will give you rest

c.       Seek ye first the kingdom of God… and all these things will be added unto you

d.      I am going to Jerusalem, and will be beaten and crucified, and 3 days later rise again

e.      I will come again


4.      Moms – you may be the only one in your house that believes the promises of God… well, believe them anyway! They are sooooo true! Whether Dad believes, whether your parents believe them, whether your best friends believe them… BELIEVE THIS BOOK!

5.      That’s what motivated this dear woman

6.      That is what will keep YOU motivated, day in and day out through all the weariness of life!




A.     I stand and applaud Mothers!


1.       I applaud all the toil, all the effort, all the sacrifices you mothers have made through all the years

2.      I, like everyone else in this room, THANK YOU for being a Mom!


B.     Ladies AND gentlemen… I have to ask this… Have you done what YOU could?


1.       Moms, Not just for your family, or your husband?

2.      Men, Not just for your family and your wife?

3.      But for your Saviour? For the risen Lord of heaven and earth?

4.      Probably not.

5.      You have probably done so much for so many people

6.      But only what’s done for Christ, will last!


C.     Maybe you feel you can't do very much, but at least you can do what you can! (2Cor 8:12,13)


1.       Everybody knows they can’t be perfect

2.      But they CAN be humble, and soft, and sorry, and yielded – so that Christ can change them and make them better people!


D.    And, If you're just faithful at doing what you can, God is going to greatly reward you one of these days soon when you stand before Jesus at the "Judgement Seat of Christ". (Rom 14:10)


1.       That’s when you can look forward to eternal rewards and everlasting glory, with a feeling of genuine permanent accomplishment from a life of investment in His Work!

2.      So ignore everyone else’s judgment


E.     Have you done what you could?

F.     If you don't, you will lose your reward, miss the fruits of glorious victory, and another will take the crown that God has intended for you! (Rev.3:11)

G.    May God help us all, so that we won't have to say, "If I only had done SOMETHING!" when the opportunity is gone forever!

H.    Do Something Right Now


1.       Get SAVED (2Corinthians 6:2)! You CAN’T do this, only Jesus can (Romans 5:6)

2.      Get right with your Saviour (1John 1:9) – do you harbour any hardness or bitterness?

3.      Get busy doing things for HIS honour! (fervent in spirit, serving the Lord!) – volunteer for SOMETHING here in church (Sunday School, RU, Soul-Winning)

4.      Get that family of yours serving alongside you – don’t do what you can, all alone!